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April 2009 News

  1. Cyber Readiness Key to Mission Success By Dan Bowen Navy Newsstand 29 Apr 2009 -- According to www.globalsecurity.org, "the GIG represents a globally interconnected, end-to-end set of information capabilities and processes for collecting, processing and managing information on demand to warfighters, policymakers and support personnel."
  2. Obama, Bloomberg, Kelly agree jet photo-op was a mistake By Keith Herbert Newsday 28 Apr 2009 -- "It's not immediately clear why this airplane needs public relations photos," Pike said.
  3. Three Navy SEALS freed Capt. Phillips from pirates with simultaneous shots from 100 feet away By Stephanie Gaskell New York Daily News 14 Apr 2009 -- "You can't just grow these people on trees," said Tim Brown, a senior fellow with GlobalSecurity.org.
  4. F-22 fight on horizon By Bob Keefe and Dan Chapman The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 12 Apr 2009 -- "Obviously what they're trying to do is keep the line open until they can either reignite interest for more U.S. sales or get a foreign customer like Japan," said defense analyst John Pike with globalsecurity.org, a nonpartisan military Web site.
  5. Kansas now a theater of war over weapon By Darryl Levings The Kansas City Star 19 Apr 2009 -- "The first airplane is moving so slowly that buying the second at this point would be premature," said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a defense think tank.
  6. From Space, All Eyes on North Korea By Andrew LaVallee The Wall Street Journal 09 Apr 2009 -- "A sparrow does not fall to the ground there without notice," wrote Tim Brown, an imagery analyst at GlobalSecurity.org, in an April 5 article.
  7. Somali pirates hold U.S. ship captain By Edmund Sanders and Julian E. Barnes Chicago Tribune 09 Apr 2009 -- The shipping giant is a longtime Pentagon contractor, according to security analyst firm Globalsecurity.org, operating vessels with "top security clearance."
  8. ArmorWorks Enterprises loses bid protest By Andrew Johnson The Arizona Republic 08 Apr 2009 -- The Army's decision to eliminate ArmorWorks from the running for a contract and the GAO's subsequent protest rejections could pose future contracting challenges for the company, said John Pike, a director with defense research firm GlobalSecurity.org in Alexandria, Va.
  9. Why did radar skip missile launch? By Shelby G. Spires The Huntsville Times 08 Apr 2009 -- "There were five (advanced) destroyers there, plus satellite coverage, overflights of unmanned aerial vehicles, and there is an X-band site in Japan," said Vick, an analyst for GlobalSecurity.org in Alexandria, Va.
  10. NKorean rocket raises proliferation concerns By Kwang Tae-Kim The Associated Press 08 Apr 2009 -- "The Iranians look to be a little further ahead" of North Korea right now, said Tim Brown, a senior fellow at the security analyst group Globalsecurity.org.
  11. Utilities on guard against power grid foes By Rick Montgomery and Steve Everly The Kansas City Star 08 Apr 2009 -- "We've got all these private companies in the energy sector . making sure their grids can't be messed with by 13-year-old hackers, or that the Mafia isn't getting into their billing systems," said Pike, director of the GlobalSecurity.org think tank.
  12. Photo reportedly shows N. Korean rocket in flight CNN 07 Apr 2009 -- GlobalSecurity.org, a Washington-based firm that focuses on "emerging security challenges," said the image released by DigitalGlobe shows the contrail, or vapor trail, and rocket exhaust plume of the launch vehicle.
  13. Analyst: NKorea seeking to beat South in space By Paul Alexander The Associated Press 07 Apr 2009 -- Tim Brown, a senior fellow at the security analyst group Globalsecurity.org, suggested that the North may have tried to put up a satellite first for a propaganda victory.
  14. NKorea shows footage of healthy leader Kim Jong Il By Jean H. Lee The Associated Press 07 Apr 2009 -- "It's much more of a loss than a success," said Tim Brown, a senior fellow at the security analyst group Globalsecurity.org.
  15. ANALYSIS-Can Obama persuade world on nuclear arms? By Steve Holland Reuters 07 Apr 2009 -- John Pike, an expert on defense policy as director of GlobalSecurity.org, said Obama's policy was welcome but that "it is a lot easier to say you want to get rid of them than to figure out how to do it."
  16. Gates outlines plans for base By Trish Choate Times Record News 07 Apr 2009 -- Projections once called for 295 to 339 Raptors to replace F-15s, according to globalsecurity.org, a military news and information Web site.
  17. In wake of N. Korea launch, what's next is unclear By Pamela Hess The Associated Press 06 Apr 2009 -- Instead, its scientists cobble together different stages and start over with a relatively fresh model each time, introducing new possibilities for error, said Charles Vick, a senior technical analyst with Globalsecurity.org.
  18. Winners and Losers in the Defense Plan By Christopher Palmeri Business Week 06 Apr 2009 -- Pike said he expected a continued fight to keep the F-22 by the many states involved in its production.
  19. New Air Force command not coming to Offutt By Joseph Morton and Matthew Hansen Omaha World-Herald 03 Apr 2009 -- John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org and a leading defense analyst, said it represents the "normal churn" within the Air Force.
  20. North Korea launch may put focus on local missile defense By Shelby G. Spires The Huntsville Times 03 Apr 2009 -- "There's the possibility that missile defense is going to get a budget haircut when the White House rolls out its defense proposals this month," said John Pike, a missile defense expert with GlobalSecurity.org.