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"Kilchen" ZRS

The "Kilchen" Ukrainian multi-channel universal anti-aircraft missile system is capable of destroying ballistic and aerodynamic targets, and its management is based on innovative technologies. MK Yangel Pivdenne Design Bureau State Enterprise latest system has the potential to compete with modern long-range systems from leaders in this field (S-400, MIM-104 Patriot, etc.). According to them, there is a ready project of ZRS "Kilchen" (the name of the river near the Dnieper).

It should be added that for the first time the project of its own anti-aircraft missile system (without a missile) CB "Southern" demonstrated at the exhibition "Weapons and Security-2019". Earlier, in 2018, it became known about the registration of a patent for a " utility model " of anti-aircraft guided missile, which in appearance has many features in common with the missile from the ZRS "Kilchen" (but significantly inferior to TTX).

Patent UA125268U covered an anti-aircraft guided missile, consisting of a guidance compartment with a blunt radio-transparent fairing revival form, control compartment, jet power unit, combat compartment with embedded high-explosive warhead, marching RDTP, wings located near the center of mass the same wings and rudders are rotated at an angle of 45 (to the planes of stabilization, and the jet power unit and combat compartment form a single compartment, and the jet power unit is made in the form of a parallelepiped with rounded edges faces and parallel to the stabilization planes, the axes of symmetry of the faces of the jet power unit coincide with the stabilization planes of the SCR, in addition, pulse motors on mutually perpendicular faces are located with an offset.

The annual budget spent on the purchase and modernization of all weapons of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be conditionally enough for Ukraine to purchase one battery (4 launchers) Patriot RAS-3 + with anti-missiles for one volley. That could be enough to protect most of Kyiv from the front from a massive one-off attack. The Ukrainian complex will cost approximately 5-6 times cheaper.

"This proposed system is multi-channel. It has a long-range missile, more than 200 km. This missile is highly maneuverable and gives the impression of many targets and thus ensures the versatility of the complex as against aerodynamic targets (aircraft, cruise missiles, etc.). and against ballistic ", - the acting general director of CB" Southern "Alexander Kushnaryov said.

According to Pivdenne, they are developing a full-fledged anti-aircraft missile system, not just a complex. That is, the "Ringed" will include all the components for its full operation, including radar detection and targeting stations. "The creation of the proposed anti-aircraft missile system is fully ensured by Ukrainian cooperation. All-Ukrainian radar component and radars of different radio frequency bands: X-band, C-band, S-band. They are based on today's developments of Ukrainian defense companies. ", - Alexander Kushnaryov noted.

According to the plan, the Kilchen air defense system will be able to effectively combat existing and promising means of air attack, including those using low-visibility technologies (so-called Stealth), regardless of the season and time of day, in conditions of intense electronic countermeasures.

"The system consists of up to six units of anti-aircraft missile systems, which are capable of hitting maneuvering aerodynamic targets at a distance of up to 280 km, as well as firing up to 12 targets at a time, six of which can be ballistic or up to 16 aerodynamic targets. anti-aircraft guided missiles for each aerodynamic target and up to four missiles for each ballistic target, "said Valery Perkov, head of the project department of the Pivdenne Design Bureau.

It is noted that the modernity of the domestic system, which is developed according to NATO standards, is provided by network-centric and data-centric management principles for the use of machine learning and cloud computing, the use of flickering command posts, multi-radar information processing. The use of an active radar homing head of the millimeter range provides the possibility of hitting air targets, which can not put any obstacles to counter this complex.

"Thanks to this, we get a system of" werewolves "- the ability to quickly configure a system that does not have a permanent structure, the combat order of which is constantly changing." Heart "- command posts out of reach of the enemy. "Clouds. Such an automated combat control system is almost impossible to destroy with conventional aircraft weapons," said Konstantin Korneev, head of the test development and operation department for automation and support of ground and mobile missile systems at the Pivdenne Design Bureau.

He also noted that a modeling complex had been created to develop and test such principles of system control and anti-aircraft missile guidance at the Pivdenne Design Bureau. Using a powerful computing center perform virtual starts. The company believes that this will reduce the time and cost of development. According to preliminary calculations of Ukrainian developers, the domestic complex will have a much lower price than the same American Patriot RAS-3 +, which together with the introduction of the latest technologies will allow it to be promoted for export.

"Today, everyone knows the American Patriot complex, and if you compare the cost of purchasing this complex in Ukraine, the creation of the anti-aircraft missile system" Kilchen ", its development, is about a quarter or a third of the cost of the Patriot complex," - said Acting General Director of CB "Southern". According to him, the six Kilchen anti-aircraft systems must provide circular or sector defense. Sectoral defense provides cover from air threats from 250 to 500 km of Ukraine's border.

However, it is not yet known whether the State will start funding this development, which, in turn, makes it impossible to create it in "iron". "Of course, it takes time to develop this complex, but unfortunately our decisions are made very slowly. The proposals we submitted to the Ministry of Defense more than two years ago were considered, a positive decision was made. However, unfortunately before today we did not start this development like that, "Oleksandr Kushnaryov said.

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