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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

410th Bomb Wing

Known as the 410th Bombardment Group during World War II, this unit helped shape the modern world by providing teeth to the 9th Air Force bombing efforts. It earned the title of the world's best bomb unit for combat accuracy and was the first unit trained in both day and night tactics.

Among the wing's many accomplishments, it contributed to the U.S. victory in the Cold War, its tankers and crews saw action in Operation Young Tiger in 1965 and bomber crews helped make Operation Arc Light a success in 1968. The 410th Bombardment Wing was based at K.I. Sawyer Air Force Base, MI. By 1961 the 410th Bombardment Wing was flying B-52H's. In 1968 the first 410th Bombardment Wing aircrews were selected to conduct Arc Light bombing missions over Southeast Asia. In 1986 and 1987 the 410th won numerous awards, including the Coveted Omaha Trophy (best wing in SAC) and the 390th Bombardment Group Memorial Trophy (best wing commander). More recently, the wing sent more than 450 people from all career fields as part of the coalition to turn back a dictator in Southwest Asia during Desert Storm.

In addition to combat victories, the wing developed important tactics as the first to use the Electro-Optical Viewing system, enhancing B-52 capabilities and extending its operational life. The wing was also the first to employ the Advanced Cruise Missile, conduct its follow-on testing and build the Air Force's fleet of this stealthy smart weapon.

Home to the 410th Bomb Wing, K.I. Sawyer AFB closed 30 September 1995. When the Air Force withdrew its 410th Bomb Wing it vacated what had been called the fourth-largest city in the Michigan Upper Peninsula.

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