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PJSC Kiev factory Radar

PJSC Kiev factory RadarPJSC Kiev factory Radar is one of the leading enterprises in Ukraine, specializing in the production of modern radio-electronic and radar equipment for airplanes and helicopters. The high reputation of Radar is the result of many years of successful work by the team and the reliability of its products.

Joint Stock Company “Kiev Radar Plant” is specialized in manufacture of modern radar and radio-navigation and other electronic equipment particularly for airplanes and helicopters. It provides all stages of radar manufacturing including the full production cycle of the printed circuit boards from the foilclad dielectrics as multilayer printed circuit boards of the 5th class of difficulty for new generation radio-electronic equipment [28]. In particular, here is manufacture of the family of airborne weather radars developed at the Kiev Research Institute “Buran” who among other radar production has also developed and produced (by the order) the original aircraft collision avoidance system TCAS-2.

The plant was established in 1930 and became one of the first aircraft instrument manufacturing plants in Ukraine. The plant is known as the manufacturer of the first in the USSR PSBN aircraft radars, homing radars for air-to-air missiles, as well as complex and particularly complex radar systems for aircraft and helicopters manufactured by aviation enterprises of Kharkov, Kiev, Kazan, Ulyanovsk, Novosibirsk , Tashkent, Kumertau and other cities.

Currently, the plant produces and repairs the Buran-A meteorological navigation radar (for the AN-140, AN-148, AN-74TK-300, BE-200, IL-114 aircraft), the Kurs-93M airborne navigation and landing equipment "(For AN-140, MIG-29, MI-8), MNRLS-85," Thunderstorm "," Buran "(for TU, AN, IL various types of aircraft), homing heads 9B 1101K (for R27R1" air- air ”), sighting and navigation systems PNS-24M (for SU-24), Octopus (for KA-27, KA-28), state recognition systems 6231R (for SU-27, MIG-29).

The plant has developed, certified and produced medical electric drills and saws, plates for minimally invasive osteosynthesis, original Polyphonator hearing aids, etc. The plant produces household gas heating boilers and safety automatics for them, as well as industrial main regulators RDG-50, RDG-80. The plant has launched serial production of household electric stoves with a glass-ceramic working surface and a number of components for automobiles (level and pressure sensors for liquids, steering column switches, etc.) are manufactured.

The plant has highly qualified specialists, as well as a full production and technological cycle, which includes:

  • manufacturing, including tuning and control, of waveguide devices, microwave antennas (including slotted, phased arrays, etc.), highly stable microwave resonators and generators;
  • galvanic coating with shiny nickel and chrome on parts and products of various designs from ABS plastic;
  • precision casting of non-ferrous metals, extrusion and molding of plastic and rubber products, stamping from sheet materials, all types of mechanical processing of materials, electroerosive processing of metals, precision chemical milling, gas-electric welding, hydrogen brazing;
  • assembly and electrical work, adjustment, climatic and vibration tests of electronic equipment and instruments;
  • manufacture and design of technological equipment and tools.

Of particular note is the presence at the enterprise of a full cycle of manufacturing printed circuit boards from foil dielectrics, both double-sided and multilayer printed circuit boards of 3-5 complexity classes for new-generation electronic equipment.

The plant invites developers, potential investors and other organizations to collaborate in the creation of joint ventures for the introduction into production and serial production of complex high-tech instrumentation products for aviation and other industries, industrial and household goods. The plant has production facilities that allow fulfilling orders of third-party organizations (mechanical, tool, assembly and assembly production, manufacturing of printed circuit boards).

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