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April 2002 News

  1. Balancing Hysteria and Caution in Today's Volatile Climate By David Hochman Contingency Planning & Management April 2002-- Pike: "Unfortunately, to date, the federal government has been rather more focused on protecting itself from terrorists than in protecting the rest of the country."
  2. NORTHWEST SPY STATION SEES ALL, HEARS ALL -- AND KEEPS IT ALL TO ITSELF By JAMES LONG The Sunday Oregonian April 28, 2002 - John Pike, a Washington, D.C.-based defense consultant, says Echelon essentially uses supercomputers to burn down large haystacks of raw information very quickly to find the occasional needle of useful intelligence.
  3. Lockheed gets contract on spy sensors By Jennifer Beauprez The Denver Post April 24, 2002 "It's a pretty good-sized deal," said John Pike, a defense analyst with Globalsecurity.org in Alexandria, Va. "The Army has a bunch of these planes - dozens and dozens."
  4. Buses, trains fast becoming new security priority By MIKE MADDEN Gannett News Service April 23, 2002 - GlobalSecurity.org's Pike said a terrorist strike would put a quick end to worries over inconvenience. "Hijack a bus, wait until the TV cameras show up and then blow it up," he said GlobalSecurity.org's Pike. "That'll get people's attention."
  5. Northrop eager to have TRW's technologies Plain Dealer April 21, 2002-- "TRW's been betting the company on it for the last decade," said John Pike, director of defense research firm GlobalSecurity.org. The contract for initial phase development totals $665 million.
  6. Guard readiness in question Soldiers decry a lack of weapons training and equipment, and claim they are ill-prepared to handle many threats CONTRA COSTA TIMES Apr. 19, 2002-- "If these guys are complaining they are underequipped and undertrained, that's a true fact," said Pike, who is conducting an audit of all National Guard operations in the country. "No one would pretend otherwise."
  7. Friendly fire more visible as war casualties decline Canadian deaths in U.S. bombing are part of perennial problem The Dallas Morning News April 19, 2002-- "Our forces are getting so good in combat that the bad guys are just not able to kill very many of them," Mr. Pike said. "It's not so much that the rate of fratricide is going up as it is that the rate of deaths from hostile fire is going down."
  8. Gilbert, Ariz.-Based Aerospace Firm Loses Satellite Contract to TRW East Valley Tribune April 19 2002-- "SBIRS Low is a technically ambitious program that, particularly over the past five years, has had persistent problems in achieving its goals," said John Pike, the head of Global Security.Org, a defense-research organization. "There is every reason to expect that it will be a very difficult undertaking."
  9. Low incidence of other casualties make 'friendly fire' more prominent The Dallas Morning News April 19 2002-- "You're getting to the point where fratricide is becoming a major contributor to total killed-in-action," said John Pike, director of the defense think tank GlobalSecurity.org.
  10. 'One of worst friendly fire incidents in last decade,' says expert: Pilot would require permission to drop bomb on this area The Edmonton Journal April 19, 2002-- "It is particularly serious because you have Americans killing Canadians," Pike said. "It is certainly one of the worst friendly fire incidents in the last decade."
  11. Offutt loses homeland security bid The Bellevue base had been considered for the new NorthCom site, which most likely will be in Colorado. Omaha World-Herald April 18, 2002-- John Pike, a defense analyst with GlobalSecurity.org, said that when Pentagon leaders sit down to rejigger the wiring diagram of their command structure, the idea of merging StratCom and SpaceCom always comes up. "It has been talked about for 15 years, but nothing's ever come of it," he said.
  12. TRW Wins $665 Million Military Satellite Contract Bloomberg April 18, 2002 - The U.S. Missile Defense Agency has already revamped SBRIS Low twice already, said John Pike, the head of Global Security.Org, a defense-research organization.
  13. Balikatan report card Sun Star Cebu April 18, 2002-- The term "balikatan" means "shouldering the load together" or shoulder-to-shoulder. The Balikatan series is an annual event aimed at improving RP-US combined planning, combat readiness, and interoperability while enhancing security relations and demonstrating US resolve to support the Philippine government against external aggression. (www.globalsecurity.org)
  14. Colorado may get new command Offutt's Strategic Command is the subject of a study on a possible merger with Space Command, which also is in Colorado Omaha World-Herald April 17, 2002-- John Pike, a defense analyst with GlobalSecurity.com, said that when Pentagon leaders sit down to rejigger the wiring diagram of their command structure, the idea of merging StratCom and SpaceCom always comes up.
  15. Proposal afloat to delay retirement of U.S.S. Constellation By James W. Crawley Copley News Service April 11, 2002 -- "Where are you going to get the air wing and the escorts to go with it?" said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a Washington-based defense analysis group. "The capital cost of a carrier is small compared to the total cost of the battle group."
  16. Bush wartet auf richtigen Moment fuer Irak-Offensive - Experten erwarten Kriegsbeginn im Herbst - Zeitplan haengt von Ruestungsnachschub und Wahltermin ab Von Daniel Jahn Agence France Presse -- German April 10, 2002 -- Die USA wuerden die Inspektionen mehrere Monate andauern lassen, um sie dann fuer gescheitert zu erklaeren, erwartet John Pike von GlobalSecurity.org, einer Denkfabrik fuer Militaerfragen in Alexandria/Virginia.
  17. In Search of a Clean Bomb by Robert Holloway Agence France-Presse April 9, 2002 -- The Pentagon's nuclear posture review, sent to Congress in January and published on the Internet by GlobalSecurity.org, a Washington think tank, dominated discussion at a two-week UN committee meeting which ends Friday.
  18. Canadians Put An Unusual Vehicle To The Test By Nathan Hodge Defense Week April 08, 2002 - John Pike, the director of Globalsecurity.org, an independent defense research group, agreed. "If there would be any unit that ... might be able to trick some colonel into trying buying some of these," it would be the 172nd Infantry Brigade, a separate brigade of the 10th Mountain based in Alaska, Pike said.
  19. B-1 Also Strikes A Blow At Critics By Peter Pae The Orlando Sentinel April 7, 2002 - "B-1 bombers have been kind of the stealth bomber of this air campaign," Pike said. "You rarely hear it being mentioned."
  20. Afghanistan Spring Brings New Challenges to US, Allies By Bryan Bender The Boston Globe April 5, 2002 -- "The fear is that this thing will come unraveled with a higher level of guerrilla warfare that requires a larger American force to become engaged," said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, based in Alexandria, Va. "I would say that between hard-core Taliban and residual Al Qaeda there have got to be several thousand guys with guns that would kill Americans if they had the chance."
  21. U.S. plans to keep military allies on both sides of Mideast turmoil By DALE EISMAN The Virginian-Pilot April 04, 2002 - John Pike, founder of GlobalSecurity.org, a Web site that tracks U.S. weapons systems and military operations, suggested that an exercise now set for June may be an indicator of whether the United States can maintain ties to the Israeli and Arab militaries amid regional tensions.
  22. Shuttle launch time is no big secret By Michael Cabbage Orlando Sentinel April 04, 2002 -- Pike says finding out the launch time would be the least of any evildoers' worries. Attempts to keep the astronauts' movements secret on a secure, heavily guarded base, he insists, are silly. "When you sit down and think about scenarios for assassinating the astronauts during walkout, sneaking box cutters onto airplanes is child's play," Pike said. "We're talking about terrorists here, not the Mission Impossible team."
  23. Airborne laser system - Offutt perfect for missile-killer laser project, two lawmakers say By Joe Dejka Omaha World-Herald April 02, 2002 - John Pike, a defense analyst with GlobalSecurity.org, said Offutt would be an obvious choice because of the 747s already there. "Normally, you'd want to put all of your maintenance resources in one place," Pike said.
  24. New NASA security plan lacks teeth By Irene Brown United Press International April 01, 2002 -- John Pike, who heads the Arlington, Va.-based research organization Global Security, says NASA's actions mirror the Bush Administration's emphasis on imagining what might happen rather than on analysis of actual terrorist strategies.
  25. Web sites Access Control & Security Systems Integration April 2002 -- globalsecurity.org was developed to focus on innovativeapproaches to the emerging security challenges of the newmillennium. "The organization seeks to reduce reliance onnuclear weapons and the risk of their use - both by existingnuclear weapons states and those states seeking to acquire suchcapabilities." Worth a click: Picture of the week.