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Shostkinsky state-owned plant Zirka

State-owned enterprise "Shostkinsky state-owned plant Zirka" [star] manufactures various types of gunpowder. The main activity of the plant is related to the production of smoke powder of all brands, tubular and grain powder based on nitrocellulose, as well as charges for barrel artillery calibers 100 mm, 122 mm, 125 mm, 130 mm, 152 mm, subcaliber shot for 125 mm tank gun , hunting smoke and nitrocellulose gunpowder, gunpowder for hunting weapons.

Among the company's products are also products for the civilian market - electrical insulating materials, nitrocellulose paint and varnish products, special varnishes for the aviation and electronic industry, cleaning agents, paste-like detergents, solvents, adhesives, as well as construction materials.

The plant is the oldest enterprise of the military and defense industry in Ukraine. Today, both spherical and pyroxylin powders are used. Spherical ones, of course, cannot be made now in Ukraine and will not be made in the near future. And pyroxylin powders for sports and combat cartridges can be made by the "Zirka" plant. For the existing weapons in Ukraine, these powders are quite enough and there is no point in making more energy-intensive powders.

Of the three Shostka enterprises that are part of the Ukroboronprom concern, the situation at Zyrka is the most difficult. The mayor called it "worse" compared to "Impuls", but this word is too soft: "Impuls" is now loaded with work even on weekends, but "Zirka" does not work at all. Production stopped here a few years ago.

The director of the state-owned enterprise "Shostkinsky state-owned plant Zirka" was arrested for a bribe in the amount of 5,000 US dollars. This was reported February 23, 2020 by the press service of the military prosecutor's office. The detainee received the specified amount for the conclusion of the contract for the storage of property and, subsequently, the conclusion of the contract for the lease of non-residential premises, which is located on the territory of the plant, which is part of the DC "Ukroboronprom". Sanction, part 3 of Art. 368 of the Criminal Code provides for punishment in the form of imprisonment for a term of 5 to 10 years with confiscation of property.

This enterprise is the oldest within Ukroboronprom. In 1739, the first batch of gunpowder was produced on it - 750 pods, but by 2022, when Ukraine is in a state of war and needs it in large quantities, the production of gunpowder is at a standstill. "Zirka" survived two world wars, and in independent Ukraine it began to be destroyed, - says Oleksandr Sugonyako, a native of Shostka, People's Deputy of Ukraine of the previous convocation.

At one time, he made a lot of efforts to revive the enterprise, the "Zirka" held an away meeting of the Committee on Social Policy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, but it did not help much. Debts from salaries at the enterprise were only partially repaid, but today they have again increased to enormous proportions.

"We received information that "metalists" have become active again at "Zirka", " continues O. Sugonyako. "Apparently, the marauders felt impunity, because the local authorities have no influence on them. The enterprise still has hope for revival only thanks to the patriots who work there."

One of them is Natalia Maksina. She is the head of one of the departments at "Zirka", and in the city she heads the public organization "SHAG". The abbreviation stands for "Shostkin community asset". According to the activist, only the arrears from the wages of the company's employees, together with the taxes and fees accrued on it, amount to 100 million hryvnias. Three hundred employees remained at the enterprise, while a few years ago there were two thousand. It seems that the personnel problem will be one of the most important when "Zirka" is finally revived. Because funding can still be found, but how to train narrow-profile specialists instead of those who have found another job?

According to Nataliya Maksina, at Zirka, even today, they could start production of scarce special containers - metal and wooden boxes for projectiles, pyroxylin powder, and tank ammunition. "But the first thing to start with is to make an inventory at the enterprise," says N. Maksina. "It has not been held for four years."

"Zirka" occupies a huge area - 750 hectares. This is a third of the city, and one workshop of the non-working enterprise is equal in scale to the entire "Impulse". There is a lot of property on the territory and in the premises, which does not give peace to businessmen with a criminal way of thinking.

According to Nataliya Maksina, none of them have been punished. "The war has been going on in the country for the eighth year, and an important defense enterprise is being cut into scrap metal at this time," she says. "All this is difficult to understand. If you have already decided to bury the plant, do it civilly. At least pay contributions to the Pension Fund, so that people who have worked for Zirka all their lives can go on a well-deserved rest."

The mayor of Shostka, Mykola Noga, is convinced that "Zirka" will definitely start working. When exactly - the head of the community did not dare to give a specific answer, but he assured: a special program has been developed for the revival of the enterprise, the implementation of which is being worked on by the city council, Ukroboronprom, and the Sumy regional state administration.

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