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Rocket and Space Defense (RKO)

By the mid-1960s, the political leadership of the USSR was convinced of the need to create a powerful rocket and space defense (RKO), which was to become another important factor in ensuring national security and strategic stability.

The RKO developed the composition of the Air Defense Forces of the country, which became the main customer of all its systems. In 1967, the Office of the Commander of the Anti-Ballistic Missile Defense and Anti-Space Defense Forces (Directive of the General Staff of the USSR Armed Forces, dated January 31, and 30.3.1677) was created in the composition of the Main Command of the Air Defense Forces of the country. The Commander-in-Chief appointed General Yu.V.Votintsev.

The exceptional complexity of the systems and tools that are part of the unified RCO system, the increased scientific and technical risk, the need for special studies, the need for high coherence between research, development and production structures of a variety of profiles have predetermined the creation of a single coordinating body. They became in 1970 the Central Research and Production Association, now the International Joint-Stock Corporation (IAC) "Vympel", headed by large organizers of production VI. Markov, Yu.N.Aksenov, NVMikhailov and now a veteran of the Air Defense Forces Colonel-General V.V.Litvinov.

TsNPO "Vympel", which included ten institutes and as many large plants, managed to solve a set of scientific and technical problems and create the main technical components of the RKO.

The commander-in-chief of the Air Defense Forces of the country, the collective of the ABM and PKO Directorate together with the scientists of the Scientific Research Institute, the Institute of Nuclear Research, military academies developed the concept of the combat employment of the troops of the RCS in the operational-strategic operations of the Air Defense Forces of the country. Fundamental in it was the rationale for the integrated combat use of all systems of missile attack warning systems (missile attack), missile defense and missile defense systems, space control system (SCCP) under a single centralized control with the Central Command of the Air Defense Forces of the country.

In the period of the formation of the troops of the RKO, their organizational and staff structure was also worked out. The military units received the names of radio engineering units, anti-missile systems, command and computer centers and became part of divisions, corps and the army.

A combat mission was also formulated for the troops of the RKO. These forces are designed to detect launches of ballistic missiles (BRs), to determine the beginning of a missile attack and to transmit reliable information about it to the highest authorities of the state and military leadership of the country, the main headquarters of aircraft types for providing response, destruction of enemy units, attacking targets and troops in the defended areas , the exploration and control of outer space, the establishment of the beginning of hostilities in space and from outer space, and the notification of spans of foreign space assets.

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