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El Dique y Astillero Nacional de Puerto Cabello [DIANCA]

El Dique y Astillero Nacional de Puerto Cabello [National Docks and Shipyards C.A.] was created by Decree of the President of the Republic, in 1905, and attached to the Ministry of War and Navy. DIANCA's mission is to continually improve the productive and administrative process to guarantee the quality of the service in accordance with the behavior of the demand. It also seeks to maintain good relations with the suppliers of goods and services within commercial managements that permit their identification with the company DIANCA, under format win / win. The company is working to attract, develop and retain skills and knowledge of workers, implementing professional support and improved performance within the activities

It is seeking to become the best and most competitive shipyard in the Caribbean with a combination of safety, quality and prices, just in time in works, as well as the front-runner in the national market and international structures, conversions and naval repairs, obtaining the maximum aggregate economic value of operations, becoming an attractive pole for investors ensuring the future growth of the company.

Their achievements are remembered even the coast guard "January 29" and the merchant ship "New camera", vessels provided efficient services for many years. A floating dock of wood allowed in that then repair ships of up to 1,200 tons, and later, in 1910, was installed a floating dock of 5,000 tons of displacement, both facilities lasted until 1938.

In 1942 two slipways of inclined plane, with a capacity of 1,500 and 500 tons, respectively, settled in which you do the maintenance service to vessels under the bracket of the Navy, merchant marine and powerboats prosecutors of the National Guard.In 1947, the National Constituent Assembly of the United States of Venezuela decreed the law's Diques y Astilleros Nacionales, whereby the current Instituto Autónomo de Diques y Astilleros Nacionales, attached to the Ministry of Defense, with legal personality, autonomous and independent from the National Treasury and own heritage was created.

In September 1968, the National Congress of the Republic adopted the law of public credit which is authorized to the Instituto Autónomo "National docks and shipyards" to make use of public credit, up to the amount of one hundred million bolívares (Bs. 100.000.000,00), for the completion of the system of facilities and equipment corresponding to the dry dock of Puerto Cabello. Having carried out studies, projects and tender, it began completion works, in its first part, during the month of July of the same year.

October 16, 1975 it became a joint-stock company, its main shareholder being the investment fund of Venezuela. It has been a fundamental pillar of the development of the shipbuilding industry and the Buenos Aires area.

In 2010 National Executive seconded to the Ministry of the Popular Power for Energy and Petroleum (MENPET), the company docks and shipyards national C.A., (DIANCA) with all its assets and liabilities, created in 1905, according to the Official Gazette number 39.533 published on October 19, 2010 it.

The considering of the Gazette points out that Petroleos de Venezuela holds 60 percent of the shares of DIANCA. PDVSA is currently exerting greater representation in DIANCA and has been running within your Business Plan, a series of actions to increase productivity levels, retrieve the physical plant of the shipyard, transform the technological platform, restructure its organization, improve the quality of life of the human resource and project the expansion of its operational capability and infrastructure among others. For this reason and purpose of optimizing the functionality of DIANCA, the National Executive was considered necessary to ascribe it to the Ministry of the Popular power for energy and oil.

The MENPET will perform the necessary procedures to formalize the constitutive document of DIANCA reform, for the purposes of adapt to the secondment referred to in the Decree published in the Official Gazette, after checking the concerned project by the Office of the Attorney-General and shall ensure its publication in the Official Gazette of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuelain accordance with the provisions of article 116 of the decree's range, value and force of the organic law of the public administration.

With the premise of promoting shipbuilding country, on August 29, 2012 the company Diques y Astilleros Nacionales celebrated its 107 anniversary, a day in which workers, village of Puerto Cabello and authorities highlighted the importance of this national company. The President of Dianca, Alfredo Pineda, recalled that this institution "is the oldest company that have the country", which was created in the year 1905. He asserted that in this anniversary, the mass working of Dianca is every day more committed to the development of the country, especially with the momentum of the shipbuilding industry.

On March 18, 2013 two new blocks for the assembly of the coast surveillance ship Tamanaco (GC-24), arrived from the shipyard of Navantia, Spain. These were block number 301, with a weight of 75 tons, and a macroblock 702 + 704 of 80 tons. In addition to these two structures, six containers arrived in the Buenos Aires shipyard with different materials for the construction of the boat of the Bolivarian Armada of Venezuela. The load came aboard the ship "Simone", which docked at the wharf of Dianca during the morning.

The construction of the Tamanaco BVL (GC-24) represents a boost and important development for the Venezuelan naval industry, centered at the national shipyard that brings together the largest technical capacities and infrastructure in the country. It is a work of importance that will also allow the transfer of technology towards the staff working at the local shipyard. Criteria of the vessel milestone was scheduled for 24 July 2013, while the delivery of the vessel is scheduled for December 2015.

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