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UJ-31 Zlyva

UJ-31 ZLYVA manufactured by LLC NPP Ukrjet is a loitering munition that is able to fly at any time of day and season in visual and adverse weather conditions in electronic countermeasures situation (with tacking into account the technique of operation). UJ-31 ZLYVA loitering munition is designed for immobile ground and waterborne targets strike.

The barrage ammunition "Shower" from the company UKRJET was shown at "Weapons and Security - 2021". UJ-31 Kamikaze air-based kamikaze UAV uses the UJ-22 Airborne UAV as a carrier aircraft. Technically, the product is a loitering ammunition, the carrier aircraft of which is the UJ-22 Airborne UAV.

According to the specified performance characteristics, the UAV of the basic modification (UJ-31) can cover a distance of 150-200 km from the take-off point. The device is capable of autonomously, according to a given program, launching the Rain barrage munition, as well as being a repeater aircraft to ensure stable communication between the kamikaze UAV and the ground control station until the target is hit.

As combat equipment, for the UAV, the Ukrainian army uses cumulative, thermobaric or other ammunition, which undergo the process of technical adaptation of the trigger mechanism. "Downpour" has successfully completed internal tests and is offered to Ukrainian and foreign law enforcement agencies.

Zliva (from Ukrainian noun - very heavy rain., downpour, cloudburst, hailstorm) Fighters seemed to compete with each other, .. watering the enemy with a shower of bullets (Tkach, Sailors, 1948, 32). Also meaning anger, or evil. As an adjective, On the left side; the opposite is true . On the right side a stream of bloody poppies ran down with us, and on the left, at every winding path, the sea smiled (Mikhail Kotsyubynsky, II, 1955, 290) ; Far to the left, light white smoke rose on the horizon (Oles Honchar, III, 1959, 435).

Cruise speed, km/h120
Maximum speed, km/h180
Minimum speed, km/h60
Operating temperature, C- 20+ 50
WarheadAmmunition from RPG -7
Flight in manual modeYes
Flight in communications silence autonomous modeYes
Operating meteorological conditionsVisual and adverse weather
Operation in manual mode distance, kmUp to 20 from launching UAV
Maximum autonomous flight distance, km60 from launching UAV
average set up time, minutesUp to 10
average clotting time, minutes4
Takeoff typeFrom launching UAV, in auto mode
External crew, persons1

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