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KrAZ Cougar

KrAZ Cougar is an armored APC (Armored Personal Carrier) is designed for combat in urban environments, and reconnaissancen. The machine is licensed copy armored Canadian-UAE company «Streit Group», let PJSC "AvtoKrAZ" in the city of Kremenchug for the needs of the armed forces and the National Guard of Ukraine.

KrAZ Cougar armored car built on the chassis of Toyota Land Cruiser 79 and has a classic layout with a front engine compartment (MTO), followed by - the separation of management is compatible with the troop compartment at the rear. The 3 people located control room, in the troop compartment - 6 fully-equipped paratroopers, which are located on individual seats mounted on the sides of the hull. Visibility from the machine is provided with bullet-proof glass windows - front office management, in the side doors of the driver's compartment, three on both sides of the troop compartment and in the rear doors.

The windows can be fitted with grilles. Under the windows of the troop compartment has slits for firing small-arms assault. The car provides bulletproof and Ballistic protection class CEN Level BR6 (protection 7,62x51 mm NATO caliber bullets at a distance of 10 m). The bottom of the machine protects against factor explosion of two grenades DM51. Embarkation and disembarkation of the crew going through the side door of the driver's compartment, assault - through the doors at the rear troop compartment. Power plant of the MTO armored KrAZ Cougar is a diesel engine Toyota 4,0 TD 240 hp (176.5 kW) or Toyota 4,5I capacity of 218 hp (160 kW). Transmission is five-speed. Chassis of the KrAZ Cougar is a four-wheel drive armored vehicle with independent suspension and wheel formula 4 × 4. Suspension armored spring with hydraulic shock absorbers. There is a wheel lock system to improve the cross-machine. On the armored car used tires 305 / 70R16 + runflat.

Armored Car KrAZ Cougar can carry weapons in a variety of combat units, located on the roof and inside the troop compartment and equipped with a 7.62 mm or 12.7 mm machine guns and 40-mm automatic grenade launcher. It can also be mounted turret weapons.

Armored Car KrAZ Cougar is equipped with air conditioning and underfloor heating. There are also front lights for lighting and side light-seeker. It can be set and various other equipment, depending on the targets set by the machine.

The first demonstration armored car was presented at the arms exhibition «IAV 2013" in February 2013. In June 2014 city of the exhibition «Eurosatory-2014" CEO "Streit Group is" Gutorov Herman said that in the near future the company plans to carry out in Ukraine demonstrate their armored vehicles and expects to establish a joint with "AvtoKrAZ" production of armored vehicles. In addition, he said that the company plans to supply to Ukraine repair kits for the cars produced. In September 2014, Deputy Head of the State Scientific-testing center Armed Forces of Ukraine, Colonel V. Dmitriev criticized the Ukrainian government adopted a decision on the purchase of armored vehicles imported for the Armed Forces of Ukraine,

In 2014, the production of armored vehicles was launched in Ukraine, but the degree of localization remained low. At least 15 armored vehicles had been imported from the United Arab Emirates and at the Kremenchug car factory took place only their additional equipment. December 15, 2014 General Director of "AvtoKrAZ" Roman Chernyak said that the armored car «KrAZ Cougar» share of Ukrainian component does not exceed 10-15%. February 9, 2015 the general director of "AvtoKrAZ" Robert E. Chernyak said that the armored car «KrAZ Cougar» share of Ukrainian component reached 20% (the rest - import: 50% of the parts, Japanese, Swedish armor, and even some parts are made in UAE).

“AutoKrAZ” is involved in demilitarization and conversion of the batch of KrAZ-Cougar armored vehicles under the agreement signed in early February 2015. It will be recalled that KrAZ-Cougar armored vehicles were transferred to OSCE SMMU in November 2014. Efforts have already been taken to remove armored turrets from all the ten armored vehicles delivered to the company’s facilities and cover top portion with armor plate, make some slight structural modifications required by the client, fit spacious chests for storage of SPTA sets and medical equipment and paint all the vehicles. The first batch, 5 of 10 demilitarized KrAZ-Cougar armored vehicles, have already been delivered to observers into disturbed areas to help fulfill OSCE tasks aimed at peaceful settlement of conflict in Ukraine.

The rest of armored vehicles will be converted to ambulance vehicles by the company’s workers. Particularly, they will remove passenger compartment equipment, fit brackets to secure fire extinguishers, stretchers, 10 and 5 l oxygen cylinders and other medical equipment required to give first aid treatment to wounded men and evacuate them out of combat areas. According to the agreement entered into the second batch of armored vehicles converted to ambulance vehicles were delivered to the customer in late February.

First Ukrainian armored KRAZ COUGAR proved completely unfit for the service, according to the channel's website, "The Star" in June 2015. Any pit or bump and an armored car stalled. Windows fogged up, not only in the mornings. Designers also kindly placed a fridge in the cabin. But most importantly, they let soldiers down with arms. The turret of the heavy machine gun turns with difficulty, and the weapon itself is located so high that the gunnder has to stand on a box to reach it. In addition, the rocket and artillery control are inadequate. One observer said " such a weapon is suitable only for museums and private collections."

7.62-mm machine gun, or
a 12.7-mm machine gun, or
40-mm automatic grenade launcher 4x4 5900 petrol 218 manual, 5-speed 2 crew members + 6 seats 105 225 / 70R19,5 (RunFlat) CEN Level BR6 2 grenades DM-51
Cougar armored KrAZ (KrAZ Cougar)
5,352 m,
2.03 m,
2,114 m
total mass
4.22 tonnes
3 + 6 people
4 × 4
3.18 m
Ground clearance
300 mm
bulletproof Class CEN Level BR6
Power plant
Toyota 4,0 diesel engine TD 240 hp (176.5 kW) or
Toyota 4,5I capacity of 218 hp (160 kW)
maximum road speed
105 km / h
Truck chassis
Gross vehicle weight, kg
Power, hp
Maximum speed km / h
protection level
Bullet Resistance
protection of floor

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