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Kramatorsk Plant of Heavy Machine Building PrJSC KZTS

84306, Ukraine, Donetsk region,
Kramatorsk, str. Oleksy Tyhoho, 6

In the process of relocation by June 2022, the Kramatorsk Heavy Machine Tool Plant (KZTS) was moved from Kramatorsk to Perechyn in Transcarpathia. The issue of changing the location of the company is included in the agenda of the remote general meeting of shareholders, scheduled for 17 June 2022 (voting end date). Zavod produces a wide range of machine tools, in particular, wheel-turning and wheel-milling, face-turning, deep-boring machines, machines for processing large-diameter pipes, automatic lines for processing wagon axles. Products are supplied to enterprises in Ukraine, the CIS, Western Europe, and Asia. Among the main customers in Ukraine is the manufacturer of wind power plants "Furlander Wind Technology" (produced products at the KZTS site).

KZTS produces a wide range of machine tools, in particular, wheel-turning and wheel-milling, face-turning, deep-boring machines, machines for processing large-diameter pipes, automatic lines for processing wagon axles. As reported with reference to the press service of the Lviv Regional State Administration, "Wind Parks of Ukraine" LLC, which is part of the "KZTS" group, is relocating capacities to the territory of the Lviv region.

Many were sure, especially in Russia, that it is not possible to manufacture major caliber artillery barrels in Ukraine. First, the country had no experience, and secondly, there are only about ten countries in the world that have the appropriate technologies and no one will share them. Nevertheless, contrary to estimates and statements, domestic enterprises, including "Starokramatorsk Machine-Building Plant" and "Kramatorsk Plant of Heavy Machine Building", still managed to master the production of 155 mm barrels.

Kramatorsk plant of heavy machine tool construction is an enterprise in the machine tool industry, founded in 1937. In 1940, 1,600 people worked at the sub-project. During the Great Patriotic War, it was evacuated to Novosibirsk (RF). The production of machine tools in Kramatorsk was resumed in September 1945, when the number of employees was 527. In 1952 for the creation of specialties. machines of the 1827C and 3415 models, the group of designers was awarded the Stalin Prize. In 1954 the plant produced a unique machine model 2959 for drilling deep holes with a diameter of up to 1300 mm and a length of 95 m. On March 30, 1966 in support of awards, the factory received the Order of the Labor Red Banner.

In 1970, 235 heavy machine tools of various models were produced, and the production of heavy lathes began. machines with numerical programs. control (1?685.01?2) and two-position. system In 1973, for the production of heavy machines of new types (1?660, 1?665, 1?670, 1?675, 1?680), the collective of the construction industry received the Govt. USSR prize. In 1980, the production of a series of machines for the production of fiberglass parts (16122F2) was established. In 1984, a unique heavy lathe machine tool (KZh16142F1) for plasma-mech. processing of high-strength parts. of steel In 1994, the production of 1D655F3 machines began, in 1998 KZh16234F3 (for machining crankshafts), in 2000 KZh16264F2 (exported to the USA to General Motors), in 2004 KZh9A350F (the largest centerless lathe).

In 2006, large-size production was mastered. and metallocyst. coke chemical equipment. industry 2008 produced 25 machines, a wheel lathe machine with numerical programs. control of the 1836?.10?3 model was awarded a diploma at the All-Ukrainian. competition "100 best goods of Ukraine". Nowadays, among the products - heavy and universal. metallurgy machine tools, automatic machine line Advanced models of heavy lathes, high precision machines, equipped with numerical program control, allow processing parts weighing up to 250 tons and diameter up to 6 m.

Until 2015, the interests of the Russian energy monopoly Rosatom in Kramatorsk were represented, in addition to EMSS, by a heavy engineering plant. For a long time, the head of the supervisory board of the KZTS was an offshore registered in the Caribbean UMZ TRADE HOUSE INC. It is directly included in the structure of enterprises subordinate to Rosatom.

The main shareholder is another offshore company registered in Cyprus, KZTS HOLDINGS LIMITED. The firm controls 97.7% of KZTS shares and until April 2015 was a member of the supervisory board of the plant. An interesting fact is that the director of the offshore is a certain Gianna Alexandrou, in whose name more than 20 companies are registered in Cyprus. In 2015, KZTS underwent changes in the management structure. The duties of the two above-mentioned offshore companies were terminated ahead of schedule, but new names appeared on the supervisory board - Lyudmila Ulyashchenko, Sergey and Elena Bliznyuk. There were no changes in the shareholder structure, the offshore KZTS HOLDINGS LIMITED remains the only majority shareholder. Since the names of Lyudmila Ulyashchenko and Sergey Bliznyuk are directly connected with Energomashspetsstal, it is reasonable to assume that the Russian Rosatom has not lost its influence on KZTS. In this case, managerial reshuffling is nothing more than an attempt to circumvent sanctions.

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