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Shepetivka Armament Repair Plan #369

Shepetivka Armament Repair Plant #369 - is the state-run enterprise of MOD of Ukraine, which focuses on Missile-artillery armament and military equipment overhaul.

The plant was founded in 1941.

Military assistance line:


  • 5Y23, 20D, 5V27-class rockets;
  • rubber- and tarpaulin-made items (tents, covers, bags and others) for RAO under the repair nomenclature;
  • RAO 2S1, 2S3, B-21, 9P140 models.


  • 578, 5D91 automatic control systems;
  • 5N84 radar station.


  • Missile systems R and R (launching system 9P113);
  • AAA systems (launching system 2P24);
  • Auxiliary AAA complex (general carrier 2Z, 9222 transportation vehicle, 9227, 9229, topographical controller 9452, special purpose neutralizing vehicle 8311, mobile compressor UKS-400);
  • Radar equipment (radar height-indicator 1RL119, 1RL130 and their modifications, portable ground surveillance station 1RL126, 1RL133);
  • Troops command means (staff vehicles 1V13, 1V14, 1V15, 1V16, 1V18, 1V19, 1V110, 1V111);
  • Artillery armament (volley fire systems (RSZV) - B-21, 9P140; 2S1 "Gvozdika"(Carnation) 2S3 "Acacia", 2S5 "Hyacinth" SP artillery Gun (SAU), and their modifications);
  • Towed artillery (76 Division Gun D-44, 100 AT Gun -12, 100 AT Gun -12, 122 Howitzer D-30, 130 Gun -46, 152 Gun, 152 Howitzer-gun D-20);
  • Military equipment (binoculars B6, B8, BI8, B12, B15; sight 1P-3, P-44, P-4, PG-17, PG-7V, PS-1, PG-1, PG-2, PG-4, P-1-type; visors VP, VP-7-type; directors PB-2 and their modifications; gun collimating -1; theodolites -3 and their modifications; range-finders DS-1, DS-09; height sight PN-5-40, PN-6-40, NSP-2, NSP-3, NSP-4, PGN-1, PPN-3, 1PN222, BP-1-42, BP-2-42; quantum equipment 1D5, 1D8, 1D11; artillery gyrocompasses 1G5, 1G17, 1G19, 1G25; tank stabilizing equipment SP-1, 215, 2282, 228(), 242; topographical controllers GZ-66, UZ-452; mobile reconnaissance complex PRP-3);
  • Power supply units D-30-/230-400-class.

Military-technical facilities:

  • Military equipment and armament technical conditions estimations;
  • Practical assistance for military equipment maintenance at bases and fields;
  • Technical personnel training.

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