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April 2005 News

  1. Die Wunden des Vietnamkrieges sind in den USA nicht verheilt Von Hans Dahne Deutsche Presse Agentur April 30, 2005 -- In Vietnam habe sich über 25 Jahre eine Art Aufstand entwickelt, gibt John Pike vom Internetdienst GlobalSecurity.org. zu Bedenken. Im Irak seien es nur Monate gewesen. "Wir haben das Vietnam-Syndrom sichtbar überwunden, aber wir beschwören es noch immer als Metapher", sagt Pike. "Vietnam bleibt unausweichlich der Bezugspunkt, an dem all diese Dinge gemessen werden."
  2. U.S. plans to sell 'bunker busting' bombs to Israel By Andrea Stone USA TODAY April 29, 2005 -- Israel has sought the GBU-28 bombs, first used during the 1991 Gulf War, for at least seven years. It would be the first U.S. ally allowed to buy them, says John Pike of GlobalSecurity.org, a defense research group in Alexandria, Va.
  3. Agency Says North Korea Able to Mount Warheads on Missiles By By David S. Cloud and David E. Sanger The New York Times April 29, 2005 -- John Pike, a defense analyst with GlobalSecurity.org, said American estimates of the range of the Taepo Dong 2 and other North Korean missiles had nearly doubled in recent years.
  4. Lessons of Vietnam linger for US By Brad Knickerbocker The Christian Science Monitor April 28, 2005 -- "The US has become increasingly uninhibited about the use of force," says John Pike, a national security analyst with GlobalSecurity.org. "Ever since we stopped worrying about the Fulda Gap [the point along the East-West German border where thousands of Warsaw Pact tanks supposedly would race through when World War III started], we have become quite creative in finding problems that have military solutions."
  5. Putin opposes Iranian nuclear bomb Agence France Presse April 28, 2005 -- "The general suspicion would be that Iran would likely be on the receiving end of that weapon," Francois Boo, an analyst from the military affairs think tank GlobalSecurity.org, told AFP.
  6. US unveils plans to sell 'bunker busters' to Israel By Maxim Kniazkov Agence France Presse April 28, 2005 -- But Francois Boo, a researcher with GlobalSecurity.org, a military affairs think tank here, said the plan appeared to be aimed at backing diplomatic efforts by Britain, Germany and France to check Tehran's nuclear ambitions with a military stick.
  7. Brazilian Air Force commander to visit Korea Herald April 28, 2005 -- Brazil has the largest air force in Latin America with about 50,000 personnel, 272 combat aircraft, and 45 armed helicopters, according to Globalsecurity.org., a Web site specializing in military affairs.
  8. Guardian pulls ricin terror debunk from website By John Lettice The Register April 27, 2005 -- Campbell's story, which is still widely available on the web covered similar territory to George Smith's pieces at GlobalSecurity.org
  9. Rumsfeld defends new nuke request UPI April 27, 2005 -- According to GlobalSecurity.org, a technical analysis conducted at the Nevada Test Site showed a weapon with a 10-kiloton yield would have to be buried 850 feet before detonation to prevent the spread of radioactive debris.
  10. If BNAS survives, its aircraft will change By Michael Reagan The Times Record April 27, 2005 -- The Multi-Mission Aircraft will rely on jet engines instead of the P-3's propeller-driven turboprop engines and will be a little bigger than the P-3, said John Pike, director of Globalsecurity.org.
  11. Dugway and TAD at risk By Leigh Dethman Deseret Morning News April 27, 2005 -- Workers at Dugway test defense gear to make sure they can survive nuclear, biological and chemical attacks, said John Pike, a defense analyst at GlobalSecurity.org, a nonpartisan defense and research organization.
  12. U.S. OKs sale of bunker busters to Israel The Associated Press April 27, 2005 -- “The Israelis want to be able to attack Iran’s underground nuclear weapons facilities,” said John Pike, a military expert at Globalsecurity.org in Alexandria, Va.
  13. DeLay's Grab for NASA By David Corn The Nation May 09, 2005 -- "With NASA changing its spending priorities to support President Bush's vision for space exploration that will return humans to the moon and take them to Mars, there will be plenty of money going to start-up companies with no record of producing hardware, and there will be no way to measure results," says John Pike, director of globalsecurity.org. "DeLay, if he wants, will be in charge of a free-for-all, with money flowing everywhere--mainly flying in the direction he directs."
  14. Evening The Odds In A Guerrilla War By Christopher Palmeri in Los Angeles and Stan Crock in Washington Business Week April 25, 2005 -- "You've got a lot of rapid prototyping going on," says John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a think tank based in Alexandria, Va. "Iraq will completely reinvent the Army."
  15. Marshaling the forces: 'No one is safe,' Hansen says of next round of base closures By Leigh Dethman Deseret Morning News April 24, 2005 -- "The conflict-of-interest issues are hard to call, because the ones with potential conflicts might have to bend over backwards to avoid the appearance of impropriety," said John Pike, a defense analyst at GlobalSecurity.org, a nonpartisan defense and research organization.
  16. Bumpin' Berg CNN LIVE FROM... 13:31 ET April 22, 2005 -- JOHN PIKE, GLOBALSECURITY.ORG: The much larger, grayer object is this B-15-A, super iceberg that has just collided with the glacier ice flow out in the sea.
  17. Hostettler lauds Crane at annual breakfast as BRAC deadline nears By Nick Schneider Linton Daily Citizen April 22, 2005 -- The NSWC Crane Division employs more than 4,000 people, according to GlobalSecurity.org, a military facility Web site.
  18. Waging a war of nerves By Jerry Zremski and Bill Michelmore The Buffalo News April 22, 2005 -- "Any community with a Guard or Reserve base should be concerned," said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a national security think tank.
  19. Army moves units to Interior By Sam Bishop Fairbanks Daily News-Miner April 18, 2005 -- "Can you say Iraq?" said John Pike, director of Globalsecurity.org, when asked about the broad reconfiguration. His group, based in the Washington, D.C., area, maintains a detailed Web site on the deployment of U.S. military forces.
  20. What's Next for Our Brave Missileers? By Fred Kaplan Slate April 18, 2005 -- John Pike, who runs the globalsecurity.org Web site, puts it this way: "After we've turned everybody against us, when we're all alone and armed to the teeth-when even the British have kicked us off their bases-we can still reach out and crush someone."
  21. Will China's Lust for Power Bring War to America? By Dale Hurd The Christian Broadcasting Network April 21, 2005 -- Defense expert John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, said, "At the end of the day, China may gamble that it cares more about Taiwan than the United States does, and if the United States is faced with a choice between backing down on Taiwan and seeing Chinese atomic bombs detonating over American cities, that the United States will back down."
  22. Idaho air base awaiting word amid latest round of closures The Associated Press April 20, 2005 -- "If this round is as big as they are saying, it would blow the others out of the water," said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a defense and security Web site.
  23. Terror on the Dark Continent: The Growth of al Qaeda By George Thomas The Christian Broadcasting Network April 18, 2005 -- John Pike tracks emerging threats to the United States. He stated, "We are on the verge of continent-wide state failure."
  24. TopOff exercise heads off virtual terrorists By Michael Arnone FCW.com April 18, 2005 -- Exercises like TopOff are useful in preparing governments and first responders for unforeseen events, said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a security policy think tank.
  25. Air Guard braces for closing list By Sylvia A. Smith The Gazette April 17, 2005 -- “The military logic for having (Air National Guard bases) spread around the country is airline pilots live all around the country and airline mechanics live all around the country. You want to have Guard facilities that they can report on weekends that are in convenient driving distance,” said John Pike, director of Global-Security.org, a military think tank.
  26. Carson regiment in bases ringing southern Baghdad By Tom Roeder The Gazette April 18, 2005 -- "We don't know if we have the insurgents on the ropes or whether they are readying for a spring offensive," said John Pike, executive director of the defense think tank GlobalSecurity.org.
  27. Fleet changes may lower shipyard's value By Tom Bell Portland Press Herald April 17, 2005 -- The USS Honolulu, commissioned in 1985, is the Navy's last submarine that will need refueling, a job scheduled for around 2007, said John Pike, a military scholar at GlobalSecurity.org in Alexandria, Va.
  28. Are Maine bases essential to U.S.? By Tom Bell Portland Press Herald April 17, 2005 -- Whatever happens next month, people in southern Maine and seacoast New Hampshire better start getting their plans ready, said John Pike, a military scholar at GlobalSecurity.org. Portsmouth Naval Shipyard - owned and operated by the U.S. government for more than two centuries - won't survive the decade, he predicted.
  29. BNAS may find role in homeland security By Tom Bell Portland Press Herald April 17, 2005 -- John Pike, a military scholar at GlobalSecurity.org, said the Navy has yet to decide if the new aircraft will be deployed primarily overseas or in the United States for homeland defense duties. Until it decides how it will use them, he said, it's difficult for the Department of Defense to make a rational decision about closing BNAS or the other P-3 bases.
  30. Arms Equipment Plundered in 2003 Is Surfacing in Iraq By James Glanz The New York Times April 17, 2005 -- John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, said the story of the artillery factory was not necessarily reassuring. "This is just the stuff that got caught," Mr. Pike said when a reporter contacted him from Forward Operating Base Cobra, an American Army base near the border. "The more interesting stuff would have gone out first," he said.
  31. Army, eager to use PR in Iraq, tries it out at Fort Ord first By Jessica Portner San Jose Mercury News April 16, 2005 -- John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, said the best soldiers must steep themselves in cultural nuances. They must learn how to show proper honor and avoid being offensive. ``It's Local Culture 101 and you have to have a gift for gab,'' said Pike. ``Every culture has a particular set of rules. But many foreigners do not understand.''
  32. Bayh presses Humvee funding By Ted Evanof IndyStar.com April 15, 2005 -- John Pike, head of Global Security.org, a think tank in Washington, said he has not seen a figure on damaged Humvees.
  33. What Ricin? By Michael Isikoff and Mark Hosenball Newsweek April 13, 2005 -- In an article posted earlier this week on Globalsecurity.org, a public-interest group that monitors U.S. military and intelligence agencies, a senior fellow of the group, George Smith, who said he had acted as a consultant for defense lawyers in the ricin case, claimed that the British government knew "months" before today's announcement that its claims that the suspects were capable of making ricin and had Al Qaeda ricin recipes were shaky.
  34. London Ricin Finding Called a False Positive By Walter Pincus The Washington Post April 14, 2005 -- Evidence introduced during the trial included a document from a senior scientist at Porton Down, the British government's biochemical research facility, saying tests showed that "the material from the pestle and mortar did not detect the presence of ricin," according to George Smith, a scientist and senior fellow at GlobalSecurity.org, who served as an expert for some defendants in the trial.
  35. Clarke calls for ID cards after imagining huge poison terror ring By John Lettice The Register April 14, 2005 -- This process is described in some detail by George Smith of Vmyths, Crypt Newsletter and GlobalSecurity here. (http://www.globalsecurity.org/org/nsn/nsn-050411.htm)
  36. Local Marines Lighten Up By Pedro Ramirez III The Post-Standard April 13, 2005 -- Basic LAVs are eight-wheel armored vehicles that can be armed with machine guns, grenade and missile launchers and other weapons. In general, it has a crew of three: a commander, driver and gunner, according to GlobalSecurity.org
  37. How many have gone to war? By Mark Benjamin Salon.com April 12, 2005 -- "Those are big numbers ... a lot bigger than I would have thought," said John Pike, the director of GlobalSecurity.org, a defense information Web site that tracks the logistics of war. Pike thinks it is too early to tell what the impact will be on the regular Army, but he said the repeated deployments have already broken the reserve forces.
  38. US plans retreat from Iraq as Pentagon claims progress By Andrew Buncombe The Independent April 12, 2005 -- "We had been expecting this for some time," said John Pike, director of the Washington- based think- tank GlobalSecurity.Org. "
  39. Clique and Dagger By Hanna Rosin The Washington Post April 12, 2005 -- "The satellite imagery people were considered the big dogs, the holy of holies, the inner sanctum," says John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org. They were visual, even artistic; in college they might have been scenery designers for the theater, he says.
  40. Laptop-triggered mines heading to Iraq By Michael P. Regan The Associated Press April 11, 2005 -- Military analyst John Pike of Globalsecurity.org believes the system could be used to attack enemies who are encroaching on a base but are too far away to hit with sniper fire, which he says can only reach out about a mile.
  41. Marielito and proud: Journalist offers perspective on boatlift By Chauncey Mabe Sun-Sentinel Co. April 11, 2005 -- The actual number of criminals and the insane in the boatlift has been greatly exaggerated, Ojito believes. Indeed, the advocacy and analysis Web site GlobalSecurity.org lists the number of criminals at between 800 and 900.
  42. Brothers are punished for deserting Marines By Brendan Kirby Mobile Register April 11, 2005 -- Military experts said the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have strained all branches of the military. John Pike, director of the Alexandria, Va.-based think tank GlobalSecurity.org, said the armed services -- particularly the Army -- attract volunteers looking for education and job skills.
  43. Military cuts are sharpest in New England By Bryan Bender The Boston Globe April 10, 2005 -- "What concerns me is how the forces are moving to a red state-blue state bifurcation," said John Pike, a military scholar at GlobalSecurity.org in Alexandria, Va. ''Most of the bases are in the red states, and the bases in the blue states are mainly in red congressional districts. The military is a normal part of society in red states and not a normal part of society in many blue states."
  44. States scramble to defend military bases from closing By Matt Stearns The Kansas City Star April 10, 2005 -- John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a Washington defense policy think tank, said he was unsure whether all such BRAC-avoidance efforts would be helpful, because in a time of war, the BRAC process might not be necessary.
  45. I, ROBOT -- AND SURGEON By Margaret Steen San Jose Mercury News April 09, 2005 -- The trauma-pod project is a continuation of several American military trends, said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a defense information Web site in Alexandria, Va. ``It's said that war involves the sacrifice of blood and treasure,'' Pike said. ``It has always been the American style of war to substitute treasure for blood, and this is a continuation of that.''
  46. Air Force to boost two rocket firms By Roger Fillion Rocky Mountain News April 08, 2005 -- "The two companies are guaranteed winners," said analyst John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org. "Whether the taxpayer is going to be a winner is another question," he added, noting the lack of competition.
  47. Washington retrasa lanzamiento cohete tras evacuación plataforma Terra.es April 08, 2005 -- Según globalsecurity.org, el NROL-16 tiene como objetivo 'recoger señales de inteligencia' y su lanzamiento se ha pospuesto en varias ocasiones desde diciembre de 2001.
  48. CDC warns on VX waste dumping North Jersey.com April 07, 2005 -- Sources: John Pike, Global Security.org; Terry Arthur, Newport Chemical Depot; Associated Press
  49. Birmingham airman, 32, dies in crash in Albania By Andrew Nelson Birmingham Post-Herald April 06, 2005 -- In 2000, the 7th Special Operations Squadron participated in 12 exercises with 15 foreign military units in 10 countries. It has been stationed at RAF Mildenhall since 1995, according to the Web site GlobalSecurity.org.
  50. US moves to create a beachhead in space By Mark Sappenfield The Christian Science Monitor April 06, 2005 -- "The modern style of American warfare is impossible without [space]," says John Pike, a defense analyst at Globalsecurity.org. "It's one of the reasons that we're a superpower."
  51. A time line on base closings By Tara Copp Scripps Howard News Service April 05, 2005 -- Sources: The Government Accountability Office, The Defense Department, GlobalSecurity.org and news reports
  52. Pontiff OKd Reagan's nuke plans, diplo says By James Gordon Meer Daily News April 04, 2005 -- John Pike, a defense analyst at GlobalSecurity.org, said John Paul II was "thick as thieves" with the CIA in trying to bring down communism in his native Poland, and he might have endorsed the confrontation.
  53. Report rips Army vehicle By Lisa Zagaroli Detroit News April 01, 2005 -- During the vehicle's development stage, the armor on the Stryker was determined to be inadequate, so the Army had to develop a "bird cage" type assembly of armor slats that adds 3 feet to the vehicle's width, according to Globalsecurity.org, a nonprofit group that analyzes defense policy.