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Tasmin News Agency

New details from Iran's latest satellite in interview with Sardar Jafarabadi

Tasmin News Agency

June 10, 2016 - 3:31 p.m.

Tasnim News Agency Defense Group - Mehdi Bakhtiari: On May 23 of this year, the Revolutionary Guards Air Force placed its first satellite, Noor, on a 425-kilometer Earth orbit by satellite to Ghased.

This happened while, unlike previous satellite launches in the country, no one was informed about it until the operation.

The launch of this satellite into space as the first satellite in the country's military field had many repercussions at the domestic and international levels, and of course, many tried to question this important achievement by raising various doubts.

In a detailed interview with Tasnim News Agency , Sardar Ali Jafarabadi, Commander of the Revolutionary Guards Air Force , while responding to the new details of the launch, also answered some of the doubts raised about the Noor satellite.

Sardar Jafarabadi, born in 1975, is one of the young commanders in the Armed Forces who has been in charge of the Air Force since its inception.

You can read the full text of this conversation below:

* in the name of God. Thank you very much for your hard work and for giving us the opportunity to talk to His Excellency about the issues and space activities of the Armed Forces, especially the Revolutionary Guards, which work in the Air Force, so that people are more familiar with this. Find a field. The pretext for this conversation is the recent action of the IRGC in sending "Noor - Satellite of Light" by "Satellite to Dandelion" to the orbit of 425 km of Earth, which led to many analyzes and comments both inside and outside the country.

If we divide the discussion into two general sections, satellite and satellite, one of the most talked about topics was satellite.

If you allow me to start the conversation with this issue, what are the main features of the satellite on the messenger and what are the differences with the previous examples inside the country?

in the name of God. I also greet your service and don't be tired, I tell your colleagues in Tasnim News Agency . First of all, I must say that this success belonged to the whole country. That is, all the military and national authorities that were directly or indirectly involved in this work and helped.

But when it comes to satellites, perhaps our most important achievement has been the technology of solid fuel engines with moving nozzles and lightweight composite bodies.

* That is, the same "Salman" space engine that was unveiled a few months ago.

Yes. The engine was first successfully tested on a satellite, paving the way for us to reach larger satellites.

** Launch animation and launch with any required orbital angle

Another issue was the tactical nature of the satellite over the messenger, which first occurred inside the country.

In fact, if the satellite is stationary, due to the limitations of the launch, launch will only be possible at certain angles relative to the equator, which is called the inclination angle. This means that if the satellite is fixed, these angles will be limited.

However, each mission requires its own orbital angle. Sometimes our throws may need to be polarized, that is, they should be thrown toward the pole, and sometimes it is better to be close to the equator.

Our country is a vast country that is geopolitically located above the Indian Ocean, and therefore, if our satellite is tactical, we will be able to launch at any orbital angle that is needed. This was made possible by satellite. This means that we can do this from any corner of the country and from any angle.

Another feature was that in this operation, the separation mechanisms that took place in three stages were all tested, and this is because it is similar in future models, in fact, it makes our minds comfortable for the future.

On the other hand, the operation was carried out at a time when the country was in the midst of a crisis, and also due to some shortcomings in previous years and some technical problems in previous launches, the country's space community was so frustrated that, thank God, this happened. The light of hope shone, and we could see this excitement and joy in the sheer volume of letters of appreciation, correspondence, and statements from officials, the public, and activists in the space community.

** IRGC special action for students and space experts

Another advantage of the messenger, which is due to its agility and tactical nature, was that we also told the space agency that it was now possible to have small student satellites in universities and science centers where space students were studying in related fields. Put yourself in orbit with this satellite once. It is a great opportunity for professors and students to be able to test and evaluate their theses and dissertations in a real process.

We started working with the space agency, and they have plans for the coming years.

** We will use solid fuel in all future launches

* As you mentioned, one of the most important features of the messenger was the use of a solid fuel engine in the second stage, and as Sardar Hajizadeh said, it is planned to use a solid fuel engine in the satellite for the messenger-2 in the first stage. to be used.

Solid fuel and its use have been considered by Sardar Shahid Hassan Tehrani Moghaddam for many years, and the IRGC has focused on it. If possible, tell our audience in simple language what the importance of solid fuel is and how it differs from liquid fuel.

First of all, it's not like liquid fuel is better or solid. Each of these has its own properties and, of course, its own limitations.

One of the advantages of solid fuel is that it is agile, quick to prepare and faster to launch, while maintaining a long service life and increasing the expiration date of solid fuel engines.

On the other hand, it is very difficult to control solid fuels. That is, when the engine is started, it is still on until the end and its trusts cannot be controlled. In this area, the satellite has an advantage over liquid fuel, but we found in the messenger that the kids came up with a high-tech technology for controlling and taming solid fuels. If we didn't have a certain amount of attention and the speed was a bit higher than the orbital speed, the circuit would no longer be a circular orbital.

Solid fuel restrictions have now been reduced with strict controls by children in control, and now its benefits are waning, and God willing, we will use them in all future launches.

** Dandelion-2 will be bigger and lighter than Dandelion-1

* In the satellite on the messenger 2, apart from the fact that the solid fuel engine will be used in the first stage, will you have other differences, for example, in size and diameter with the messenger -1?

The general purpose of Dandelion-2 is that the engine of the first stage will change from liquid fuel to solid fuel, and of course, optimizations and stylizations will be made to place heavier satellites with larger dimensions at a higher orbital altitude.

** Noor satellite is a completely Iranian satellite

* More than 35 days have passed since the launch of the Noor satellite and its orbit. During this time, various people, from experts and analysts to even some American officials, have spoken about it, and a series of suspicions have been raised about this satellite. What happened in space during these 35 days on the Noor satellite and what is the current state of this satellite?

Whenever a satellite is launched into space, it is considered that there is a time in the universe for the satellite to be stable and stable. This stage had not yet taken place in the early days of the launch, and this created a series of rumors. This has happened now.

Another rumor was that the satellite was not Iranian at all.

* Yes, they said it was probably similar to another satellite used in Mexico, for example, and made in the United States.

Yes. You see, the Americans are very careful that even medicine does not enter our country for the treatment of a number of specific diseases. Now, how is it possible that a satellite with this high technology will come from the United States, enter Iran, and the Americans will not understand?

These words are mischievous and angry.

I would like to inform you that if it were possible to buy and provide satellites from abroad, we would not be the owners of local satellites today. In fact, these sanctions have caused us to put our hands on our knees, and I am proud to announce that the Noor satellite is a completely indigenous and Iranian satellite.

** Twice a week, we broadcast satellite signals around the world

* Another suspicion was about receiving a signal from the Noor satellite. Some said the satellite would no longer send signals, which meant it would run out of life and the satellite would fail.

In the early days, as a precaution, the satellite's auxiliary and sub-signals were on everywhere, and everyone could get it, but later we limited it to saving our own power, which was later rumored to be over. The satellite is not alive and its life is over.

We now plan to broadcast satellite signals around the world once or twice a week to all countries.

Another issue was that they said that the satellite was in fact a spinning and rotating object and was not operational. Well, this satellite is on display now, and stabilization has been done, and some of those who were making these statements have gradually withdrawn, and some have even deleted their tweets.

You can be sure that these suspicions will not stop, and the more successful they are, the more professional they will be in terms of psychological operations. Well, if that were the case and the satellite was of no value, it wouldn't have angered American officials, and they wouldn't have reacted so much that they even said they would take the case to the Security Council.

The truth is that when they are confronted with an undeniable fact, the base of their psychological operations becomes active.

** The fruit of the satellite Noor has begun

* Is it possible to cite some of the actions taken by Noor satellite as an example?

I would like to make a brief reference to the fact that in the last few days, when our tankers moved to Venezuela, in the Atlantic Ocean, which is naturally more difficult to access, it was on the agenda of the Noor satellite to monitor the position of these tankers and their surroundings.

In addition to these operational tasks, today's Noor satellite has become a real space laboratory for us, and our experts daily measure various parameters of the space environment such as the Earth's electromagnetic fields, temperature changes according to the angle of the sun and day and night distances, internal heat control mechanisms. Satellite evaluates satellite control algorithms, discusses solar panels and the amount of power they can provide at different times, and tests different algorithms.

These are like a laboratory in a real space environment, and these achievements will certainly be used in the optimal design of future satellites, and we will write these experiences in the future to the extent that they do not harm the mission of the satellite. .

In a word, I offer you that the satellite Noor has become for us a symbol of "we can" and the confidence of the youth of this country. The satellite is now alive and well.

** All subsystems are active

* How long is the Noor satellite?

I said that the lifespan at this altitude is between 1.5 and 2.5 years, and of course there are other issues such as electronic life and subsystems, which fortunately there have been no problems to date and all subsystems are active and we hope this trend will continue for the next two years. Find.

* What major plans does the space command have for the future? Given that it was announced both in the past and as the Supreme Leader of the Revolution emphasized, the issue of reaching the 36,000-kilometer circuit (geo circuit) is a high goal, given that we are now in orbit. We have reached 425 km. How will this program be realized and is it possible to announce a time for it?

Of course, the space command is not only focused on the IRGC, but also looks at all the capabilities within the country in the field of defense and the country.

In the next steps, we will use larger satellites in the satellite field at higher altitudes, and in the satellite field we will think of higher orbits and heavier weights, although it is not that the higher the orbit, the better it is. And 500 km is better, but some things require higher circuits.

** We will enter the areas of telecommunications and navigation assistance

We started with reconnaissance satellites, and in the future we will enter telecommunications relays and navigation aids, which will require the use of larger satellites and going to higher orbits, which will naturally require more power and the use of larger satellites.

Another issue is Hazrat Agha's order to reach the 36-kilometer orbit, which was addressed to the entire space community of the country.

This command was a goal based on intelligence and wisdom, which can be the driving force of all scientific and academic sectors in the national and military fields.

With this command, he actually defined a peak for us, through which we can reach many technologies that spill over into other areas.

All aerospace sectors of the country - both defense and national - must join hands and help us achieve this goal, and we hope that this will be achieved in the next few years.

** All enemy intelligence services remained

* In addition to technical issues, one of the issues that received a lot of attention in the recent launch of the IRGC was the strict observance of security instructions so that no one was informed until the launch of the satellite, and in fact it can be said that even foreign intelligence services must be severe. They are monitoring our country, they are behind this incident. How did this happen?

Our enemy claims to be in control of everything, while we believe that this exaggerated claim is more propagandistic.

In addition to this recent incident, there have been other major acts in recent years that have never been reported.

Incidentally, one of the reasons for the Americans' anger was that the IRGC was left out of the satellite launch operation, and we showed that wherever we want, we can move forward with precision and strength by observing classified issues.

* When did the space command in the IRGC start its work?

The formation of the internal space command in the IRGC dates back to 1991, but it was the announcement of its official formation by Hazrat Agha in 1996 that its structure was finalized. That is, our central space activity has been for the last 7-8 years.

** The IRGC space station was commissioned by Shahid Tehrani Moghaddam

* The launch of the Noor satellite by the IRGC was the first operational step and, of course, was accompanied by many fears and hopes. How much did you hope for the success of this launch?

The hope is that there will always be something in our work space, but technically, if I were to say so, the achievements of this launch, as the first thing to do, were beyond our expectations, and I really saw God's hand above all else. It was a miracle for us that the launch and operation of the satellite, the bar and the satellite went well.

Of course, the principle of this case is thanks to the blood of the martyrs. This garment that we wear has been worn by many people during the years of the Holy Defense, who did great things in anonymity, and some of them were oppressed, martyred or martyred, and today some of them are not even mentioned. These are the treasures that are at our disposal and give us morale.

* During the interview, the name of Martyr Tehrani Moghaddam was mentioned, and his role and that of his colleagues cannot be ignored. How much do you know about their role in establishing the space sphere in the IRGC?

Martyr Moghadam was a great man who first started his career with the mortar fire unit in 1960, and in the same year, due to his high talent, he was assigned to form the IRGC artillery.

Later, when Saddam began bombing Iranian cities during the war, he was blamed for the formation of a missile unit, and you can see how great it has become today, and they call him the father of Iran's missile father.

Martyr Moghadam had a very charismatic personality that attracted people to him, and this was due to his sincerity. Right now, when the kids who worked with him hear his name, their facial expressions change.

In fact, it should be said that the IRGC's space raid was carried out by Shahid Moghadam, and today's potentials have been added to it, and work is going on with strength.

He followed solid fuel engines and higher circuits and heavier tonnages. Our strategy is the same now, and only in tactics and methods can changes be made due to the use of current issues.

Martyr Moghadam and his companions laid down their lives on this path. The base from which the Noor satellite was launched was built by Haj Hassan Moghadam himself, and today it is the blood of these martyrs that boils and helps us.

** In the seventh 5-year development plan, we will see the space sphere flourish

* As a final question, perhaps with all these interpretations, the question for our audience is how important the category of space is and how many countries in the world to this space cycle, namely the ability to design and build satellites and satellites, the ability to launch and use satellites Have they achieved that?

In recent years, we have witnessed a revolution in space. Our enemy, who has placed his main power in soft power, defines the structure of his power in matters such as space.

Being in space is a strength for our enemy and a weakness for many countries.

Although the Islamic Republic may have faced ups and downs in space over the years, today we have a clear plan in which all elements of the country are involved, and I think we will see a flourishing space in the seventh five-year development plan. .

I remember that on the day the space command was formed, Sardar Hajizadeh gave a speech and said that in 1960, the artillery and then the IRGC missile were formed by Sardar Moghadam, and the children started their work with empty hands, and after 30 years, they flourished. He said that the space team is a continuation of the same path that started with a 30-year delay and should flourish in a shorter period of time. Praise be to God. We continue.

* Thank you very much for participating in this conversation and answering our questions. In the end, if there are any points left, we are at your service.

I have no other width. We just need to remind you once again what the recent launch was like. We were at the height of the sanctions, and the country was facing a corona challenge. On the other hand, the enemy's psychological operations base is very active and always seeks to instill inefficiency and spread despair and hopelessness in the society, but the youth of this country showed that even in these circumstances, great efforts can be made with effort and hope in God.


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