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TASKO Corporation

TASKO Corporation was formed by enterprises of the Military-Industrial Complex of Ukraine and unites about 25 enterprises, design bureaus and institutes that develop and manufacture explosives , gunpowder , ammunition , artillery and small arms , electronic and optical systems fire control to them.

The main activities of the corporation are the production, repair and recycling of ammunition for artillery and small arms. The corporation has developed technologies and necessary equipment that allows to ensure the full restoration of the characteristics of artillery ammunition during the repair, which will ensure the restoration of technical suitability and guarantee of trouble-free operation. Existing technologies allow the maximum use of recycling products and ensure the environmental safety of the process.

Organization of the development, production and modernization of small arms, ammunition for artillery and small arms, aviation and naval weapons, as well as their elements at the corporation's founding enterprises and at its own production sites. Disposal of ammunition, production of civilian and special purpose products from products obtained during disposal.

Development of means of information protection. The cryptographic device UKS-001 for the protection of confidential negotiations of mobile communications of the GSM 900/1800 standard has been developed, certified and introduced to the market of Ukraine. A cryptographic system for the protection of confidential information has been created for other communication standards, namely: CDMA-2000, trunking communication of the MRT-1327 standard , landline TP-telephony, and security modules are being developed to protect bank information transmitted over telecommunication networks public use.

In order to ensure the implementation of the provisions of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of Ukraine and the Government of the United States of America dated November 10, 2008, concluded to resolve the problematic situation with OPIC ( US Overseas Private Investment Corporation ), the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine instructed the Ministry of Defense to transfer in 2009-2010 of TASKO Corporation, unusable and surplus ammunition to be disposed of.

The corporation specializes in the production, repair, modernization and disposal of ammunition for artillery and small arms, as well as the development and production of non-standard equipment for the production of ammunition, their elements and for the disposal of ammunition.

In October 2017, the president of the corporation announced the intention to start serial production of ammunition for small-arms and artillery weapons. To begin with, the corporation plans to organize the production of Soviet 7.62-mm cartridges of the 1943 model (57-?-231, 7.6239 mm), for this purpose the company purchased the necessary equipment.

TASKO was going to make sporting cartridges, but they will be with a brass case and a brass jacketed bullet, which ensures the durability of the barrel like the best western samples. Military cartridges differ only in the core - heated or unheated, armor-piercing incendiary or ordinary. But the equipment for the production and assembly of bullets is the same. If desired, we can replace the lead core with any heat-strengthened core and solve the problem of the military department.

The plans also include the production of cartridges of various calibers, both Soviet and NATO models. In addition, the production of projectiles and shots is provided. To begin with, ammunition of calibers up to 100 mm, and later also of larger calibers.

Corporation "TASKO", which had its own design and technology bureau and a well-coordinated team of specialists in the number of up to 300 people, set itself the task of organizing the production of the most massive cartridge of caliber 7.62 39 mm. For this purpose, although not new, but decent equipment has already been purchased for the production of cartridges and bullets. An installation for assembling cartridges was also purchased.

The corporation has three production plants in three regions of Ukraine with a total area of more than 45 hectares. The area of industrial buildings and structures is more than 25 thousand m2. Recently, buildings with an area of more than 1000 m2 have been built for the production and assembly of ammunition, a control and testing station for testing ammunition up to 30 mm caliber with a length of 100 m.

The company has the finished production and almost finished serial production of 100 mm ammunition for the 2A90 gun. The technology was developed and the production of 23, 30 and 100 mm caliber sleeves was started. Preparations for production have been completed and research batches of 23mm, 30mm, 30mm VOG-17 products are being prepared, 10 mm shots for MT-12, 122 mm shots for D-30, 152 mm shots for D-20 2A36 "Geocin" are being prepared. Production of ammunition for the RPG-7V grenade launcher is being prepared.

The 152mm round is designed for D-20 gun-howitzer and the ML-20 howitzer-gun for destroying the manpower in the open or in field-tipe shelters, for destroying fieldworks, for making passages through minefields and defense wirings; for fighting the artillery and for destroying light-armoured targets. The complete set includes full and reduced multisectional charges. A blank round modification is produced for sound imitation of the firing in military training.

The corporation has developed high-performance ammunition recycling technologies that ensure compliance with all environmental regulations and allow you to save components and materials as raw materials for further processing.

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