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UJ-32 Lastivka

UJ-32 LASTIVKA manufactured by LLC NPP Ukrjet is a loitering munition that is able to fly at any time of day and season in visual and adverse weather conditions in electronic countermeasures situation (with tacking into account the technique of operation). UJ-32 LASTIVKA loitering munition is designed for immobile ground and waterborne targets strike.

A Swallow (lastivka) is a small, long-winged bird with a deeply forked tail, belonging to the family Hirudinidae. In Ukraine swallows are migratory birds with a strong homing instinct. Owing to their close contact with humans, swallows figure prominently in Ukrainian folklore, folk songs, and poetry, as symbols of beauty and family unity. Their graceful flight pattern (in search of insects) was used to predict coming rains. Swallows are beneficial birds since they protect crops and forests by destroying flying insects.

Cruise speed, km/h120
Maximum speed, km/h180
Minimum speed, km/h60
Operating temperature, C- 20+ 50
WarheadAmmunition from RPG -7
Flight in manual modeYes
Flight in communications silence autonomous modeYes
Operating meteorological conditionsVisual and adverse weather
Maximum autonomous flight distance, km40
Minimum flight altitude, m2
Maximum flight altitude, m2000
Maximum flight time, minutes20
average set up time, minutesUp to 10
average clotting time, minutes4
Takeoff typeFrom launching unit, in auto mode
External crew, persons2

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