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115 Kharkiv Mechanical Maintenance Plant

115 Kharkiv Mechanical Maintenance Plant performs tanks, tank engines, assemblies, units and parts major overhaul.

The Plant was founded in 1943.

Military assistance line:

  • -55, -62, -64B, -80, -80UD tanks spare parts;
  • US-447, UDS-447 trainer, H-64, H-80 running simulator;
  • -72, -64B, -80UD tank driver trainers;
  • Irregular -80, -72, -64, -55 tanks maintenance equipment.
  • Parking and technological equipment.


  • -64B, -64B1 tanks to -64B2-class (dynamic installed protection, reversing loading mechanism with 6EZ43-2S, fire control complexes 9119, 143);
  • -80B tanks to -80BVD (6D-1diesel engine, 7-staged gear-box, PZU-5 sighting device);
  • -55 tanks to -55G-class (5DF engine, hydro mechanical gear-box for -64, -80UD tanks, "Bastion", "Volna"(Wave) fire control systems, antimine hull protection, dynamic protection complex).

Major overhaul:

  • -80B, -80V, -80UD, -64B, -64B1, -64, -64, -72, -80 tanks;
  • PTS-2, PS-, P-2 engineer vehicles;
  • 2S7 chassis;
  • 5DF, 6TD, GD-1000 engines;
  • Infrared devices;
  • BREM-64 armored evacuation-maintenance vehicles.

Civil output:


  • G-64 bulldozer-prime-movers;
  • BREM evacuation-maintenance vehicles on the tank -64 basis;
  • VGP-70 tracked load vehicles;
  • Heating equipment for population;
  • VAZ, GAZ automobiles spare parts;
  • Incubators.


  • Tractors -16 mounted assemblies development, made to order.


  • ZIU, DAS assemblies and units;
  • City electrical transport compressors.

Military technical facilities:

  • -64B, -80UD tanks maintenance personnel training ;
  • Armored vehicle personnel support.

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