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New Launch Pads Signal More Rocket Launches For India

Sputnik News

03:34 29.07.2017(updated 04:54 29.07.2017)

A new launch pad being built at India's Sriharikota space center of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) will have the capacity to launch more rockets next year.

Known as the one of the world's more thrifty space programs, the ISRO has become a popular spot for lightweight satellite launches, and has even been able to earn some money by selling their rockets' spare payload space through its commercial wing, Antrix.

India Times reports that ISRO will overcome its annual output limitations on assembling and integrating vehicles by constructing a Second Vehicle Assembly Building (SVAB) at the Second Launch Pad, which is set for completion at the beginning of 2018.

Larger rockets like those of the Unified Launch Vehicle family will soon be able to be accommodated as a third launch pad is also in the works, further expanding ISRO's ability to launch rockets.


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