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August 2007 News

  1. State's soldiers roll with challenges of Iraq By Matthew Dolan The Baltimore Sun August 29, 2007 -- Once known as Camp Udairi, Camp Buehring, 15 miles from the Iraqi border, has served as the staging and training base for tens of thousands of Iraq-bound troops since opening in January 2003, according to the Web site GlobalSecurity.org
  2. 'Black' U.S. R&D Budget Estimated At $17.5 Billion By Williams Matthews DefenseNews August 29, 2007 -- It’s impossible to know for sure, said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org. In the past, Pike said he was able to decipher much of the black budget through careful research.
  3. Students weigh in on new surveillance policy in U.S. By Alex Lawson The Daily Vidette August 23, 2007 -- "It's not immediately apparent to me that satellites would tell me something I couldn't otherwise learn from an airplane," John Pike, the director of GlobalSecurity.org, told the New York Times.
  4. Web site postings land aide in trouble By Thomas Peele Contra Costa Times August 23, 2007 -- Military analyst John Pike of Globalsecurity.org, a Web site dedicated to military issues, said even if Gruber's writings about violence were a poor attempt at humor, they raise serious questions about his judgment.
  5. Air Force mulls Maverick By Jack Gillum Arizona Daily Star August 22, 2007 -- "It's a small but important element in putting a lid on the violence" in Iraq, said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org in Alexandria, Va.
  6. Retired general expects troop cuts soon By William Cole The Honolulu Advertiser August 18, 2007 -- "My gut is telling me that they are going to say, 'The surge is working, it needs more time, and we're going to stay at 160,000 (troops) for another six months,' " said John Pike, director of Virginia-based think tank www.GlobalSecurity.org.
  7. U.S. Weighing Terrorist Label for Iran Guards By Helene Cooper The New York Times August 15, 2007 -- An estimate by GlobalSecurity.org, a research group based in Alexandria, Va., puts the total guard forces at 125,000.
  8. U.S. expands access to spy imagery By Pamela Hess The Associated Press August 15, 2007 -- Exactly how useful low-Earth orbit satellites will be to domestic government users is a central question, said John Pike, a space expert and director of GlobalSecurity.org.
  9. Afghan translator to be trained at Laughlin Air Force Times August 14, 2007 -- According to the Web site Globalsecurity.org, Afghanistan requires a modest-sized air force, with emphasis on transport capability but also with combat capability, if the Afghan Air Corps is to operate independently of U.S. air power support.
  10. Army hoping to keep UAVs from Air Force By Shelby G. Spires The Huntsville Times August 13, 2007 -- A fight between the U.S. Air Force and Army over unmanned aircraft, many managed by the Army in Huntsville, could endanger soldiers in combat, members of Congress and aerospace experts say.
  11. US prepares to plug hole left by British troops By Sean Rayment and Philip Sherwell Sunday Telegraph August 12, 2007 -- John Pike, the director of GlobalSecurity.org, an American defence think-tank, said the 300-mile stretch of Route Tampa that runs from Baghdad to Kuwait was a crucial lifeline for US military operations.
  12. Iraq Exit: Leaving is complicated process, some say By James W. Crawley Media General News Service August 12, 2007 -- A deliberate withdrawal would be favorable, said John Pike, a defense analyst with GlobalSecurity.org, an independent research group in Alexandria, Va.
  13. Pentagon seeks stronger armored vehicles By James W. Crawley Media General News Service August 09, 2007 -- Keeping pace with insurgents' changes in tactics and weapons will drive how the military improves MRAPs, said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org.
  14. This jet may fly for days. (It won't have a pilot.) By Bob Cox Star-Telegram August 08, 2007 -- Sources: Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, GlobalSecurity.org
  15. Iraq Air Force Wants Iran To Give Back Its Planes By Ross Colvin Reuters August 05, 2007 -- Security information Web site GlobalSecurity.org estimates that half of the air force fled to Iran in 1991, just three years after the end of the Iran-Iraq war, rather than confront Coalition planes.
  16. U.S. military tries to correct weaknesses in armor found by Iraqi insurgents By Darryl Levings The Kansas City Star August 03, 2007 -- “A tank is really hard to kill. These are big bombs,” said John Pike at Globalsecurity. com, a defense-related think tank. “Culvert bombs are the big threat, the only place to pile up enough explosive.
  17. Tough Stuff: Man's quest for safety honors friend By Sherry Youngquist The Winston-Salem Journal August 02, 2007 -- "Basically, it was, 'Come on down. If you've got a design, if you've got the license for a vehicle that is in the ballpark that we're looking for, and if you can produce some of them and get them to Iraq for us, you've got our business,SSRq" said John Pike, the director of GlobalSecurity.org, an independent research group in Alexandria, Va.