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PJSC Topaz

PJSC TopazState enterprise Topaz (Donetsk) was a multi-profile enterprise that carried out the development and production of modern systems for radio intelligence and electronic warfare. State joint-stock holding company “Topaz” – was a diversified company engaged in development and production of complex radio systems, special purpose, and radio-electronic products widely used.

The plant “Topaz” was founded in 10 October 1974. Yuri Ryabkin had been in charge of the business since 1982. Now it is a modern enterprise with a closed production cycle. The plant employs 1 500 workers, due to which the plant became the principal in the Ukraine for the production of “Special Design Bureau of wireless devices” was created in 1987.

Computer-aided design, modern computer programs used in the development of microelectronic technology allow to develop advanced systems that are in demand in the world market. The production base of the Company “Topaz” allows to quickly reforming to the release of new technology. The company has a versatile machine tool population, special equipments for the production of complex microwave assemblies, precision mechanisms, antenna-feeder systems. The new products that are in the design phase, focused on the world's most advanced technology, the use of a computer and laser technology.

For the time being the company produced in series the passive sensor "Kolchuga" and the complex built on the basis of it. The "Kolchuga" complex performs the following functions: long-range radio electronic intelligence, AD early warning and air-borne targets tracking. EW equipment is represented by a full scale production complex "Mandat-B1E" providing for suppression of modern communications including those with FH (frequency hopping) technique.

OJSC Topaz (Donetsk) is a part of the State Joint-Stock Holding Company "Topaz" (until April 2014, it was managed by the Ministry of Industrial Policy, restructured by the Ministry of A. Yatsenyuk). The plant produced complexes for radio suppression of lines and control of aviation in the frequency ranges 100-400 MHz and 960-1215 Hz (of the "Liman" type), as well as modern radar stations (such as "Kolchuga"). In the system of disclosure of the State Commission for Smida, Smida does not name its customers, since the only sales channel for it is SE Ukrspetsexport (a marketing enterprise of the state enterprise "Ukroboronprom"). Over 95% of the plant's products are exported.

On September 2014, the parts of illegal armed formations exported to the territory of the Russian Federation a ready-made navigational complex "Mandate", proceeding to complete dismantling of equipment located in the enterprise. Such well-thought-out actions by the beginning of the autumn of 2014 have borne fruit. Since already in September both DNR and LNR suddenly had an echeloned air defense system installed by specialists who had come from the Russian Federation. The basis of which lie "Liman" and radar stations of the "Kolchuga" type.

In April 2010 OJSC Topaz (Donetsk) said its plan to increase exports in 2010 depended on the company's getting a license to perform independent foreign economic activity. "The license [of a special exporter] will allow the company to increase export supplies through reducing the time it takes to settle contract issues and expand the number of foreign customers," a company report stated. Apart from receiving the status of a special exporter in 2010, the company hopeed that "the stabilization of the country's financial and economic state will lead to the renovation of military equipment supplies to provide for Ukraine's security and an increase in the volume of military goods exports abroad."

The first sample of the mobile complex EW "Mandat" – having seven stations – was developed and manufactured by PJSC "Topaz". In 2014, it passed the State tests and was accepted for service, by force of circumstances, manufacturing "Mandat" complex at PJSC "Topaz" in Donetsk for Ukraine became impossible.

Secretary of the National Security and Defense of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov visited the "Radiovymirywatch" State Enterprise of the "Ukroboronprom" concern 24 June 2016, where he conducted the intersectoral meeting on the issues of electronic intelligence and electronic warfare support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. During the meeting, Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine stressed that one of the priority tasks is to resume in a very short time the production on the PJSC "Topaz", evacuated from Donetsk to Zaporizhzhia region, of the modern long-range electronic intelligence complexes "Kolchuga KE" as well as the production on Kiev enterprises of the universal stations of electronic and target environment control of new generation developed by the "Quantum- radiolocation" Research Institute.

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