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State Enterprise “Scientific and Production Complex “ISKRA”

IskraState Enterprise “Scientific and Production Complex “ISKRA” is the leading designer and manufacturer in Ukraine with the complete cycle of radar production starting from design, manufacture, testing and supply up to maintenance including training, repair and upgrade. Iskra's mission is to ensure the defense capability of Ukraine through the creation of modern high-tech radar systems and means of electronic and counter-battery combat.

Strategic vision is of Iskra functioning in the interests of the state, regions, partner companies, all Ukrainian society and every employee of the enterprise; ensuring the effective realization of the production, intellectual and financial potential of the Ukrainian defense industry through the creation and delivery to the market of high-tech military and civilian products in the field of radar, EWS and KBB; and the development of the enterprise on the basis of experience, traditions and corporate values.

The main goals of the enterprise

  • Integration of own production into the international market and organization of cooperation with foreign partners for the purpose of technological convergence and ensuring conformity of production of the plant to world standards.
  • Introducing the State Testing and Acceptance of the MOU for 2018-2019: new radar equipment and counter-battery systems. Start of their serial production.
  • 100% execution of State defense orders.
  • Modernization of production and introduction of modern technologies at the expense of realization of the investment project on conversion of mechanical assembly and other productions for the total amount of 200 million UAH.
  • Increase in production volumes by 100% due to the entry into the new markets of high-tech and high-cost radar equipment, EW systems and counter-battery combat.
  • Achieving the technical compatibility and compliance of the enterprise's products with NATO standards.
  • Optimization of the enterprise structure and introduction of modern technologies, modernization and improvement of management system based on the latest information technologies.
  • Development and implementation of a program of training and motivation of staff, formation of personnel reserve at the expense of young specialists. Increase in wages by 100% from 2016 level.

IskraThe history of the enterprise dates back to August 1959, when the Zaporizhzhya Mobile Power Plant was established (mailbox #80). In 1962, after joining the efforts of young engineers, the plant began to develop radar production. 1963 proved to be qualitatively new for the plant staff. Simultaneously with the release of the radar company was entrusted with the development of the production of portable tape recorders "Spring". The rapid development of aviation and missile technology has added new requirements to air defense systems. To solve the problems of designing new systems and complexes for the needs of the enterprise, a powerful engineering unit is created - the Iskra Design Bureau.

In 1965 the enterprises managed to completely modernize the manufactured altimeter PRV-11 (1RL119). Its export version of the PRV-11U as part of the S-75 air defense missile system has been successfully tested during combat operations in the Middle East and Asia. The enterprise and KB continued to develop, in the late 60's and early 70's considerable investments were made in the development of production, the antenna measurement technology was improved, more accurate and productive metalworking equipment was applied. Third-generation electronic devices began to be installed in the enterprise-developed equipment. In 1970, the plant began manufacturing radars of its own design. The first was the mobile altimeter PRV-13 (1RL130), which continues to be used in radio intelligence units and in the SAM (S-75, S-125, S-200) in many countries.

By the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR for the implementation of the VIII five-year plan and the organization of production of special equipment, the company was awarded the Order of October Revolution. Operating experience produced by the radio altimeter plant, and the available engineering experience allowed in 1974 to develop a new radio altimeter PRV-17 (1RL141)

In 1980, a new generation radar was adopted - the ST-68U (19Z6) three-coordinate station. The new quality level of RSL was reached thanks to the original method of forming a multi-beam antenna pattern, and more than 50 original inventions were based on the development of the ST-68U. In 1982, the Iskra plant was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor for the development and serial development of the ST-68U (19Z6) radar. The group of specialists of the enterprise became winners of the USSR State Prize in the field of science and technology, 180 workers were awarded the orders and medals of the USSR. Further development of microelectronics in the USSR in 1987, through the conceptual modernization of the radar ST68U (19Zh6) to create a new radar type 35D6.

In Soviet times, the plant produced about 120 radar stations per year. By 2010, about 3,000 people (from the former 12,000 people) worked in the main production. About four hundred specialists (from the former 1200 people) remained in the CB. CE "SPC " Spark "for the past ten years was an active member of the military-technical cooperation between Ukraine and other states that allowed the company to gain invaluable experience in carrying out activities in the global market, improve external competitiveness. The company actively participates in arms exhibitions - SOFEX 2000, Defendory 2000, FIDAE 2006, IDEX 2007, IEBC 2008, IDEX 2009 KADEX 2010. In 2003, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine "Iskra" Design Bureau and the state-owned Electric Machinery Plant with the same name were merged into a single "Scientific and Production Complex "Iskra".

Today KP" SPC "Spark" - a design office and Electric Machinery Plant, combined single brand "Spark." The success of the company is due to the high scientific potential of the developers and rich production experience, the use of advanced technologies in combination with the exhausted system of quality and reliability of products, a full range of warranty and service services for the maintenance of manufactured equipment.

More than six thousand reliable and highly efficient radar stations have been manufactured with the Iskra brand and have received the well-deserved recognition of specialists in more than 50 countries. The main export markets are Africa, Asia, Latin America and the CIS. The well-established system of service and delivery of spare parts, training of customer's specialists, modernization and technical support of the delivered radar (RLK) allow to maintain the equipment in constant readiness.

By the decrees of the President of Ukraine employees of the enterprise were repeatedly awarded high awards. In 1999, by decree of President Leonid Kuchma, 9 employees and executives of the enterprise were awarded, in 2009, by decree of President Viktor Yushchenko, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the enterprise, 15 employees and executives of the enterprise were awarded state awards.

“Scientific and Production Complex “Iskra” successfully mastered manufacture of products for R-330UM "Mandat" and transferred the first two stations to the Armed Forces of Ukraine in October 2017. As noted by the head of the customer’s representative, Lieutenant Colonel Anatoliy Sanevych, R-330UV1M and R-330UV2M products are indispensable at the front. They successfully passed qualification tests and have a number of characteristics, having no analogues in the world.

The chief of the department for providing EW (electronic warfare) means for EW Central Department of the Economic Directorate of the Main Department of Operational Support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Lieutenant Colonel Yuriy Motolyha, who took part in testing and acceptance of the stations, said: "Today there is no enterprise in Ukraine – except for the SE "Iskra" – capable of developing and manufacturing modern EW means". He also personally thanked the company’s team for the work done and promised SE “Iskra” management to do everything possible for the enterprise to have the possibility for the manufacture of EW means and their further modernization.

The first sample of the mobile complex EW "Mandat" – having seven stations – was developed and manufactured by PJSC "Topaz". In 2014, it passed the State tests and was accepted for service, by force of circumstances, manufacturing "Mandat" complex at PJSC "Topaz" in Donetsk for Ukraine became impossible.

In 2015, SE “Scientific and Production Complex “Iskra” management – together with the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine – adopted a decision "On arrangement procedure for R-330UM production setup at SE “Scientific and Production Complex “Iskra” capacities”. This decision gave a start to revive production. At the same time, “Iskra” specialists carried out a wide range of works related to import substitution and replacement of suppliers.

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