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Vietnam - Airfields

Most air bases and military airports in Vietnam were originally built by the French or Japanese. During the period of the Vietnam War, many new airfields were built or upgraded by the United States in South Vietnam or were built with the help of experts from the Soviet Union and China in the north. After 1975, no new military airport were built. Some were upgraded to cater for the needs of the people. Currently, except for some pure air bases, the airports in Vietnam are used by a mixture of civilian and military aircraft, or seen as military airport standby.


name Province ICAO code lat long  altitude  longest
Ai TuQuang Tri restoration planned
An KheGia Lai Abandoned
Anh SonNghe An Backup
Bach MaiHa Noi980Military
Bien HoaDong Nai3000Military
Buon Ma ThuotDak LakVVBM N 12 40 E 108 7 17593000Mil / Civ
Ca MauCa Mau1500Civil
Cam LyLam Dong1400Military
Cam RanhKhanh Hoa3100Mil / Civ
Cat BiHai PhongVVCI N 20 49 E 106 43 132400Mil / Civ
ChangshaKhanh Hoa800Military
Chu LaiQuang Nam3000Civil
Co OngBa Ria-Vung Tau1830Civil
Conson VVCS N 8 44 E 106 38 20 1475
Da NangDa NangVVDN N 16 3 E 108 12 333000Mil / Civ
Dien Bien PhuDien BienVVDB N 21 24 E 103 0 15121800Civil
Dong HoiQuang Binh2400Mil / Civ
Dong TacPhu Yen2900Mil / Civ
Duc MyKhanh Hoa Abandoned
GadQuang Binh Abandoned
Gia LamHanoiVVVV N 21 2 E 105 53 262000Mil / Civ
Ham TanBinh Thuan1800Lost track
Hoa LacHa Noi2200Military
KepBac GiangVVKP N 21 24 E 106 16 462100Mil / Civ
Kien AnHai Phong2400Military
LienDak Lak Abandoned
Lien KhuongLam Dong - DalatVVDL N 11 45 E 108 22 31563250Civil
Loc NinhBinh Phuoc Abandoned
Long XuyenAn Giang700Abandoned
Mang DenKon Tum restoration planned
Mao RiverBinh Thuan1200Abandoned
Mieu MonHa Noi Military
Na SanSon LaVVNS N 21 13 E 104 2 21332400Temporary closure
Nha TrangKhanh HoaVVNT N 12 14 E 109 11 142000Dissolution
Noi BaiHanoiVVNB N 21 13 E 105 48 393800Mil / Civ
Nui Sam An Giang?Abandoned
Nuoc TrongDong Nai1500Backup
Phan ThietBinh Thuan1000restoration project
Phu BaiThua Thien - HueVVPB N 16 24 E 107 42 443000Civil
Phu CatBinh DinhVVPC N 13 57 E 109 3 1023000Mil / Civ (from 2008)
Phu GiaoBinh Duong1300Backup
Phu QuocKien GiangVVPQ N 10 13 E 103 58 232100Civil
Phuoc LongBinh Phuoc1300Backup
Pleiku Cu HanhGia LaiVVPK N 14 0 E 108 0 24341800Mil / Civ
Phu QuyBinh Thuan Military
Phu LamPhu Yen Abandoned
Quinhon VVQN N 13 46 E 109 3 20 1492
Rach GiaKien GiangVVRG N 9 57 E 105 8 71500Civil
Soc TrangSoc Trang Military
Sao VngThanh Hoa3200Military
Tan AnLong An Abandoned
Ta ConQuang Tri3000Abandoned
Tan Son NhatHo Chi Minh CityVVTS N 10 49 E 106 39 334000Mil / Civ
The SonNinh Thuan3000Military
Thien NgonTay Ninh Abandoned
Tra NocTho2400Mil / Civ
Tra VinhTra Vinh700Abandoned
Truc GiangBen Tre700Abandoned
VinhNghe AnVVVH N 18 44 E 105 40 203000Civil
Vinh LongVinh Long Abandoned
Vung TauBa Ria-Vung TauVVVT N 10 22 E 107 5 131800Mil / Civ
XiningTay Ninh Abandoned
Xuan LocDong Nai1000Abandoned
Yen BaiYen Bai2200Military

Vietnam Helicopter Corporation Bases

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