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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

397th Bomb Wing

In the early 1960s the 4038th Strategic Wing, later the 397th Bomb Wing, was based at Dow AFB near Bangor, Maine. The 341st Bomb Squadron operated the B-52G from May 1960 to February 1963 while assigned to the 4038th Strategic Wing. The 596th Bomb Squadron operated the B-52G from February 1963 to April 1968 while assigned to the 397th Bomb Wing, before moving to Barksdale in 1968. Crews from Dow were winners of the annual SAC bombing competion in 1966.

During the Korean War, the 174th Fighter Squadron was called to active duty on April 1, 1951 and assigned to the Strategic Air Command. The unit was processed through mobility and transported to Dow AFB. While at Dow, the unit experienced snowstorms that dumped more than 27-inches at a time. Drifts of more than ten feet were not uncommon. Dow was closed shortly after the end of World War II. It was then reactivated for the Korean War. Dow subsequently hosted the 101st Fighter Group (ANG).

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