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NVA and VC December 1972

(note 4)

  • 1st NVA Inf Div
    • 52nd, 101DNVA; 44th Sapper NVA
  • 2nd NVA Inf Div
    • 1st, 141st NVA; 52nd VC
  • 3rd NVA Inf Div
    • 2nd, 12th, 21st NVA
  • 5th VC Div
    • E-6, 174th, 205th, 275th NVA
  • 7th VC Inf Div
    • 141st, 165th, 209th NVA
  • 9th VC Div
    • 95C, 271st, 272nd NVA
  • 304th NVA Inf Div
    • 9th, 24B, 66th NVA
  • 308th NVA Inf Div
    • 36th, 88th, 102nd NVA
  • 312th NVA Inf Div
    • 141st, 165th, 209th NVA (note 5)
  • 320th NVA Inf Div
    • 48th, 64th NVA
  • 320B NVA Inf Div
    • 48B, 64B NVA
  • 324B NVA Inf Div
    • 29th, 803rd, 812th NVA (note 6)
  • 325C NVA Inf Div
    • 18C, 95C, 101D NVA
  • 711th NVA Inf Div
    • 3rd, 38th, 270th NVA
  • B-3 Front ( Central Highlands) (note 7)
    • 28th, 66th, 95B NVA; 40th NVA Art
  • B-5 Front ( DMZ)
    • 27B, 31st, 246th, 270B NVA; 38th, 84th NVA Art
  • MR 3 ( Delta)
    • D-1, D-2, D-3 VC, 18B, 95th NVA
  • MR 2
    • DT-1 VC, 86th NVA
  • MR 7
    • 33rd NVA; 274th VC; 74th NVA Art (?)
  • MR Tri-Thien-Hue
    •   4th?, 5th, 6th NVA
  • Independent
    • 24th, 101st, 271st NVA
  1. This list is largely from Stanton, who notes that numbers were often duplicated (e.g., Regiment 101, 101B, 101C, etc.) but does not always indicate variations. His allocation of units to NVA and VC is not always consistent with Webster's, which provides the only real listing of divisions I have ever seen in English. The Military Regions appear to be the VC rather than NVA numbers.
  2. While listed in Stanton, Webster's indicates that its regiments were actually operating with other divisions in 1972 and did not rejoin it until all withdrawn to the north in 1973.
  3. This division is not included in the comprehensive listing in Webster's, so no service details are known.
  4. The three infantry regiments shown here had become part of Division 10 on 20 Sep 1972.

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