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Tireks / T-Rex MBT

In January 2017 it was reported that Ukrainian company Arey Engineering Group developed a new main battle tank design codenamed T-Rex (Ukrainian: Tireks), which is to be produced domestically. The "new" Ukrainian tank will be produced on the basis of the old Soviet T-64 and T-72. According to unofficial data, the "dinosaur" will equip an armored capsule for three people, as well as a 125-mm cannon with a remotely controlled automatic loading mechanism.

Russian experts doubt that Ukraine will be able to promptly establish the production of a new model of the tank. But even if the country cope with this task, the novelty is unlikely to compete with the Russian "Armata".

It met all technical requirements of the countrys defense ministry and was planned to enter service within a year. The manufacturers are convinced this new design will rival T-14 Armata, Russias next-generation tank. It is stated that "Resistant to the cumulative ammunition "Tireks"", "Will be equipped with an armored capsule with seating for three crew members and a desert tower". The tank is supposed to arm the "125-mm gun with a remotely controlled automatic loading mechanism and machine guns". The machine will be equipped with dynamic protection "Knife" and "Duplet".

Thus to produce a tank of the "New generation" is planned from old soviet vehicles, the t-64 and T-72. Earlier, the chief editor of the Ukrainian magazine Defense Express Serhiy Zgurets said that the first sample of the tank "T rex" will be released before the end of 2016. As mentioned in the message the creators of the tank, "The new machine is comparable with the most modern military armored machines, including the widely advertised "Armata"". We will remind, in november, ukrainian media reported that the creation of the prototype "T rex's" frustrated "Because of raider capture of the Kiev factory "Atek", staffed by the creators of the machine "Engineering group "Arey"" (formerly "Engineering group "Azov"").

The tank has a conceptually new system of fire control and a high level of personnel protection. Its many features include high maneuverability, 360-degree vision, and a high-bandwidth counteraction analytics system. The design has the full range of solutions needed today for this level of technology, Areys chief designer Sergei Stepanov said.

The tank has an unmanned turret, tracked armored body and chassis. The crew of three is seated in an armored capsule in the front of the hull, similar to Armata. From there, they control the tank and manage the cannon and machine-gun fire from the turret, which becomes a weapons module. Just as Armata, the tank is armed with a 125-millimeter cannon with remotely-controlled automatic loader and machine guns. The technology is designed for simultaneous near-distance anti-infantry and far-distance anti-tank fights in day or night conditions.

According to the tanks designers, its combat characteristics exceed those of the two other advanced Ukrainian tanks: Oplot and Bulat. T-Rex will reuse hulls from the fleet of thousands of T-64 and T-72 tanks Ukraine inherited from the Soviet Union. This design is transitional. It allows us to re-use Ukraines existing fleet of tanks and to obtain a new level of technology in a short time and with minimal cost. It will not be below world standards, said the expert.

LLC "Engineering Group" Aray "produces defense products - caterpillar and wheeled armored machines for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. At the disposal of the enterprise is the property of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, which did not prevent the unknowns from entering the plant territory and taking out part of the equipment and even fighting vehicles in an undefined direction. As it became known from the representatives of the "Charity Fund of Educational Innovations" and the "Engineering Group of Aray", as a result of the criminal actions of the unknown, works on the production of new models of military equipment were thwarted.

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