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Patriot TMD


PAC- 1 PAC- 2 PAC- 3
MIM-104A MIM-104C PAC- 3
Type Land-mobile, surface-  
to-air guided weapon system
Single-stage,  short-range, low-to high-altitude
Launcher four-round
Mobile trainable semi-trailer
Mobile trainable semi-trailer
Manufacturer Raytheon Raytheon (Prime contractor), Lockheed, Siemens, Mitsubishi. Lockheed Martin Vought Systems
Status Not in production In production  In production
Length 5.3m 5.18m 5.2m
Diameter 41cm 41cm 25cm
Wingspan 92cm 50cm
Fins four delta shaped fins
Launch Weight 914 kg 900kg 312kg
Propulsion Single-stage solid  
propellant rocket motor 
Single-stage solid  
propellant rocket motor
Single-stage solid  
propellant rocket motor with special attitude-control mechanism for in-flight maneuvering
Guidance Command guidance and semi-active homing, track-via-missile (TVM) Command guidance with TVM and semi-active homing Inertial/Active  
millimeter-wave radar
terminal homing
Warhead HE  
single 90 kg
91kg HE blast/  
fragmentation with proximity fuze
hit-to-kill +
lethality enhancer
73 kg HE blast/fragmentation
with proximity fuze]
Max speed Supersonic  
(in excess of Mach 3)
Mach 5 Mach 5
Time of flight
  • minimum nine seconds
  • maximum three and a half minutes
  • Min altitude 60 meters
    Max attitude NA 24 km 10-15 km
    Min range NA 3 km --
    Max range - anti-air 70 km 160 km 15 km
    Max range - anti-missile 15-45 km

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