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September 2006 News

  1. Low-tech anthrax still deadly? FBI research widens suspect listBy George Smith The Register September 29, 2006
  2. New honcho in Afghan war By Kenneth R. Bazinet New York Daily News September 27, 2006 -- "They obviously want somebody with pull over there," said military analyst John Pike of GlobalSecurity.org. "The NATO deployment has been a lot rougher than they expected."
  3. Amphetamine's prescribed use defended by Air Force, M.D. By Trish Choate and Sidney Levesque Abilene Reporter News September 26, 2006 -- ''It was a specific problem that they had with pilots flying long-range missions to Afghanistan in single-cockpit aircraft,'' said John Pike of GlobalSecurity.org, a Washington defense research firm.
  4. Cosmic Debris -- Littering Heavens Are Old Satellites, Loose Glove, Ham Sandwich The Associated Press September 26, 2006 -- It's not litter: Despite the highly publicized dropping of two bolts into the void last week during extra vehicular activity, very little space debris is the fault of messy astronauts, says John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, an intelligence Web site.
  5. San Diego-based warships to help ward off missile threat By Otto Kreisher San Diego Union-Tribune September 24, 2006 -- Pike, the founder of the GlobalSecurity.org defense Web site and consulting service, said: “I think it is generally recognized that the lower-tier theater missile defense capabilities are the easiest to do. The exo-atmospheric, intercontinental is more difficult.”
  6. Squeezing border business By Brady McCombs The Arizona Daily Star September 24, 2006 -- In the early '90s, officials estimated the secondary fence would cost $14 million — $1 million per mile, says John Pike, director of Virginia-based GlobalSecurity.org, a nonpartisan security-information Web site.
  7. War in Kandahar: some explosive questions By Ralph Surette The ChronicleHerald.ca September 23, 2006 -- The Star also quoted an American analyst, John Pike of GlobalSecurity.org, saying "Canada may want to reconsider how much more of this it wants." He warned against claims of success based on large numbers of enemy dead. "We spent years doing that in Vietnam."
  8. Navy retires F-14, the coolest of cold warriors By Tom Vanden Brook USA TODAY September 22, 2006 -- "It was intended to do one thing really well," says John Pike, a military analyst at GlobalSecurity.org, a think tank based in Alexandria, Va. "The Soviets evidently respected it. Their answer was to build bigger and faster bombers."
  9. Pilot declared dead on the scene By Ralph Surette Independent Online September 22, 2006 -- According to the website GlobalSecurity.org, the aircraft has a "robust air-frame" and can operate from rough grassy, sandy and muddy fields.
  10. Torture Case Casts Light on America's Most Secret Spy Agency By Jeffrey Klein and Paolo Pontoniere New America Media September 21, 2006 -- John Pike, an iconoclastic watchdog who heads GlobalSecurity.org., a think tank based in Virginia near the Pentagon, believes the area is home to the SCS headquarters.
  11. Senators urge Humvee replacement By Dan Benson Milwaukee Journal Sentinel September 21, 2006 -- The Guardian is an armored, wheeled vehicle equipped with a turret and armament system designed to meet the security requirements of military police, according to the Web site GlobalSecurity.org.
  12. Conventional wisdom By Henry Cuningham Fayetteville Online September 21, 2006 -- Ulchi Focus Lens is “the world’s largest computerized command and control exercise,” according to GlobalSecurity.org.
  13. Boeing wins contract to build 'virtual fence' By Mike Madden Arizona Republic September 21, 2006 -- "The whole thing is dependent on (the government) providing funding for (U.S. Border Patrol) response teams," said John Pike, president of GlobalSecurity.org, which tracks military and homeland security technology.
  14. America's Africa Corps By Gregory Tomlin Asia Times September 21, 2006 -- Concerns over fanning anti-Americanism, proximity to oil reserves - some of which are said to be untapped beneath its own waters - and overall security make this the obvious choice, John Pike, director of military studies group GlobalSecurity.org, told Asia Times Online.
  15. Not enough crusaders By John Hall Media General News Service September 21, 2006 -- While Poland has a tentative commitment to Afghanistan, it will be withdrawing about 900 troops from Iraq at the end of this year, according to GlobalSecurity.org.
  16. Shuttle crew inspects exterior, delays landing after several mystery objects found ABC News September 20, 2006 -- "At 17,000 miles an hour even a small piece of metal is going to pack a real wallop. I think they are going to want to make sure they haven't been hit by a piece of space debris that could have compromised the tiles," said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org.
  17. Using ultrasound for war wounds By Luke Timmerman Seattle Times September 20, 2006 -- There were 2,562 U.S. troops killed in Iraq and 19,157 wounded as of July 31, according to GlobalSecurity.org, a military research firm.
  18. Coup once again disrupts peace in Thailand By Gregory Tomlin Baptist Press September 20, 2006 -- Nearly 50 police officers in the southern provinces of Thailand have been murdered since 2001. The government originally blamed “bandits” and drug traffickers for the killings, GlobalSecurity.org reported.
  19. Could McCain juggle '08 run, Senate panel? By Billy House Arizona Republic September 19, 2006 -- "Will he be too busy running for president?" asks John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, an Alexandria, Va.-based nonpartisan defense policy think tank.
  20. Risk of death soars for Canada's troops By Bill Schiller Toronto Star September 19, 2006 -- One American analyst, John Pike of GlobalSecurity.org, wondered how long Canada's military could sustain such losses.
  21. Firms Vie to Provide the Future of Border Security By Griff Witte Washington Post September 18, 2006 -- Additional technology will give agents more data, but won't on its own help stop the flow of people coming across the border, said John E. Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org.
  22. Training Iraqi troops to take over logistics proves a challenge for U.S. military By Rebecca Santana The Associated Press September 17, 2006 -- It's a system ripe for corruption, said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a research group in Washington.
  23. Big Payoff for Big Business on Border Security? By Dakin Campbell News21 September 17, 2006 -- "That is something that the Corps is not geared up to do," said John Pike, of GlobalSecurity.org. "They would be in charge of setting the parameters, and then managing the contract."
  24. Army Combat Engineers From Idaho Join Battle Against Deadly Roadside Bombs In Iraq By Scott Logan KBCI-TV September 16, 2006 -- Research analyst Francois Boo, of GlobalSecurity.org, recently told the BBC that insurgents are skilled at developing more sophisticated and more powerful devices as U.S. troops improve their tactics to deal with them.
  25. U.S. 'handed off a mess' to NATO forces By Tim Harper The Toronto Star September 16, 2006 -- John Pike at GlobalSecurity.org — while acknowledging that Canada and its NATO allies have been handed a mess — does not lay the blame with U.S. military planners.
  26. Navy getting back into the riverboat patrol business in Iraq By Estes Thompson The Asscociated Press September 15, 2006 -- Such river patrols "have really picked up in Iraq after being off the map for decades," said John Pike, a military analyst at Globalsecurity.org.
  27. Light, metal, reflection By Christian Palmer Arizona Capitol Times September 15, 2006 -- The World Trade Center contained more than 200,000 tons of steel and used 425,000 cubic yards of concrete, according to GlobalSecurity.org.
  28. US Air Force Dubs Predator B Drone The 'Reaper' By Rebecca Christie Dow Jones Newswires September 14, 2006 -- And there are multiple other listings at GlobalSecurity.org, which maintains a vast database of military information.
  29. Signal Command takes over Pacom network operations By Josh Rogin FCW.com September 14, 2006 -- In 1999, the unit practiced its role as Pacific Theater Army Signal Command when it served as the executive agent for the Grecian Firebolt exercise at Fort Huachuca, Ariz., according GlobalSecurity.org.
  30. Israel rethinks laser cannon Commentary by Dominic Moran ISN Security Watch September 13, 2006 -- Globalsecurity.org says that 25 Katyusha rockets were successfully intercepted by an earlier version of the technology in 2000 and 2001, though it notes that atmospheric smoke and dust and "thermal blooming" are thought to defocus the beam, rendering the weapon ineffective.
  31. Discovery of military sites has Web sleuths buzzing By Tim Johnson McClatchy Newspapers September 13, 2006 -- "You can sort of feel the feverish buzz of these guys," said Tim Brown, a satellite-imagery expert at GlobalSecurity.org, an Alexandria, Va., research company that focuses on security issues.
  32. Report: About two-thirds of Wis Iraq deaths caused by explosions By Tom Kertscher The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel September 10, 2006 -- The Guardian is an armored, wheeled vehicle equipped with a turret and armament system designed to meet the security mission requirements of military police, according to the Web site GlobalSecurity.org.
  33. Are we any safer today? Sources say U.S. targets vulnerable By Laura Crimaldi Boston Herald September 10, 2006 -- “Two of the biggest attacks since Sept. 11 have included subways in Madrid and London, and they’re not even trying on that,” said John Pike, director of the Virginia-based GlobalSecurity.org.
  34. MKs to visit Taiwan ahead of UN bid By Steve Linde The Jerusalem Post September 10, 2006 -- A report on GlobalSecurity.org claimed that if it were deployed, the Sky Horse missile would put the eastern part of mainland China within striking distance.
  35. Shades of Supergun Evoke Hussein's Thirst for Arms By James Glanz The New York Times September 10, 2006 -- That assurance was eventually contradicted by a senior Iraqi defector, Gen. Hussein Kamel al-Majid, who according to a GlobalSecurity.org analysis said the supergun “was meant for long-range attack and also to blind spy satellites.”
  36. In defense we trust By Bruce V. Bigelow The San Diego Union-Tribune September 10, 2006 -- “The prosperity that has come to this town just defies belief,” said Pike, who oversees GlobalSecurity.org, a Web site devoted to defense and national security affairs.
  37. KC man linked to early al-Qaida By Tony Rizzo The Kansas City Star September 09, 2006 -- “He was one of the guys there when it all got started,” said John Lumpkin, a senior fellow at GlobalSecurity.org, an Alexandria, Va.-based defense-policy research firm and clearinghouse of military information. “He definitely was a major figure.”
  38. Military: Missing USAF woman found alive CNN.com September 08, 2006 -- The 376th "provides combat air support and airlift for forces in Afghanistan as well as aerial refueling of coalition aircraft," according to GlobalSecurity.org.
  39. Close Miami office, U.S. tells Venezuela By Pablo Bachelet The Miami Herald September 08, 2006 -- According to John Pike, director of Globalsecurity.org, a defense think tank based in Alexandria, Va., U.S.-supplied equipment is still widely used by the Venezuelan armed forces
  40. Nation's Plugged Some, But Far From All, Security Holes By Doug Tsuruoka Investor's Business Daily September 08, 2006 -- "We've not progressed as far as you might have thought," said John Pike, head of defense research firm GlobalSecurity.org. "The Department of Homeland Security has doubled their budget since 9-11, but it's hard to figure where that money got to."
  41. Bennett: Rumsfeld erred, but who can replace him? By Thomas Burr The Salt Lake Tribune September 07, 2006 -- John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a defense-oriented think tank, said Bennett's comments reflect that "the senator is in contact with reality."
  42. 911: FIVE YEARS LATER By John Koopman San Francisco Chronicle September 07, 2006 -- John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a military think tank in Washington, said one of the biggest changes in the military is the budget. Ten years ago, he said, the defense budget was holding at about $300 billion a year.
  43. $5B Satellite Contract Open to All FedsThe Associated Press September 06, 2006 -- "Every time we go out to blow somebody up, it uses more bandwidth than it previously did," said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a think tank based in Alexandria, Va.
  44. Mass. company making combative flying discs By Evan Lehmann The North Adams Transcript September 06, 2006 -- "You wouldn't have to worry about getting the Air Force into the picture," John Pike, a weapons expert and director of GlobalSecurity.org, said of the disc.
  45. US foreign policy post 9/11: "We have an outstanding hammer" By Mike McCarthy Deutsche Presse Agentur September 04, 2006 -- John Pike, analyst at the Globalsecurity.org think tank, said the Bush administration would continue to work diplomatically to resolve problems while understanding that it can act unilaterally if it needs to, with limited help from the rest of the world.
  46. States trying to land new military plane By Katherine Hutt Scott USA TODAY September 02, 2006 -- Once Congress gets behind the Joint Cargo Aircraft program, every state that wants a wing will get one, predicted defense analyst John Pike of GlobalSecurity.org.
  47. Experts warn successful missile test only small step forward By Robert Jablon The Associated Press September 02, 2006 -- The missile defense system is still far from being able to protect Americans from long-range missile attacks, said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a Washington, D.C., think tank.
  48. Iran ex-prez arrives for historic visit By Richard Sisk NY Daily News September 02, 2006 -- But John Pike, head of the globalsecurity.org group, said uranium metal was not "a smoking gun metal," but could also be used for peaceful nuclear power generation, as Iran claims.
  49. Lockheed victory worth up to $8.2B By Roger Fillion Rocky Mountain News September 01, 2006 -- John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, frets that NASA isn't budgeting enough money for the program.
  50. Lockheed Wins Job of Building Next Spaceship By Warren E. Leary and Leslie Wayne The New York Times September 01, 2006 -- “For Boeing, it would have been a real vote of confidence in their ability to manage a major program,” said John Pike, director of Global Security.org, an aerospace research company.
  51. A Surprise Liftoff for the Manned Moon Program By Peter Pae The Los Angeles Times September 01, 2006 -- "You have to be concerned that you could end up at the end of the decade with no space shuttle and no follow-up vehicle because there will not be enough money," said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a defense and space policy research firm.
  52. U.S. interceptor missile hits targe By Robert Jablon The Associated Press September 01, 2006 -- The test was a small step forward, but the system is still far from being able to protect Americans from long-range missile attacks, said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a Washington, D.C., think tank.
  53. Cuba vows to bolster 'combat capacity'By Carmen Gentile ISN Security Watch September 01, 2006 -- Analysts at Globalsecurity.org in Alexandria, Virginia, note that the militia is not “capable of sustained combat” though they are “effective for controlling or coercing the general public,” echoing Latell's sentiments.