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Mechanical Experimental Plant # 45

Mechanical Experimental Plant # 45 is the state-run enterprise with complete production cycle. It implements a wide range of research and experimental activities and at the same time it is the leading plant in transportation vehicles, refueling, swapping and storing rocket propellant.

The plant was established in 1943.

Personnel - 1160.

Military assistance line:


  • PLG-2, PLG-3 transportable fuel laboratories;
  • Manual and remote control fuel pumps "Podillja", 50 l/min with class 0,25 efficiency;
  • Fuel pump KR-40, 40 l/min efficiency;
  • 10 l, 20 l, 50 l counters;
  • NU-50 motor pumping devices for acid liquids, MNURG-75, lubricants MNUM-14, light oil MNUG-20M swapping;
  • Army vacuum bottles 12 and 36 l (stainless steel);
  • Lubricant storage reservoirs 4, 6, 10, 20, 25, 50 cubic meters;
  • Distribution cranes.

Major overhaul:

  • Tank cars (trailers) with different capacities;


  • Electrical power pumps.

Civil output:

  • Mounting on the customer's running gear equipment for mineral oil, spirits, milk and water transportation;
  • 8/18, 20/30 pumping devices and units, peripheral pumps VS-80, vacuum pumps for milking machines;
  • 85, 100 and 200 l barrels, garden pruners, 14 programs woodworking machine, pails, etc. Production.

Military Technical Facilities:

  • Technological activities provide up-to-day technological level production;
  • Permanent new production types development and mastering.

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