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Galactic Energy

Galactic Energy is a private space company engaged in low-cost commercial space launch business in China. Galactic Energy was established in February 2018 and by 2021 had about 100 employees. Its business is rocket development and launch services. Jianyang’s commercial aerospace industry is like a snowball, growing bigger and bigger, and well-known commercial aerospace companies such as Galaxy Power, Star Age, and Aerospace Control Star gather here. In February 2018, Galaxy Power was established in Beijing. At that time, shortly after the industrial positioning of the Chengdu Aerospace Industrial Functional Zone was confirmed, the functional zone management committee went to Beijing to preach the functional zone's policies and related supporting plans, and contact the Galaxy Power team. At that time, the aerospace industry functional zone had worked hard to attract outstanding aerospace companies. The aerospace industry produces a list of the "Top 30 Commercial Aerospace" every year. Commercial aerospace is an emerging field. Not all companies on the list are worthy of the name. The actual strength of the list still needs field research.

There are two main reasons why the management committee values Galaxy Power. The first is the team. Galaxy Power CEO Liu Baiqi is a Ph.D. graduated from the School of Instrument and Optoelectronics of Beihang University. He was once engaged in the overall design of rockets and missiles and the aerospace field at the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology. In the development strategy research, most of the company’s technical staff are senior aerospace practitioners who came from the system; the second is the investor. At that time, Galaxy Power received an angel round investment from the Beihang Alumni Investment Fund Yuanhang Capital, which was recognized by the capital. Both parties are start-ups, and building trust is the key. At that time, the management committee went to Beijing several times to contact Galaxy Power, and the company was moved by its sincerity and professionalism.

There are three hard conditions for Galaxy Power to choose Jianyang. The first is its transportation advantage near Tianfu International Airport; secondly, Galaxy Power is mainly responsible for the design process and final assembly and general inspection, and the processing and manufacturing of parts and components are entrusted to external factories. Jianyang has the processing and manufacturing capabilities of aerospace and aviation. Meet the company's needs; finally, based on Jianyang's plan for the aerospace industry, the company expects that a commercial aerospace industry cluster will be formed here, and it will be able to find more business partners in the future.

During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, China has entered a new stage of development after basically realizing industrialization. Under the overall requirements of building a new "dual cycle" development pattern, the scale of manufacturing continues to expand. Jianyang has a deep manufacturing heritage and a good industrial foundation. It has been rated as a provincial new-type industrial industrialization demonstration base, a provincial SME development demonstration county (city), a national SME development environment top 100 counties, and the province’s first batch of strong industrial counties. In recent years, the city has taken the Chengdu Aerospace Industrial Functional Zone as the carrier, focusing on aerospace equipment and intelligent manufacturing equipment, starting from the front end of the industry and starting from a high point, actively building a chain, strong functions, and excellent environment, and striving to build a nationally well-known commercial aerospace Industrial bases and high-end equipment manufacturing bases promote the transformation and development of manufacturing. In 2020, the contract has been signed to introduce the “New Generation Commercial Rocket Innovation R&D and Production Base” of Galaxy Power. There are 13 major industrial projects such as "Satellite Communication Load" and "Internet of Things Remote Control Smart Terminal" and other major industrial projects.

Galaxy Power announced its cooperation with Micro-Nano Star on the space launch. Micro-Nano Star is a satellite system technology solution provider with satellite manufacturing as its core, and it has formed an upstream and downstream "Star Arrow" relationship with Galaxy Power, which focuses on the rocket launch business. Galaxy Power has landed in the Chengdu Aerospace Industrial Functional Zone. The micro-nano starry sky also entered the field of vision and made preliminary contact with Jianyang. The future landing in Jianyang should be a high probability event. The Chengdu Aerospace Industrial Functional Zone in Jianyang is the only industrial functional zone for the development of aerospace equipment in Chengdu. Its leading industries are aerospace equipment and intelligent manufacturing equipment. At present, it has gathered many aerospace research institutes and leading enterprises such as the Seventh Academy of Aerospace, Long March Equipment, CLP Tianao, Galaxy Power, and Star Age. The functional area has been cut from the final assembly and key supporting facilities, and a large-scale final assembly of the carrier rocket has been formed. Competitiveness in basic supporting facilities and targeted services is becoming fertile ground for the development of commercial aerospace. Jianyang has always been the incarnation of the fragrant mutton soup in the hearts of the public, and the small Tianfu town nourished by the Tuojiang River. Such Jianyang seems to be incompatible with the super-hard core commercial aerospace industry.

On September 28, 2015, Ziyang cooperated with Sichuan Aerospace Technology Research Institute (alias "Seventh Academy of Aerospace") to build the Sichuan Aerospace High-tech Industrial Park project. The project planning covers four major categories of military and civilian industries, and it is planned to complete the construction in phases and batches within 5 years. At that time, Jianyang was under the management of Ziyang. Ziyang did not keep the project in Ziyang, but chose to locate in Jianyang's new town.

After 2015, the park began to clarify its industrial positioning and clearly develop the aerospace equipment industry, focusing on the development of high-end materials such as carbon fiber, the development of solid and liquid commercial launch vehicles, the development of satellites such as low-orbit communication satellites, measurement, control, and control, and ground equipment such as vehicle-mounted ships. Comprehensive application of navigation satellites, and a designated area of 168.5 square kilometers on the east bank of the Tuojiang River, specializes in the establishment of aerospace industry functional areas, and vigorously recruits commercial aerospace companies from the outside.

The Seventh Aerospace Academy is affiliated to China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. It is a large-scale high-tech enterprise group focusing on aerospace and combining military and civilian use. It is a major aerospace equipment batch production base, aerospace product supporting cooperation base, and aerospace product research and production base. Its predecessor was Base 062 and Base 064 of National Defense Third Line Construction. The original site was in Daxian County, Sichuan. In 2002, the main part of Base 062 was moved to Chengdu Longquanyi and the headquarters was established. In 2005, it was officially renamed as Sichuan Aerospace Technology Research Institute.

The Seventh Academy of Aerospace has "prominent military exploits" and has successively undertaken and completed the development and production of a variety of major national aerospace equipment. In major engineering tasks such as manned aerospace engineering and lunar exploration engineering, it has undertaken 47% of conventional launch vehicles. The development and production of 95% of the launch vehicle's pyrotechnics and 80% of the manned spacecraft's pyrotechnics is a veritable "handling" in my country's aerospace industry. Although the commercial benefits produced by it are not high, the arrival of the Seventh Aerospace Academy has injected a strong aerospace gene into Jianyang, and has also laid an industrial foundation that cannot be ignored for the subsequent development of commercial aerospace.

In 2019, Sichuan Aerospace Long March Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., affiliated to the Seventh Academy of Aerospace Engineering, signed a contract with Jianyang for aerospace product construction projects. The Aerospace Long March is an important national aerospace product R&D and manufacturing base as well as an important active carrier rocket supporting base. Its landing has further strengthened Jianyang's supporting capabilities in aerospace products. The landing of aerospace enterprises makes the leading industry direction of Jianyang Aerospace Industry Functional Zone gradually clear. Before 2015, this functional zone was only Jianyang's economic development zone and industrial concentration area, and there were some manufacturing companies in the zone.

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