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North Vietnamese Army NVA Divisions

Division 303 activated 19 Aug 1974 (briefly designated Division 3), with VC Regiments 201, 205 and 271 and NVA Artillery Regiment 262.

Division 304 (Regiments 9, 24, 66) sent south Aug 1965; Regiment 9 initially served in Laos and Regiment 66 with Division 1 in Dec 1965. Returned north Jun 1968, but served in Laos spring 1971 and in northern South Vietnam from 1971.

Division 304B moved south of the DMZ early 1968 (Regiments 9B, 24B, 66B?); no other known service. In Mar 1972 it had Regiments 9, 24B, and 66B and 20 Sapper Bn (all in Quang Tri).

Division 308 initially contributed one of three battalions to operations in the South, which became Regiment 320 ca. 1964. Its Regiment 88 infiltrated south in 1966 and the rest of the division Sep 1967 (Regiments 36, 88, 102). As early as January 1947 the vanguard 308 'Capital' Regiment had been created for operations around Hanoi. (PAV numbered regiments, and later divisions, in the '300' series, to distinguish them from Communist Chinese units, which were numbered in the '100' and '200' series.) In August 1949 the PAV created Regimental Group 308 at divisional strength, consisting of Regiments 98, 102, and 308 (the original PAV regiment). By late 1950 the PAV had the first three formations trained and equipped in China: the 308 'Capital' Division, and Regiments 174 and 209. The 308 Division, was built around the earlier Regimental Group 308, and followed the standard Chinese structure of three infantry regiments, one heavy weapons (artillery) regiment, and support units.

Division 312 sent a battalion south in spring 1963 and another in 1964. Its Regiments 141 and 165 went to the B2 front in 1966, to serve as the nucleus of VC Division 7. The division went south in Sep 1967 and was regrouped after Tet back in North Vietnam, with Regiments 141, 165, and 209. It served in Laos 1969 - 71. Its regiments served with other divisions 1972, then were withdrawn back north. In spring 1975 the division was sent south again.

Division 316 (Regiments 98, 174 and 176) sent Regiment 174 to the Tay Nguyen highlands in 1967, but mostly operated in Laos. It participated in the central highlands (Ban Me Thuot) spring 1975.

Division 320 sent a mortar battalion to the south in Aug 1965, then Regiment 64 in Feb 1966 and Regiment 52 later that year. The entire division was in South Vietnam Sep 1967, but withdrew to the North in Oct 1968. (However, shown by Marines as still in I CTZ Jan 1969, with Regiments 48, 52 and 64.) It came south again in Oct 1970, serving in Laos in 1971. It went North yet again, but appeared in Tay Nguyen Front Jan 1972.

Division 320B (which included Regiments 48B and 64B) served in the 1972 Easter offensive and withdrew to the north Sep 1973.

Division 324 was formed Jun 1965 and moved south in late 1966 (included Regiment 3).

Division 325 began moving south Nov 1964 (Regiments 33, 95 and 101). It served in the Central Highlands with Regiments 95, 101 and 320 (Regiment 18 had gone to Tay Nguyen Front). The division was dissolved by late 1965, with elements going to VC Division 1 or becoming separate regiments.

Division 325B came south in spring 1966 (included Regiments 95B, 101B). Regiment 101B combined with Regiment 101C. Later operated with Regiments 24, 33, and 95B, which also served as independent regiments. The division was dissolved ca. late 1966.

Division 325C (Regiments 18C, 95C, and 101D) began moving south late 1966. Following Tet, the regiments stayed behind and the division headquarters went north to form Division 325D.

Division 325D (included Regiments 18D and 95D) was formed ca. 1967 and essentially a training and reserve unit, even though Regiment 18D went to Laos and Regiment 95D to Route 9 in early 1969. The division played a major role in the 1972 Easter Offensive, at which time it dropped the "D" and became Division 325.

Division 324B is shown in I CTZ in Mar 1972. At that time it had HQ and Regiment 812 in Quang Tri, with Regiments 29 and 803 in Thua Thien.

Division 341 was reformed 1972 and sent south in Jan 1975.

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