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The Mormon Diet

Mormons believe that there will be horrible famine right before the second coming. Thus the prophet commanded them to have one year supply of food storage. They were convinced that the second coming was nigh and they would soon be living off the Year's Supply of food. Though some may have thought the Church had changed their advice from 1 year to 3 months, they didn't change it. They tried to break it up to become easier to get. So many people had nothing stored that they said to start small and work their way up to a year. They have always commanded a whole year, but by one estimate around 3% meet this goal.

The quantity and quality of the food storage plan depends on what problems are expected. An economic survivalist expecting a several month period of turmoil might have just a 1 or two month supply of canned goods that is rotated continously. A social decline survivalist might have a mix of grains, freeze dried, air dried, canned goods, and seeds to supplement available food supplies during times of trouble. A nuclear war survivalist might have a five year supply of the Morman 4 + nitrogen packed seeds, freeze dried, sophisticated water purifiers, and other supplies. The Mormon 4 was created by the Mormon church to provide one year of food at low expense that would have a very long shelf life. Part of the Mormon faith stipulates that all families should have at least one year of food in storage.

Disasters are a time to be kind to yourself. If you're a big fan of Snickers, include some with your stored items. If you really like bananas, try dried banana chips.

The most basic food plan is the Mormon Basic Four from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. These four will NOT make a good diet but one that will keep you alive. Minimum supplementation would be some vitamin and mineral pills and a source of fats and oils.

The Kearney diet is basically the Morman 4 plus cooking oil (about 50 pounds) and beans (around 100 pounds). This provides essential oils and a much better amino acid balance.

Wheat 200-365 91-166 Indefinite Hard Red, packed in nitrogen
Powdered Milk 60-100 27-45 1-5 yrs. None
Sugar or honey 35-100 16-45 Indefinite Keep sugar dry and pest free
Salt 1-12 .5-5.4 Indefinite< More is needed for preserving

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