Manned lunar landing matchbox label, 1963

This souvenir "box top" card (a premium that one would have received if they bought an entire shipment of matchbooks) has a propaganda depiction of a cosmonaut. This space farer embraces the vista of the universe following his landing upon the Moon. In the background, Soviet rockets fly in new explorations to other bodies of the solar system. Issued in 1963 as part of a space-themed matchbox label set, the title for the series was "K Zvezdam!" ("To the Stars!"), in which the cards illustrated both Soviet achievements in space of the time frame, as well as space fantasies. Other pictures in the set showed flights to the Moon and Mars by spacecraft, and even EVAs by Soviet spacemen. Such agitprop themes of cosmonauts landing upon the Moon became common themes in Soviet popular culture, beginning in the early 1960s.

PICTURE CREDIT: P. Pesavento collection

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