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Luch Design Bureau

Luch Design Bureau, located in Kyiv, Ukraine, is a major Ukrainian developer of components for defense industry.The company is in close co-operation with the Artem holding company, also located in Kyiv. Artem is the main manufacturer of the models developed by the Luch Design Bureau. The company was first established in Ukraine in 1965 and quickly became a leading Soviet developer of automated control systems and diagnostics systems in aviation engineering.

List of products Various types of anti tank guided missiles(ATGM), anti tank weapons Systems, multiple rocket launcher(MLRS), air-launched weapons and naval guided weapons systems. flight control systems, electric steering gear blocks and other components for guided precision weaponry automatic control systems and systems for guided precision weaponry diagnostics modernization of aviation weapons control systems lifetime prolongation and restoration of guided precision weapons telemetric systems for guided ammunition tests optical electronic systems for tank and artillery guns, barrel bending angle measurement and a number of others products, including Neptune anti ship cruise missile Dnipro SAM (joint venture with Ukroboronservice) Skif ATGM RK-3 Corsar ATGM Barrier ATGM Stuhna ATGM Alta helicopter launched ATGM Vilkha MLRS.

Research and development work to create:

  • anti-tank guided missiles;
  • surface-to-air and sea-based missile systems;
  • aviation guided missiles;
  • anti-aircraft guided missiles;
  • mine and torpedo weapons;
  • missile control systems and other guided means of destruction;
  • simulators of anti-tank missile systems;
  • telemetry systems of anti-tank missile systems.

Closed-loop production in cooperation with Ukrainian enterprises:

  • anti-tank guided missiles;
  • anti-tank missile systems;
  • naval guided missile systems;
  • systems of automated control and diagnostics of controlled means of defeat;
  • blocks of electric steering drives for aircraft, anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles and naval torpedoes;
  • simulators of anti-tank missile systems;
  • telemetry systems of anti-tank missile systems.

Modernization, repair and extension of the resource: systems of automated control and diagnostics of controlled means of defeat; aviation, anti-aircraft and anti-tank guided missiles and mine-torpedo armament of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Scientific and technical support and participation in the creation of regulatory and technical documentation at the stages of development, operation, modernization and disposal of controlled means of destruction.

State Enterprise "State Kyiv Design Bureau" Ray "was founded in 1965 as the main developer in the USSR of automated control systems and diagnostics of special aircraft. Over its history, the company has developed and put into production more than 40 types of complex knowledge-intensive products, including automated and automatic control and diagnostic systems for aircraft, electric steering units, other systems and units of high-precision weapons, as well as control and management processes. industry, complex medical equipment and consumer goods. Products developed by the State Enterprise "GosKKB" Luch "are successfully operated both in Ukraine and in many countries around the world.

The main developments of the State Enterprise "Luch" include: 1965 - developed and put into production movable position of preliminary training PPP-3SM (placed on the chassis of the car UAZ) with manual control of air-to-air missiles and movable position of preliminary preparation for the use of PPP-3SAM with automatic missile control system as a basis for the creation of the following automatic control systems for Air Force and Navy missiles.

1965-1969 biennium . - SAK-46 automatic control system for aircraft missile control was created and put into operation. These developments were recognized by the State Commissions as the first automatic control systems in the Soviet Union. 1968-1972 biennium . - developed and put into production complex "Ingul" (placed on the chassis of the car GAZ-66) to prepare for the use and maintenance of 9 types of aircraft missiles.

1968-1977 - developed and put into production automatic control and testing mobile stations: AKIPS-125 for submarine missile control; AKIPS-4U for control of anti-submarine missiles; AKIPS-4U1 for torpedo control.

1969-1977 biennium . - developed and put into production complex "Trubezh" for preparation for use and maintenance of 12 types of aircraft missiles. 1975-1977 - created a registrar of current information RIU for aircraft. 1977-1980 biennium . - developed and put into production complexes "Ingul-A" and "Trubezh-A" using the modular (container) principle of construction of equipment for preparation and control of 26 types of missiles and corrected aircraft bombs ("Ingul-A"), 18 types of missiles ( "Trumpet-A").

1978-1989 - automatic control and test mobile stations AKIPS-1 and AKIPS-3.2 for control of aviation anti-submarine missiles were developed and put into production. All these stations were adopted by the Armed Forces of the Soviet Union and a number of foreign countries. 1981-1983 - instead of the Ingul and Trubezh complexes in operation, the Gurt multifunctional aggregate complex was developed and put into production, which provides training for more than 40 types of missiles and their various modifications. In addition to the development of new models, the State Enterprise "Luch" is actively engaged in the modernization and extension of the resource of existing equipment. According to the joint decisions of the Ministries of Ukraine, the State Enterprise Luch was appointed the Main Enterprise of Ukraine to coordinate the work on extending these resources and service life of aircraft, anti-aircraft missiles, mine and torpedo weapons, Ingul and Gurt complexes, as well as AKIPS stations.

Since 1979 r . State Enterprise "Luch" develops and manufactures units of tracking electric steering drives for control systems of aircraft, anti-aircraft missiles and torpedoes. More than ten steering compartments with electric drives have been developed for products of different classes, which are not inferior to the best world analogues in terms of their characteristics.

For example, in 1986a unit of tracking electric rudder drives for an air-to-air missile rudder of the R-77 class was created. On the basis of compact collectorless electric motors created in Ukraine over the past decade, a number of small-sized units of tracking electric steering drives for guided tank missiles have been developed and manufactured by the State Enterprise Luch. The drives are part of digital control systems developed and manufactured by the State Enterprise "GosKKB Luch", which provide accurate guidance of shells and missiles. They provide high accuracy in terms of accuracy, have increased noise immunity and withstand overloads that occur when firing from guns.

Since 2002, the State Enterprise “GosKKB Luch” has been supplying (instead of the Gurt complex) the Gurt-M complex, which provides:

  • control and preparation for the use of more than 50 different modifications of aircraft missiles and corrected aircraft bombs;
  • initial control of missiles at manufacturers;
  • diagnosing faults during missile repair;
  • forecasting the technical condition of missiles when extending their service life.

Today, the State Enterprise "Luch" is the main enterprise for the development of fundamentally new for Ukraine special military equipment. The complex program on creation of the named equipment developed by SEKKhB of Luch which provides participation of more than 30 enterprises of Ukraine is approved. Products developed under this program are included in the category of priorities.

Among the products are the following:

  • anti-tank missile system "Barrier", which is installed on the turret of a combat vehicle type armored personnel carrier (APC), and its helicopter version "Barrier-B";
  • portable anti-tank missile system "Scythian";
  • shots with anti-tank guided missiles "Stugna" and "Kombat", designed for firing from MT-12 guns or tanks of various modifications;
  • unguided and adjusted aircraft missiles for armament of various types of aircraft and helicopters.

Along with the creation of new models of military equipment, using the accumulated experience and advanced technologies, the State Enterprise "Luch" developed a number of medical devices, household appliances and devices, more than 20 types of consumer goods. Specialists of the State Enterprise "Luch" defended 2 doctoral and 26 candidate dissertations, published more than 1000 scientific articles, received more than 300 copyright certificates and patents for inventions. For the achieved successes in creation of new samples of equipment more than 100 workers of the enterprise are awarded orders, medals, other honorary awards. Several of the developments of the State Enterprise "Luch" were awarded the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and technology.

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