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Reports - PAVE PAWS

PAVE PAWS Related Documents

Provided to PAVE PAWS Expert Panel for Their Review

Environmental Impact Statement, Operation of the PAVE PAWS Radar System at Otis Air Force Base, Massachusetts, May 1979

Cape Cod Coalition to Decommission PAVE PAWS, Concerns Addressed to the Scientist Panel Convened by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health

Joint Statement by Representative Gerry E. Studds, Senator Edward M. Kennedy and Senator Edward W. Brooke on Project PAVE PAWS, March 31, 1978

485 EIG Technical Report, Electromagnetic Radiation Hazard Study for the PAVE PAWS RADAR, Buzzards Bay, MA June 1981

Electromagnetic Radiation Hazard Survey of AN/FPS-115 Radar Cape Cod AFS MA, March 1982

Memorandum for 6 SWS/CC 20Dec96 from: AL/OERS Subject: Consultative letter RFR Radiation Hazard Survey Cape Cod AS, MA

RFR Survey for AN/FPS-115 PAVE PAWS Radar 30-Sep-86 #86-33 and 1-Mar-82 AFCC 1839 EI GP-EMC-82-10

1839 EIG Engineering Report, RFR Hazard Survey AN/FPS-123 PAVE PAWS April 21, 1992 and Aug. 28, 1993

Consultative letter AL-CL-1992 - 0102 , RFR Hazard, PAVE PAWS Cape Cod AFS MA Aug. 4, 1992

RFR Survey Radiation Hazards, AN/FPS-115 PAVE PAWS Radar, BEALE AFB CA Dec. 16, 1982 and July 1981

Test plan for Airborne Measurements of PAVE PAWS Radar, Beale AFB CA Nov. 3, 1982

Memorandum: 21 AMDS/SGPB from: AL/OERS Subject: Assessment of Impact of Lower Standards of PAVE PAWS Cape Cod AFS, MA Nov. 1995

738 EIS Engineering Report Electromagnetic Radiation Hazards, GPN-20 Training Radar, Keesler AFB MS Nov. 15, 1995

National Research Council Exposure Levels and Potential Biologic Effects of PAVE PAWS Radar System May 29, 1979

Cape Cod Breast Cancer and Environment Study, Dec. 1997, Silent Spring Institute Executive Summary and PAVE PAWS related analyses.

Upper Cape Cancer Incidence Study Final Report Sep. 1981. PAVE PAWS related analyses.

Public Meeting Summary, Massachusetts Department of Public Health Public Meeting Regarding the Advisory Panel on Health Effects from the PAVE PAWS Radar Facility at the Massachusetts Military Reservation, February 1999


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Initial Report on the Environmental Health Assessment of the PAVE PAWS Radar at the MMR

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Assessment of Public Health Concerns Associated with Pave Paws Radar Installations

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PAVE PAWS Related Documents

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