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Novator State Enterprise

17 Ternopilska Str.
UA-29016 Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine
tel./fax: +38 0382 67 40 70
e-mail: office@novator-tm.com

Novator State Enterprise is an original manufacturer of the N019 airborne fire-control radar complex (FCRC) of the MiG-29 airplane and the N001 of the Su-27, Su-30MK aiplanes.

Novator State Enterprise manufactures: aircraft transponders for all airplanes (SO-69, SO-72M, A-511, SO-70) and carries out their upgrade; and VEYER-M short-range navigation and landing system. As to the N019, N001 radars, the enterprise carries out an upgrade of the N019-09 units by installing low-noise amplifiers in the M55104 modules instead of the parametric amplifiers with the purpose to increase the radar reliability. This upgrade increases the N019-09 unit reliability ten times. The technology of repair of the M45210 (M45212), M45211-1 (M45213-1), M55112 (M55104-1), U52157 (U52151-1), U52172 (U52155) microwave modules, LNA (low-noise amplifier) has been developed. The cost of the overhaul of units, modules and assemblies does not exceed 20 % of their price.

One of the first samples of products mastered by the plant in the late 60s - early 70s was the units for the airborne sighting systems of the MIG-21 fighters. At the same time, the enterprise launched mass production of flat micromodules, which at that time played a large role as an element base for strategic rocket science, aviation and astronautics, allowing time to be gained before the electronic industry mastered solid-state technologies. This technology has been constantly improved, acquiring modern features in the form of the production of thin and thick film hybrid microcircuits, and then modern microassemblies.

In the mid-70s, the plant mastered the serial production of aircraft transponders and service equipment for their maintenance, which over time became one of the constant types of serial products of the enterprise (the plant has been the sole manufacturer of these products for many years) and are still an important component production. The entire modern fleet of military and civil aviation in the CIS is equipped with aircraft transponders manufactured by Novator. They also mastered the “VEER” short-range navigation and landing system and the “Square” landing system on the decks of aircraft-carrying ships.

Throughout the entire activity of the plant, as an integral part of the military-industrial complex of the USSR, its base was used as an experimental base for testing the latest types of radio-electronic and radar equipment. Some products were made in single copies or in small batches. This made it necessary, and at the same time, made it possible for the plant to invite or train highly qualified specialists capable of quickly mastering the production of new types of the most modern products.

The company took part in the creation of the Bumblebee early warning system - the Soviet analogue of the American AWACS system - and mastered the production of some of its most important components, in particular, information display and input racks, receiver and calculator units.

The plant mastered and produced on-board side-scan radars “Saber” and “Shompol”, and “Shpil” laser reconnaissance systems. Preparations were made for serial production of the main units and components of the radar mobile ground-based air defense system, medium-range “BUK-M2”, designed to detect, track and destroy aerodynamic and ballistic targets, including at low altitudes.

The decisive step in the development of the enterprise was the development of the onboard RLPK (radar sighting system) NO19 of the MIG-29 fighter, the main units of the RLPK of the SU-27 fighter, as well as service equipment for their maintenance. SE “Novator” is the only manufacturer of these products in Ukraine. To ensure its mass production, the infrastructure of the production base for powerful microwave equipment with screen cameras, climate test cameras, and a metrological support system was created. Specialists of the enterprise developed and introduced into production a system of automated control of the parameters of the product HO19 and its main units. Maintenance and repair panels have been developed and mass-produced for checking parameters and current repair of products and units at consumers.

The maintained relations with the enterprises - developers of these systems allow the plant to take part in the modernization of these products, in particular to produce units and blocks for the products "Spear", "Topaz", "Sapphire", "Beetle" and others (in the future - serial production of these products), which are modernized radars for fighters MIG-21, MIG-23, MIG-29, SU-27. A whole range of components and assemblies is being produced, including microassemblies, waveguides, winding units. Service equipment is also produced, which is part of stationary and mobile complexes for servicing these systems.

Novator State Enterprise accomplishes:

  • delivery and repair of the N019, N001 radars, separate units, assemblies, modules;
  • delivery of equipment to furnish the repair base: PS7-061, PS7-055 devices, ERP7-036 tester (repair of the N001-22 unit), ERP7-036AR/ERP7-036AT testers (repair of the N019-02 unit), ERP7-037 tester (repair of the N019-09 unit);
  • delivery of the M45210, M45211 transmitting modules, U52155 frequency synthesizers, M55104MI microwave receiving modules;
  • delivery of the Buran-A weather radars and BR457 multifunctional indicators (MFI);
  • delivery of the SPS-2000 (TCAS II) collision avoidance systems together with the BR210 S mode remote transponder. GARANT-M PRODUCT — control radio link suppression system:
  • Multi-channel radio stations UKX.

In 2011, the Novator State Enterprise is part of the State Concern Ukroboronprom. The state-owned enterprise Novator takes care of the welfare, level of culture, and social protection of its employees. There is a spacious dining room with several hundred seats, and a sports complex.

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