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BTR-70 Ukrainian "Varan"

The prospective armored personnel carrier "Varan" [Monitor, as in the big lizard] is a radical and deep modernization of the BTR-70. A full-size mockup was shown at the exhibition "Arms and Security 2015" in Kiev. The machine is designed by "NPK Tehimpeks", which is engaged in repair and modernization of armored vehicles since 2003. This machine T-72, T-55, BMP-1, BMP-2, BTR-60, BTR-70, BTR-80, BRDM-2, PZM-2M, MT-LB. Only in March 2014, when the conflict broke out in the east, it restored more than 400 units of wheeled and tracked armored vehicles as well as cars.

"Varan" used a rdically modified hull of the BTR-70, which was given floatation capability. Due to the rational layout (front engine, not the back) troop compartment has a 35% greater internal volume. It is important that in the troop compartment at the stern there is a leading folding ramp, which facilitates fighters getting in and out. "Varan" can also be used as a control machine, communications, medical, as well as repair and recovery. In the basic version, the hull provides protection from bullets of 7.62 mm, and the front and aft projection - from 12.7 mm bullets. On request is possible to install ballistic and acoustic protection (BAZ), which protects the crew from armor-piercing incendiary bullets of B-32 7.62 and 12.7 mm, as well as the secondary stream fragments. Furthermore, the acoustic load is reduced inside the body by 2-3 times.

Another option is a complex of active protection (KAZ), which protects against anti-unitary kinetic and tandem shaped-charge weapons. In particular, from the anti-tank grenades - with a probability of 0.9: from the anti-tank guided missiles of all types - with a probability of 0.8; protection of tandem-type grenade RPG-30 and RPG-31. The minimum distance from the weapons to trigger KAZ is 20 meters. Time of the complex reaction to the threat - 0.001 - 0.006 seconds. Detection range and engage targets is 1.2 - 2.5 m.

The "Varan" armored personnel carrier can be equipped with different types of weapons. One of the options is a combat model "Storm". It includes gun 3TM-1 caliber 30 mm, CT-7.62 machine gun, grenade launcher KBA-117 or AH-17 caliber 30 mm and 2 anti-tank systems. Ammunition for the gun is 400 rounds; for the grenade launcher 145 grenades; for the gun - 2000 rounds; and anti-tank systems of 4 rockets. The weight of the combat unit is 2500 kg.

The second option is the combat model "Sail". It includes a 2-3TM gun caliber 30 mm machine gun 7.62 CT. grenade launcher KBA-117 or AH-17 30 mm caliber and two anti-tank systems. Ammunition is the same as that of the "Sturm". The main difference between "Sail" - reduced to 1950 kg weight.

The BTR-70 used two carburetor engine capacity of 115 liters, while the Waran uses a Deutz diesel engine capacity of 320 liters. The motor is no longer in the back and the front. The machine is equipped with the Allison automatic transmission, the new transfer case, two water jets with hydraulic drive. Thanks to the new engine and transmission BTR maximum speed increased to 30 kilometers per hour. A power reserve has increased almost twice. True, it is unknown whether it was possible to achieve this result only due to efficient engine, or the manufacturer has increased the fuel tanks.

Dimensions "Varan" remained virtually the same as that of the BTR-70. Its length - 7500 mm (BTR-70 - 7535 mm), width - 2800 mm (2800), Height - 2650 (2320) mm. Track - 2410 (same) mm, base - 4400 (same). Ground clearance - 475 mm (same).

"Varan" looks good, not only against the background of its progenitor, but also in comparison with the modern Russian BTR-82, which is in service with the Russian army, which even managed see service in Syria. The BTR-82 is also a modernized version of the Soviet technology. It was built on the basis of the BTR-80. Externally, the car is not very different from the Soviet version. It is a modern diesel engine KamAZ and combat model with remote control. The BTR-82 has a specific power of 18.7 hp/tonne, while the Varan has 25.6 hp/tonne.

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