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Attachment 13. Acronym List

A&T Acquisition & Technology

AC Alternating Current

ACAT Acquisition Category

ACO Administrative Contracting Officer

ACTD Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration

  • ADM Acquisition Decision Memorandum
  • ADP Automated Data Processing
  • ADUSD Assistant Deputy Under Secretary of Defense

    AEL Allowance Equipment List

    AFB Air Force Base

    AFI Air Force Instruction

    AFFARS Air Force Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement

    AFMC Air Force Materiel Command

    AFMCR Air Force Materiel Command Regulation

    AFOTEC Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center

    AFOTECI AFOTEC Instruction

    AFPD Air Force Policy Directive

    AFPEO/SPACE Air Force Program Executive Officer (SPACE)

    AFRB Award Fee Review Board

    AFRTS Air Force Radio and Television Service

    AFSCN Air Force Satellite Control System

    AFSPC Air Force Space Command

    AIS Automated Information System

    AMDF Army Master Data File

    AMIS Acquisition Management Information System

    AMSAA US Army Material System Analysis Activity

    Ao Operational Availability

    AOR Area of Responsibility

    AP Acquisition Plan

    APC Adequate Price Competition

    APL Allowance Parts List

    ARP Aquisition Requirements Package

    ART Airborne Receiver Terminals

    ASI Additional Skill Identifier

    ASD Assistant Secretary of Defense

    ASL Authorized Stockage List

    ASMO Acquisition Security Management Office

    ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode

    ATO Air Tasking Order

    BADD Battlefield Awareness and Data Dissemination

    BAFO Best and Final Offers

    BC2A Bosnia Command and Control Augmentation

    BCE Baseline Cost Estimate

    BER Bit Error Rate

    BES Budget Estimate Submission

    BIT Built-In Test

    BITE Built-In Test Equipment

    BM Broadcast Management

    BMS Broadcast Management Segment

    BOE Basis of Estimate

    BOIPFD Basis of Issue Plan Feeder Data

    BSM Basic Sustainment Materiel

  • C4I Command, Control, Communication and Computer Intelligence
  • CAGE Contractor and Government Entity
  • CAIV Cost as An Independent Variable

    CALS Computer-Aided Acquisition and Logistic Support

    CARD Cost Analysis Requirements Description

    CAS Cost Accounting System

    CASREP Casualty Report

    CBT Computer Based Training

    CCA Critical Capability Area

    CCB Configuration Control Board

    CCDR Contract Cost Data Report

  • CCDRP Contract Cost Data Report Plan
  • CD Control Document

    CD ROM Compact Disc Read Only Memory

    CDR Critical Design Review

    CDRL Contract Data Requirements List

    CDSR Cost Data Summary Report

    CECOM Communications-Electronics Command

    CER Cost Estimating Relationship

  • CFSR Contract Funds Status Report
  • CI Commercial Item

    CII Compatibility, Integration, And Interoperability

    CILSP Capstone Integrated Logistic Support Plan

    CINC Commander in Chief

    CJCS Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff

    CJTF Chief Joint Task Force

    CLCS Contractor Life Cycle Support

    CLIN Contract Line Item Number

    CLS Contractor Logistic Support

    CM Configuration Management

    CNO Chief of Naval Operations

    CNR Combat Net Radio

    COE Common Operational Environment

    COEA Cost and Operational Effectiveness Analysis

    COI Critical Operational Issues

    COMMERSAT Commercial Satellite

    COMPASS Computerizied Optimazation Model for Predicting & Analyzing Support Structures

    COMPUSEC Computer Security

    COMSEC Communications Security

    COMSPAWARSYSCOM Commander, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command

    CONOPS Concept of Operations

    CONUS Continental United States

    COOTW Contingency Operations Other Than War

    COTR Contracting Officer's Technical Representative

    CP Cost Plus

    CPAF Cost Plus Award Fee

    CPR Cost Performance Report

    CR Clarification Requests

    CRLCMP Computer Resources Life Cycle Management Plan

    CRWG Computer Resource Working Group

    CSCI Computer Software Configuration Item

    CSCI Commercial Satellite Communications Initiative

    CSCP Commercial Satellite Communication Program

    CSFR Contract Funds Status Report

    CSR Cost/Schedule Report


    CSSO Contractor Special Security Officer

    C/SSR Cost/Schedule Status Report

    CTP Critical Technical Parameters

    CWBS Contractor Work Breakdown Structure

    D-Level Depot Level

    DAA Designated Accreditation Authority

    DAE Defense Acquisition Executive

    DAES Defense Acquisition Executive Summary

    DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

    Db Decibel

    DBS Direct Broadcast Satellite

    DBS Direct Broadcast Service

    DCAA Defense Contract Audit Agency

    DCD Directorate of Combat Developments (Army SIGCEN)

    DCMC Defense Contracting Management Command

    DCS Defense Communications System

    DCSLOG Deputy Chief of Staff, Logistics

    DE Development Evaluation

    DFARS Defense supplement to the Federal Acquisition Regulation

    DIA Defense Intelligence Agency

    DID Data Item Description

    DICC DII Control Concept

    DIF Development Integration Facility

    DII Defense Information Infrastructure

    DISA Defense Information Systems Agency

    DISN Defense Information Systems Network

    DMAP Data Management and Analysis Plan

    DMS Diminishing Manufacturing Sources

    DNS Distributed Network-based System

    DoD Department of Defense

    DoDD Department of Defense Directive

    DoDS Department of Defense Specification

    DR Deficiency Reports

    DSCS Defense Satellite Communications System

    DSMC Defense Systems Management College

    DT Development Test

    DT&E Development Test and Evaluation

    DTIC Defense Technical Information Center

    ECCM Electronic Counter-counter Measures

    ECP Engineering Change Proposal

    EDRB Expanded Defense Resources Board

    EED Electro-Explosive Devices

    EHF Extra High Frequency

    EIC Equipment Identification Code

    EIRP Effective Isotropic Radiated Power

    EKMS Electronic Key Management System

    EMD Engineering and Manufacturing Development

    EMSEC Emissions Security

    EO Executive Order

    EODGRU Explosive Ordanance Disposal Group

  • EPA Environmental Protection Agency
  • EPIT Essential Program Information Technology

    EPROM Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory

    ESC Electronic Systems Center

    ESH Environmental, Safety and Health

    ET Electronic Technician

    EUCOM European Command

    F Fahrenheit

    FAR Federal Acquisition Regulation

    FAT First Article Test

    FCOM Facilities Cost of Money

    FD Fault Detection

    FDO Fee Determining Official

    FFP Firm Fixed Price

    FI Fault Isolation

    FOC Full Operational Capability

    FOSI Formatting Output Specification Instance

    FOUO For Official Use Only

    FGRT Fixed Ground Receive Terminal

    FTSC Fleet Technical Support Center

    FY Fiscal Year

    G&A General & Administrative

    GAO General Accounting Office

    GBC GBS Broadcast Coordinator

    GBS Global Broadcast Service

    GCC Global Control Center

    GCCS Global Command and Control System

    GFE Government Furnished Equipment

    GFP Government Furnished Property

    GHz Giga Hertz

    GOTS Government Off-the-Shelf

    GPETE General Purpose Electronic Test Equipment

    GPS Global Positioning System

    GPT General Purpose Tools

    GRAT GBS Resource Allocation Tool

    GRT Ground Receive Terminal

    HCI Human Computer Interface

    HHA Health Hazard Assessment

    HMMP Hazardous Materials Management Program

    HMMWV High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle

    HQ Headquarters

    HSI Humans Systems Integration

    Hz Hertz

    I-Level Intermediate Level

    I&RTS Integration and Runtime Specification

    IAW In Accordance With

    IBS Integrated Broadcast Service

    ICD Interface Control Document

    ICDB Integrated Communications Database

    ICE Independent Cost Estimate

    ICP Inventory Control Point

    ICWG Interface Control Working Group

    IDM Information Dissemination Manager

  • IFOR Implementation Force
  • IG Inspector General

  • ILS Integrated Logistic Support
  • ILSM Integrated Logistic Support Manager
  • ILSP Integrated Logistic Support Plan

    IMF Integrated Management Framework

    IMP Integrated Master Plan

    IMS Integrated Master Schedule

    INCO Installation and Check-out

  • INFOSEC Information Security
  • IOC Initial Operational Capability

    IP Injection Point

    IP Internet Protocol

    IPPD Integrated Product and Process Development

    IPR In-Process Reviews

    IPT Integrated Product Team

    IRD Integrated Receiver Decoders

    ISEA In-Service Engineering Agent

    ISM Industrial Security Manual

  • ISO Information Systems Office
  • IT Information Technology

  • IV&V Independent Verification and Validation
  • IW Information Warfare
  • JBS Joint Broadcast System

    JFC Joint Force Commander

    JILSP Joint Integrated Logistics Support Plan

    JITC Joint Interoperability Test Command

    JILSMT Joint Integrated Logistics Support Management Team

    JITI Joint In-Theater Terminal Injector

    JKMS Joint Key Management System

    JLC Joint Logistics Commander

    JMCOMS Joint Maritime Communications Systems

    JMOA Joint Memorandum of Agreement

    JORD Joint Operational Requirements Document

    JPO Joint Program Office

    JRMET Joint Reliability Maintainability Evaluation Team

    JROC Joint Requirements Oversight Council

    JSMB Joint Space Management Board

  • JSSC Joint Service Support Center
  • JT&E Joint Test and Evaluation

    JTA Joint Technical Architecture

    JTF Joint Task Force

    JWID Joint Warrior Interoperability Demonstration

  • Kbps Kilobits per Second
  • KPP Key Performance Parameter

    KSLOC Software Lines of Code in Thousands

    LCC Life Cycle Cost

    LCCE Life Cycle Cost Estimate

    LCS Life Cycle Support

    LNB Low Noise Block

    LOGPARS Logistics Planning and Requirements Simplification

    LRDP Long Range Development Plan

    LRIP Low Rate Initial Production

    LRU Lowest Replaceable Unit

    LRU Line Replaceable Unit

    LS Logistics Support

  • MAC Maintenance Allocation Chart
  • MAG Military Advisory Group
  • MANPRINT Manpower and Personnel Integration

  • MARFORLANT Marine Forces Atlantic
  • MARFORPAC Marine Forces Pacific
  • MAST MILSATCOM Advance Satellite Terminals
  • Mbps Megabits per Second
  • MDA Milestone Decision Authority

    MDU Mission Data Updates

    MEF Middle Eastern Force

    MFP Materiel Fielding Plan

    MIL Military

    Milsatcom Military Satellite Communication

    MILSTAMP Military Standard Transportation and Movement Procedures

    MILSTRIP Military Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedures

    MLS Multi-Level Security

    MNS Mission Need Statement

    MOA Memorandum of Agreement

    MOE Measure of Effectiveness

    MOOTW Military Operations Other Than War

    MOP Memorandum of Policy

    MOPP IV NBC Mission Oriented Protective Posture IV Nuclear, Biological, & Chemical

    MOS Military Occupational Specialty

    MOT&E Multi-service Operational Test and Evaluation

    MPEG Motion Picture Expert Group

    MPC Most Probable Cost

    Mph Miles per hour

    MRC Major Regional Conflicts

    MRT Manpack Receive Terminal

    MS Micro Soft

    MSD Material Support Date

    MTBOMF Mean Time Between Operational Mission Failure

    MTDA Modified Table of Distribution and Allowance

    MTOE Modified Table of Organization and Equipment

    MTTR Mean-Time-to-Repair

  • NAIC National Air Intelligence Center
  • NAVICP Naval Inventory Control Point

    NAVSUBSCOL Naval Submarine School

    NAVSUPPUB Navy Supply System Command Publication

    NCCOSC Naval Command, Control and Ocean Surveillance Center

  • NDI Non-Developmental Item

    NEC Naval Enlisted Classification

    NETP New Equipment Training Plan

  • NEPA National Environmental Policy Act
  • NHA Next Higher Assembly
  • NIMSR Nonconsumable Item Materiel Support Request
  • NMS National Military Strategy
  • NRO National Reconnaissance Office
  • NISPOM National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual

    NDI Non Developmental Item

    NEPA National Environmental Policy Act

    NM Nautical Mile

    NRaD Naval Command, Control and Ocean Surveillance Center, Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E) and Development

    NRO National Reconnaissance Office

    NSA National Security Agency


    NSN National Stock Number

    NSS National Security System

    O-Level Organizational Level

    O&M Operations & Maintenance

    OA Operational Assessment

    OBRP On-Board Repair Parts

    OccFld Occupational Field

    ODS Ozone Depleting Substances

    OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer

    OIPT Overarching Integrated Product Team

    OPSEC Operations Security

    OUSD Office of the Under Secretary of Defense

    OCONUS Other than Continental United States

    OIPT Overarching Integrated Product Team

    OM Operations Manual

    OPTEC Operational Test and Evaluation Command

    OPTEVFOR Operational Test and Evaluation Force (Navy)

    ORD Operational Requirements Document

    OSD Office of the Secretary of Defense

    OSHA Occupational Safety Health Administration

    OT Operational Test

    OTA Operational Test Agency

    OTAR Over-The-Air-Rekeying

    PAL Preliminary Allowance List

    PAL Parameter Assessment List

    PC Personal Computer

    PCO Principal Contracting Officer

    PD-17 Command, Control and Communications Systems Directorate (Navy)

    PDR Preliminary Design Review

    PDT Pacific Daylight Time

  • PEO Program Executive Officer
  • PERT Program Evaluation and Review Technique

    PESHE Programmatic Environmental, Safety and Health Evaluation

    PHS Packaging, Handling, Storage

    PICA Primary Inventory Control Activity

    PIP Primary Injection Point

    PLL Prescribed Load List

  • PM Program Manager
  • PMD Program Management Directive
  • PMW Program Manager, Warfare
  • PMW-146 Communications Satellites Programs (Navy)

    PMW 176-4 RF Systems Division

    PMW 176L5 Integrated Logistic Support Manager

    POC Point of Contact

    POM Program Objectives Memorandum

    PRAG Performance Risk Assessment Group

    PROM Programmable Read-Only Memory

    PSE Peculiar Support Equipment

    PTD Provisioning Technical Documentation

    QQPRI Qualitative and Quantitative Personnel Requirements Information

    R&R Removal and Replacement

    RAM Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability

    RBM Receive Broadcast Manager

    RCC Regional Control Center

    RDT&E Research, Development, Test and Evaluation

    RF Radio Frequency

    RFP Request for Proposal

    RM Radioman

    RMS Root Mean Square

    ROM Rough Order of Magnitude

    RPSTL Repair Parts and Special Tools Lists

    RSP Readiness Spares Packages

    RT Receive Terminal

    RTO Responsible Test Organization

    SAE Service Acquisition Executive

    SAF Secretary of the Air Force

  • SAF/AQ Office of Secretary of the Air Force (Acquisition)
  • SAF/AQS Office of Secretary of the Air Force (Acquisition) Space Programs
  • SAIP Spares Acquisition Integrated in Production
  • SAMP Single Acquisition and Management Plan

    SAR Safety Assessment Report

    SAR Selected Acquisition Report

    SATCOM Satellite Communication

    SBM Satellite Broadcast Manager

    SCG Security Classification Guide

    SCI Sensitive Compartmented Information

    SCIF Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility

    SCM Software Configuration Management

    SDCE Software Development Capabilities Evaluation

    SE Support Equipment

    SE&I Systems Engineering and Integration

    SEMP System Engineering Master Plan

    SERD Support Equipment Recommendation Data

    SFPPL Short Form Provisioning Parts List

    SGML Standard Generalized Mark-up Language

    SI Standardization and Interoperability

    SI System Integrator

    SIGCEN US Army Signal Center

    SLAC Support List Allowance Card

    SLOC Software Lines of Code

  • SMC Space and Missile Systems Center
  • SMC/MC Military Satellite Communications Joint Program Office
  • SMC/TE Space and Missile Systems Command (Test and Evaluation)
  • SMM Software Maturity Matrix

    SMR Source, Maintenance, and Recoverability

    SOO Statement of Objective

    SOW Statement of Work

    SPAWAR Space and Naval Warfare Center

    SPAWARSYSCOM Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command

    SPETE Special Purpose Electronic Test Equipment

    SPI Special Packaging Instruction

    SPT Special Purpose Tools

    SPTD Supplementary Provisioning Technical Documentation

    SRD System Requirements Document

    SRT Shipboard Receiver Terminals

    SSA Source Selection Authority

    SSAC Source Selection Advisory Council

    SSCS Standard Satellite Control Systems

    SSEB Source Selection Evaluation Board

    SSF Software Support Facility

    SSO Special Security Officer

    SSPLC System Support Package Component List

    SSRT Sub Surface Receive Antenna

    SSV Soldier Survivability

  • STAR System Threat Assessment Report
  • STD Standard
  • T&E Test and Evaluation
  • TAC Tactical Advanced Computer

    TAFIM Technical Architecture for Information Management

  • TBD To Be Determined
  • TBM Transmit Broadcast Manager

    TBM Tactical Ballistic Missile

    TDA Table of Distribution and Allowance

    TECOM US Army Test and Evaluation Command

    TED Threat Environment Description

    TEMP Test and Evaluation Management Plan

    TGRT Transportable Ground Receive Terminal

    TIP Theater Injection Point

    TBM Transmit Broadcast Manager

    TM Technical Manuals

    TMC Test Management Council

    TMCR Technical Manual Contracts Requirements

    TO Technical Order

    TOE Table of Organization and Equipment

    TOMA Technical Order Management Agency

    TPM Technical Performance Measure

    TRADOC Training and Doctrine Command (Army)

    TRANSEC Transmission Security

  • TRD Technical Requirements Document
  • TS Top Secret
  • TSBM Transportable Satellite Broadcast Manager


    TSIR Total System Integration Responsibility

  • TSPR Total System Performance Responsibility
  • TSM TRADOC Systems Manager

    TT&C Telemetry, Tracking and Control

    TTBM Theater Transmit Broadcast Managers

    TTI Transportable Theater Injector

    UAV Unmanned Aerial Video

    UFO Ultra High Frequency Follow On

    ULSS User's Logistic Support Summary

    UPS Uninterrupted Power Source

    USAF United States Air Force

    USASCFG U.S. Army Signal Center Ft. Gordon

    USD(A&T) Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition and Technology)

    USMC United States Marine Corps

    USN United States Navy

  • USSPACECOM United States Space Command
  • V & V Validation & Verification

    VCRM Verification Cross Reference Matrix

    VTC Video Teleconferencing

    VV&A Verification, Validation, and Accreditation

    WBS Work Breakdown Structure

    WIPT Working-Level Integrated Product Team

    WWW World Wide Web

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