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KrAZ-5233 «Shrek-APC»

Minister of Interior Arsen Avakov posted up-to-date information about receipt of new KrAZ-5233 Shrek armored vehicles. “Just in time! In the nearest time, the vehicles will enter service with National Guard assault troops and combat units on the frontline: Azov, Kulchitsky battalion, Kharkov operations brigade. Only several days ago, on the 7th of February, I and Alexander Turchinov transferred Spartan armored vehicles with new unmanned turret to Azov regiment. Only 8 days have passed, but it seems it was so long ago… so many events."

All the six Spartan vehicles delivered participated in February 2015 combat at Shirokino. They performed well. Part of them were damaged by bullets and fragment and have to be refurbished. Nevertheless, this is a war and vehicles must help to the army. Armored KrAZ Raptors carried special operations soldiers to bolster by reinforcements Debaltsevo attacked by militants.

By the way, Raptors drove along just the same road Artemovsk-Debaltsevo that is not under our control according to Gov-news and Moscow talkers. So, the guys fight properly, the vehicles help and are needed.

The 18-tonnes 4?4 truck provided by powerful diesel engine used to carry special operations soldiers. Ballistic protection: STANAG 4569 level 2, armor is designed so that the bullet fired at any angle to vehicle surface will fail to penetrate inside without encountering armor elements, going through the armor as a result of ricochet has also been minimized. Explosion protection meets STANAG 4569 level 2: landmine explosion (equivalent to 6 kg of TNT) under any wheel or vehicle hull. The vehicle has V-shaped hull to dissipate the energy from blast and protect occupants. Windshield is made from bulletproof transparent armor composed of polycarbonate layer.

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