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In 2017, the media reported the intention of Waterbury-Farrell together with Stiletto Systems Ltd. enter the Ukrainian market and participate in a tender for the construction of an enterprise for the manufacture of ammunition. British Stiletto Systems Ltd. in alliance with the Canadian MAGNUM and its subsidiary Waterbury Farrel, were considering the possibility of participating in a possible tender by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade (MEDT) to create a new production of small arms and artillery ammunition in Ukraine.

Roman Karpenko, head of Stiletto-Ukraine, told Interfax-Ukraine 08 April 2017 that the British-Canadian alliance has practical experience in designing and building modern ammunition production facilities in a number of countries and is ready to ensure the construction of a new ammunition plant in Ukraine.

"Stiletto Systems Ltd., in alliance with the Canadian MAGNUM and its division Waterbury Farrel, are interested in participating in a possible tender by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade and are ready to offer a wide range of small and artillery ammunition for the competition, taking into account the request of the Ministry of Defense and the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine," the agency's interlocutor said, noting : the alliance's proposals for cooperation in the project were submitted in July for review to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

"To date, neither London nor Ottawa has received a response from Kyiv to our letter dated July 17, 2017, addressed to the Cabinet of Ministers," R. Karpenko specified, noting: "At the same time, the fact that that the document sent to the Chancellery of the Cabinet of Ministers appeared on the Internet two days later: thus, someone gave rise to unfounded discussions of our appeal.”

Referring to the issue of the estimated cost of the project at the request of the agency, taking into account the plans for its initial financing announced by the Ukrainian side, R. Karpenko specified: "The price of the plant can be calculated on the basis of the customer's terms of reference, indicating the required calibers of ammunition and the estimated annual production capacity, not including design and construction -assembly robot".

“Based on our experience, according to our estimates, to meet the needs of the Ukrainian army in the current conditions, a plant with a capacity of up to 100 million rounds of ammunition per year is needed. five production lines of different calibers with a subsequent increase in the number of lines to ten," said the director of Stiletto-Ukraine. In this regard, he emphasized: “Given that the average cost of our fully automated ammunition production line is about $25 million, it is obvious that for the full start of the plant’s operation, the Ukrainian side will allocate UAH 1.4 billion for this purpose in 2017, or about $53 million. , according to the plans made public by the head of state, is clearly not enough."

Clarifying, at the request of the agency, the British-Canadian alliance's vision of an optimal scheme for financing an expensive project, R. Karpenko said: "Given the difficult financial situation in Ukraine, we consider it possible for private companies to cooperate with the Ministry of Defense, where the main customer for military ammunition is the ministry itself."

Assessing the possible timing of putting the new plant into operation, the agency's interlocutor specified: "The construction time will depend on the capacity of the plant, at least 24 months."

"The presence of a clear task for the design of the plant, the availability of funding, the choice of a worthy contractor for the construction of the plant, the minimization of bureaucratic customs administrative procedures, and, if possible, assigning the status of a project of special importance to the project, will be of decisive importance," said the director of "Stiletto-Ukraine" , emphasizing: "Subject to a relevant request from the first persons of the state, our team is ready to begin this task on the territory of Ukraine as soon as possible."

British Stiletto Systems Ltd. specializes in the development of ammunition and small arms. The results of tests of Stiletto armor-piercing ammunition conducted in 2016 by the Ukrainian military confirm the superiority of their characteristics over the American and European samples presented on the market: 5.45 mm caliber bullets are capable of hitting armored vests of the 6th protection class, as well as light enemy armored vehicles. The supply of documentation for the production of Stiletto ammunition is included in a single package of documents for the construction of a cartridge plant for a foreign customer.

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