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141 Zhytomir Armored Transportation Maintenance Plant

141 Zhytomir Armored Transportation Maintenance Plant performs Assault and Infantry Combat Vehicles major overhaul, AD base vehicles, UTD-20-class engines, V-6, assemblies, vehicles units and parts.

The Plant was founded in1943.

Military assistance line:


  • BREM-2 Armored evacuation maintenance vehicles;
  • BMP-1-based medevac vehicles;
  • BMP-1-based "Barrier" patrol vehicles;
  • Armored vehicles assemblies and units, irregular equipment;
  • Training equipment, spare parts kit, parking equipment


  • Infantry Combat Vehicles BP-1, BP-2 (neutron radiation protection, medevac equipment, antimine sweeping devices, rear door handles and antistrike observation devices protection, new communication equipment, BMP-2 turret developing with the control system for 9P135 (AT Guided Missile System) testing).

Major overhaul:

  • Infantry Combat Vehicles BP-1, BP-2, BR-1 and the same class vehicles;
  • Assault Combat Vehicles BD-1, BD-2 and the same class vehicles;
  • Tracked vehicle G-575 (ZSU-23-4), G-568 and G-578 (AAA Complex "Kub"(Cube));
  • Light amphibian P-76-class tanks, APC BR-50-class and the same class vehicles;
  • UD-20, V-6-type engines;
  • Armored vehicles assemblies and accessories.

Civil output:


  • Tractors, timber-hauling apparatus and MTP BMP-based technical equipment vehicles;
  • P-76-based pipe layer;
  • BR-50-based transportation vehicles ;
  • G-575-based bulldozers;
  • R "Polesje-1" topographic vehicles;
  • Stone dressing equipment:
  • Strip power-saw bench;
  • Milling workbench;
  • Bridge grinding workbench;
  • Toggle-lever grinding workbench;
  • clipping workbench;
  • Flax preprocessing workbench;
  • Clay plant equipment;
  • Concrete mixers;
  • Power-driven rakes for farming;
  • Farming vehicles spare parts (ploughshares, combine's deck, carrier' star wheel);
  • KAMAZ-class vehicles reequipment to YAMZ-238-engined power trains.

Military technical facilities:

  • Armored vehicles maintenance personnel training;
  • Armored vehicles servicing personnel support;
  • Technological equipment production.

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