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17 Lviv Mechanical Maintenance Plant

17 Lviv Mechanical Maintenance Plant performs tanks, tank carriers, engineer vehicles major overhaul, produces national economy goods. From the very its foundation the plant renovated and modernized 29 tank types and SP Artillery Complexes, produced 20 types of tank-based armored tracked vehicles for special purpose.

The Plant was founded in 1944.

Military assistance line:


  • Carriers BS-4, BS-4V, BS-4D, BS-5 (with 1,5 crane), BS-5B (with 12 crane);
  • BR-1, BR-2 mine clearing vehicle;
  • Armored evacuation maintenance -55-based BR-3 (with 12 crane) vehicles;
  • Equipment for tank maintenance shops R-U, R-U-1;
  • Spare parts and accessories for tanks -55 and -72, BR-1 and BS-5 modernization  and engineer vehicles;
  • Trainers and equipment for tanks -55 and -72 power-generating sets (except engines) testing;
  • Training facilities, spare parts and accessories, parking equipment.


  • -54 tank to -54B, -54 with -55 tank technical characteristics;
  • -55 tank -55, -55V tanks (armor capability improvement, running gear, "Volna"(Wave) fire control system, antiradiation and antimine protection improvement, "Contact", "Tucha"(Cloud) systems, V-55U r V-46-5 engines, new communication facilities);
  • -72 tanks (armor capability improvement, running gear, new communication facilities, antiradiation and antimine protection improvement, "Contact", "Tucha"(Cloud) systems, V-84 engine).

Major overhaul:

  • -72, -72, -72B, -62, -55, -55, -55V, -54, -54B, -54;
  • U-20 bridge layers;
  • R-1, R-2 engineer obstruction vehicle;
  • R-70, R-75 mobile tank maintenance shops reequipped with the hull and tool kits to R-U, R-U-1-typed.

Civil output:


  • GP-54, GP-54 fire tracked vehicles;
  • GU-1, GU-1-05 carriers (for rail transport wrecking actions);
  • GS-16 (16 crane for oil-producers and power engineering specialists);
  • LRZ-460 tractors (for farming);
  • LRZ-580 bulldozers (for coal depots operations at thermo electrical power station);
  • LZ-5256 enlarging caring capacity buses, -043 short caring capacity general purpose buses (14 passenger seats), running gear GZ-3302-equipped;
  • A wide range of domestic, amps and chandeliers (more than 20 kinds) and many-tire chandeliers for large space premises.

Military technical facilities:

  • Armor vehicles operation and maintenance personnel training;
  • -72, -55 tanks maintenance personnel support;
  • Trainers production for maintenance and testing -72, -55 tanks units and assemblies.

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