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CIP (Cascadia Independence Party) is a grassroots political entity with the long-term goal of uniting the Cascadia bio-region into a new country, separate from both the United States and Canada, within which the unique cultural, biological and environmental assets of the region can flourish. The Cascadia bio-region traditionally consists of the American federal states of Washington, most of Oregon and Idaho, parts of Montana and Alaska, and most of the Canadian province British Columbia. The CIP is intended to be a dynamic political party, driven largely by a direct democratic process, that exists outside the current liberal/conservative paradigm that has paralyzed politics in both the United States and Canada. The CIP is intended to be inclusive, welding residents of the USA, British Columbia, First Nations and Native Americans into a strong and dynamic regional community.

While the mission statement, political platform, ideals and policy frameworks are under construction, the Party has the following basic goals: 1) Provide a mechanism for political action to advance and affect the issues that are important to all residents of Cascadia; 2) Unite a wide variety of individuals under a single banner, such that a voting block powerful enough to influence local, state, and provincial elections is created; and 3) Build a cross-border political party that will ultimately be able to organize and implement a strategy to build an independent nation-state in the Cascadia bio-region and a free and sustainable future for the bio-region Cascadia.

The first great name naturally associated with the Oregon country is that of Thomas Jefferson. His place in the history of the United States, in the estimation of the great mass of the people, is next to that of Washington. But had it not been for his far-seeing statesmanship which added the Louisiana Territory to that of the thirteen original states, his position would have taken rank after that of Franklin, Hamilton and Madison. If it had not been for his action in seizing what he termed the "fugitive opportunity," the United States would have been, in its western expansion, limited to the boundary of the Mississippi, and Oregon would have been as British as Canada.

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