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South Viet Nam Air Force - VNAF - Glossary

Glossary of Vietnamese Air Force Terms & Abbreviations
Doan Vu Ky (DVK) Weapons Group
Huan Luyen (HL) Trainee
Khoa Sinh Ha Si Quan (KSHSQ) NCO Trainee
Khong Doan Tactical Wing
Khong Quan (KQ) Air Force
Khng Qun Viet Nam VNAF Viet Nam Air Force
Phi Co Plane
Phi Co Len Thang Helicopter
Phi Cong Pilot
Phi Doi (PD) Squadron
Phi Hanh (PH) Flight
Phong Khong Air Defense
Su Doan (SD) Division
To Quoc - Khng Gian Fatherland - Space
[VNAF motto]
Trung-Tam Huan-Luyen Khong-Quang (TTHLKQ) Air Force Training Center
Truong Bay Air Field
Truong Khong Quan Flight School
TSN Tan Son Nhut

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