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Ukraine Defense Industry



45 EMZ, State Enterprise

Manufacturing of shut-off valves, pumps for fuel, tank trucks and auto fuelers, containers for radioactive waste.


Design and production of military clothes and gear.

A.Drones LLC

Ukrainian innovative research and production company specializing in the development and production of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones), unmanned ground transportation systems (work), and robots working in water and even under water.

Abrams, Shop

A retail and wholesale store of original US military and tourist outfit.

Alex Tymanov Group

Design, manufacture and supply of souvenirs. Production of metal products and booklet-covering activities.

Armorum Solutions

Signals intelligence solutions ("Shadow" system), mounts for machine guns ("Dyadya Vanya mounts"), upgrade of small arms.

Army Kids

Production of military-style clothes for children.


Manufacture of air-to-air missiles, automatic test equipment, antitank guided missiles, defensive aids suites for protection of rotary and fixed wing craft, components and equipment for aviation.

Artillery Armament, Design Bureau, State Enterprise

Research, research and development, engineering works aimed at creation of modern designs of artillery armament and small arms, ammunition, and also production of weapons and ammunition.


Design and production of muzzle brakes and suppressors.


Design and manufacture of mass and individual holsters, sheath, pouches of a new generation. Wide range of tactical accessories and gear.

AV-Pharma, Private Joint Stock Company

Ukrainian manufacturer of tactical medicine products: tourniquets, hemostatic products, bandages, fully-equipped medicine kits.

Aviakon, Konotop Aircraft Repair Plant, State Enterprise

Leading enterprise in Ukraine, performing any kind of repair, re-equipment and upgrade of "Mi-series" helicopters of all types and modifications.


Manufacture of safes.

Bandera Forge

Production of silencers (sound moderators), laser marking, artistic engraving, oxidation, restoration.

Bee Pitron Cherkasy, LLC

Wholesale, design and manufacture of electrical products. Implementation of software complexes for the preparation of production in mechanical engineering.

Bezpeka-Komplex, LLC

Design and manufacture of overalls.

Biakom, LLC

Provides a full range of active and passive electronic components, including special-application components, including products of Amphenol, Harwin, Tyco, Carling Tech, Saft and Vitzro Cell, Vicor, Altera and NXP.

Bomaks Plus, LLC

Manufacture of non-textile accessories for outerwear.

BPS Knives

Production of kitchen, tourist and special knives and tools.

C&M Tactical

Safety cords.


Military clothes, footwear and accessories.

Chuhuiv Aircraft Repair Plant, State Enterprise

Overhaul and modernization of aircraft L-39?, L-39ZA, L-39ZO, its assemblies, aggregates and equipment, auxiliary power plants "SAPPHIRE-5", demilitarization, update of aircraft on L-39D and delivery to the customer, manufacturing of ground service means, tool for repair and air engineering operation. Manufacture and re-equipment of unmanned air complexes. Repair and modernization of aircrafts MiG-23 of all modifications, repair of units, aggregates and systems of aircraft MiG-21, MiG-27, MiG-29.


Manufacturer of military clothing, military clothing, equipment, backpacks.

CROOK Industries

Weapons tuning.

Dagaz-SOE, PE

Production of uniform for the senior officers. Uniform caps. Embroidery cantle. High visibility clothing. Shock protection.

Danaper Group, LLC

Tactical equipment, bags and backpacks.

Datagroup, Private Joint Stock Company

Data transmission, international traffic transit, satellite communications.

Delim-Ukraine, Joint Ukrainian-Dutch enterprise, LLC

Accessories for uniforms and protective clothing.

Delta Premium, LLC

The first company in Ukraine, which produces containers of impact-resistant plastic of any complexity to protect fragile equipment in the most extreme conditions of transportation and storage.

DINTEM, Ukrainian Research and Development Design and Technology Institute, State Enterprise

R&D in rubber formulations for complementing carrier rockets, spacecraft and their components, armored vehicles, aircraft, shipbuilding, rail transport.

Dneprovsky Special Tubes Plant, LLC

Producer of tubes, round rods, stainless steel seamless elbows, heat-resistant steel and alloys, titanium as well as refractory metal tubes. Deep drilling services.

Dolya & Co., Ltd., LLC

Radio equipment, digital radio systems, trunking system, professional and consumer radio.

EDCX Paracord

Production of paracord and other types of cords.

Electronic Components and Computer Equipment, Ltd.

Supply of industrial equipment, computers and components.

Elsys, LLC

Development and mass production of electronic microwave devices for commercial and special applications.


Complex security solutions. Systems of protection and safety for the perimeter, state border, objects of critical infrastructure.


Innovative means for general body hygiene - Disposable ESTEM foam sponges.

ETAL, Electromechanical Plant, LLC

Electrical products: magnetic starters, printed circuit boards and membrane keyboards, low-voltage complete equipment: cabinets, panels, drawers.


Accessories and fittings.

FED, Kharkiv Engineering Plant

Mass manufacture, repair and modernization of units for hydraulic, fuel and electrical aircraft systems.

FED, Private Joint Stock Company

Design, modernization, production and repair of units for the aviation industry.

Fianso, Ltd.

Sewing threads, braid and textiles.


Development and modernization of weapons. Pistols, machine guns, grenade launchers.

Fregat, Plant, Private Joint Stock Company

Production of hydraulic equipment, hydraulic control and power systems, winches, gearboxes and other engineering products.

Garda-Ltd., LLC

Production of leather footwear.

Generator, Plant, State Enterprise

Production and repair of VHF devices, repair and upgrade of air defense systems of small and medium range.

Grand Textile, LLC

Fabrics and sewing accessories for apparel and gear.

Hammer-Market, LLC

Complete gun care solution.

Hatisa, Information-technology company, LLC

Design, sale and installation of security and control systems. Represent the trademarks of EBS, Amiko, Aventura, eSurv.

Hydrobest, LLC

Production of sleeves with high- and low-pressure connecting fittings, friction brake discs, bellows and bellows compensators for aviation equipment.

Ibis, LLC

Retail chain providing goods for hunting and outfit. The official representative of the famous international brands: Browning, Winchester, Fabarm, Beretta, Caesar Guerini, Piotti, Remington, Walther, Zeiss, Aimpoint, Swarovski.

ICM Group, LLC

Implementation of integrated solutions in safety critical infrastructure and information security. The implementation of system projects related to the development, manufacture and supply of special equipment.

ICU - Dospehi dlya Glaz

Safety and ballistic glasses, ballistic masks, sports glasses and accessories of the following brands: Pyramex, Global Vision, Venture Gear Tactical, Swag, BluWater Polarized, Ducks Unlimited.

Impulse, Scientific-Technical Complex, State Enterprise

Design and production of information processing and protection equipment for military use in the ATO zone.

Impulse, Shostka State Plant

Manufacture of the explosion initiation means and products containing explosives and pyrotechnic compounds.

Infocom Ltd, LLC

Project company engaged in automation of industrial production plants and design of the unmanned vehicle control system (mounted on KrAZ Spartan light armored vehicle).

Infozahist, Scientific-Production Centre, LLC

Development and production of military and civilian radio monitoring and direction finding systems and radars. Development and production of the unique information security products and software.

Inspecprom, LLC

Production of arms and ammunition, ground equipment for helicopters servicing, specialized sensor equipment, containers for ammunition.

InterProInvest Ltd

The system of stabilization and control of armament "Synthesis" is a complex of software and hardware designed to stabilize the fire.

Iskra, Scientific-Technical Complex, State Enterprise

Development and manufacture of ground radar equipment.

Izyum Instrument-Making Plant, State Enterprise

Production of high-quality optical glass; design and manufacture of optoelectronic devices guidance systems and their components for antitank weapons system; design and manufacture of sea-based observation stations, sighting and fire control systems, driver night vision devices for all types of armored vehicles, antiaircraft sights.

Kharkiv Instrument-Making Plant named after T.H. Shevchenko, State Enterprise

Repair of tanks of all modifications; repair of engines of all modifications; repair of special equipment; production of fighting vehicles; production of special purpose equipment; production of remote control combat modules; ?roduction of self-sufficient power plants.

Kharkiv Morozov Machine-Building Design Bureau, State Enterprise

Development and production of armored equipment (battle tanks, heavy infantry combat vehicle, armored personnel carriers), engineering equipment, and also high technology training aids for armored combat.

Kharkiv Personal Protective Equipment Factory, State Enterprise

Body armor, armored plates, tactical gear, "Predator" infantry tactical set.

Kharkiv Special Machine Plant, SE

Development, manufacture, sale, repair, modernization and disposal of weapons, military and special equipment and ammunition; development, production of maintenance tools for the repair of armored vehicles and other weapons.

Kievguma, LLC

National manufacturer of tactical medicine of European quality: tourniquets, nasopharyngeal airways, occlusive bandages, universal kits, medical individual first-aid kit for military troops, special purpose units and civilian use.

Kramatorsk Heavy Machine Tool Building Plant

Manufacturing of special machine tools for the needs of the defense industry - deep-drilling, turning and cutting machines, precision machining of parts of guns and tanks.

Kuznya na Rybalskomu, Plant, Public Joint Stock Company

Ships, patrol and landing boats, Triton armored vehicles, fighting modules (PSM, PSM mini), naval artillery cannons (KAU-30, KAU-30M), UAG-40 automatic grenade launcher.

Kyiv Armored Plant, State Enterprise

Production of light armament of armored force vehicles, overhaul and upgrading of armored, engineering and combat vehicles, weapon ordnance, production of spare parts for armored vehicles armament and technique.

Kyiv Automatics Plant, Scientific-Production Association, Public Joint Stock Company

Single design and technology and production complex, with a high level of infrastructure for the production of electromechanical devices and control systems of mine-and-torpedo and missile weapons, armored vehicles, spacecraft and marine navigation systems.

League of Defense Companies of Ukraine, Public Association

Non-governmental association of private enterprises and producers/designers of defense and dual-purpose products.

Logika, Design Bureau, LL?

"Kropiva" combat tactical control system; training simulators for the crews and individual military specialties; "Teneta-M" specialized router.

Lorta, Lviv State Plant, State Enterprise

Production of electronics for use in armored force vehicles, guidance links for anti-armor radio guided missiles together with their checkout equipment, radar equipment, other special purpose electronics, and also 30 mm automatic guns.

Lozova Forging-Mechanical Plant

Production and modernization of bodies of military armored vehicles of various modifications (combat, command, C2, repair and evacuation, medical vehicles) and their components.

Ltava, Plant, Public Joint Stock Company

Design and manufacture of electronic components: switching products, contact devices, connector sockets, carrier satellites for integral circuits.

Luch, State Kyiv Design Bureau, State Enterprise

Creation of normative and technical documentation on the stages of development, operation, upgrade and recycling of guided weapons.

Lviv Armoured Fighting Vehicle Plant, State Enterprise

Overhaul of armored vehicles, tank retrievers, engineering machines.

Lviv State Aircraft Repair Plant, State Enterprise

Repair of aircraft and military purpose equipment. The specialization of the plant: front fighters and fighter-bombers of "MiG" type.

Madek, Scientific-Technical Enterprise, LLC

Production and maintenance of backup and independent power supply systems.

Malyshev Plant, State Enterprise

Production and modernization of heavy and lightly armored vehicles for the needs of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and foreign customers. Main Battle Tank "Oplot", T-64 Tank modernization up to Main Battle Tank "Bulat"; armored personnel carriers BTR-3 and BTR-4, modernization of Armored Personnel Carrier BTR-50.

M-Tac (Militarist)

Production and sale of tactical and military clothes and gear.


Production of knifes, skewers, gift wares.


LED lights and accessories.

Mayak, Plant, PJSC

Development, manufacture, sale, repair, modernization and disposal of weapons and military equipment, the conduct and implementation of research and development and experimental work on the development and implementation in the production of new electronic equipment, including special magnetic recording equipment.

Mercury Technology, LLC

Manufacture of optical devices and photographic equipment.

Meridian named after S.P. Korolyov, Open Joint Stock Company

Manufacture of radio-measuring devices (spectral analyzers, time measurement devices, frequency generators and synthesizers, special-purpose devices), radio receiver sets, personalization means of computer and telecommunications systems.

MiGremont Zaporizhya State Aircraft Repair Plant, State Enterprise

Modernization, medium (overhaul) repair and repair of the technical condition of MiG-25, Su-27, Su-17, Su-25, Su-17 aircrafts of all modifications, their aggregates and systems; technical maintenance of operations of above mentioned aircrafts.

?icrotech, PSPE

Development (70 UA, Wo, US patents) and production according to ISO9001 of the following items: micrometers, calipers, indicators, calipers with ISO 17025 calibration. Exports to 39 countries (USA, Germany, Japan, Italy, Switzerland, France, China).


Tactical goods.

Mirko Case

Shockproof, moisture resistant cases.

Motor, Lutsk Repair Plant, State Enterprise

Overhaul of aircraft engines and all their components and aggregates (installed on the aircrafts Su-17, Su-20, Su-22, Su-24 (M), Su-27, Su-30, MiG-29, IL-76, IL-78).

Motorimpex, LLC

Hydraulic equipment, hydraulic systems, lubrication systems.

Mykolayiv Armoured Fighting Vehicle Plant, State Enterprise

Production and modernization of light armored vehicles.

Nimrod, Joint Ukrainian-Italian Enterprise, LLC

Import and wholesale-retail trade in hunting weapons, ammunition, accessories, hunting and outdoor equipment, as well as organization of hunting tours around the globe.

Novator, State Enterprise

Production of on-board radio electronic, radar, radio navigation, and other equipment for aviation and space industries.


Sale of thermal imaging monoculars and thermal imaging sights.

OC Profeks, LLC

Official distributor of PeliTM products - shockproof protective cases and containers, as well as professional lighting equipment (torches and mobile lighting solutions).

Odessa Aircraft Plant, State Enterprise

Aircraft repair: MiG-21 (all modifications), MiG-23, MiG-27 and L-39; modernization of Mig-21 and L-39; repair of aircraft engines and their aggregates of various brands; equipping flying hospitals and salons of enhanced comfort for transport aviation aircraft and helicopters; aircraft engines repair: MiG-29, An-12, An-24, An-26, Yak-40; production of rubber technical goods of all types, operating in the sphere of aircraft fuel and oils for all types of aviation equipment.


Development and production of the following items: radio relay and tropospheric communication stations, body-vans of automobile, mobile antenna supports.

Optocon Ukraine, LLC

Supply of fiber optic components.

Orizon-Navigation, State Enterprise

Design, production and repair of equipment for satellite navigation systems GLONASS / GPS.

Paritet-K, Production-Commercial Enterprise, LLC

Manufacture and sale of safes and equipment for safe storage of valuables. Products for the needs of European and Ukrainian consumers under GRIFFON, Hunter, MySafe, PARITET-K trademarks.

Partner-VS, LLC

Design, manufacture, modernization, repair and installation of military ground equipment for the Armed Forces and the National Guard of Ukraine: - radio-controlled targets for tactical exercises; - bullet-proof and wood-shield targets; - training centers for combat training; - video control systems.

Performers, LLC

Wholesale trade and distribution of perfumes for the home (interior), dealer of brands such as Hypno Casa, Mimi Maison, Muha.

Photoprylad, Research and Production Complex, State Enterprise

Systems of targeting, guidance and fire control of armored vehicles, combat helicopters, artillery; control systems of antitank missile complexes of helicopters and ground facilities; night vision devices; materials processing equipment of aero- and space photo reconnaissance; devices for machine building.

PIM, Industrial Group, LLC

Represents products of world manufacturers of garment accessories: Gutermann, YKK, KRETZER, VELCRO.

Plant 410 Civil Aviation, State Enterprise

Diagnostics, repair, maintenance, refurbishment and modernization of aircraft and helicopters.

Polimer, Production Commercial Firm, Private Enterprise

Equipment of aircraft (on-board equipment and systems) with: navigation systems; on-board communication systems; electrical equipment, etc.

Practika, Scientific-Production Association, Private Joint Stock Company

Production of armored vehicles, including tactical armored vehicles and armored personnel carriers.

Precision Mechanics Plant, Scientific-Technical Complex, State Enterprise

Production of automatic artillery weaponry, and also spare parts and components.

Progress, Scientific-Technical Complex, State Enterprise

Development and production of complex optic electronic devices and gyroscopic devices for weaponry (high pressure artillery weaponry complexes, air defense missile system homers, Air-to-Air type missiles, aircraft protection systems from missiles with IR homing heads).

Progress, Specialized Foreign Trade Company, State Enterprise

Export and import of military and dual-use products and services.


Export and import of military and special purpose equipment and services of Ukrainian OEMs and Design Bureaus.

Prostir 3D, LLC

3D systems for manufacturing of models, details, prototypes and models. Milling centers for light alloys, plastics and composites processing. Technologies and materials for creation of model rigging.

Proton, CCB, State Enterprise

Development of new types of radio stations.

Radionix, LLC

Design, production and upgrade of electronic equipment for the military radar and optoelectronic weapon control systems, aiming systems, navigation and communication systems.


Reloading equipment import and trade.

Roda Computer, LLC

Protected IT equipment for extreme operating conditions. Main trademarks are Roda and Terra (Germany).

Science Industrial Association "Fort" of the MIA of Ukraine

Modern enterprise of military and industrial complex of Ukraine, which produces small arms, ammunition and special equipment.

Sapsan Hunter

Production of items for the care and cleaning of weapons and the sale of Deerhunter clothing.

SEA Electronics Ukraine, LLC

Production of LED traffic lights and road traffic control devices, parking machines and parking systems.

Shepetivka Repair Plant, State Enterprise

Repair of missile and artillery armament systems.

Sich Ukraine, LLC

Manufacture of tourniquets and body armor.


Tactical gear for special units and active games, fleece jackets, medical bags and backpacks, first aid kits, belts, holster caps, helmet covers.


Special clothes for hunters, fishermen, security services, forestry workers.

Skif, Scientific-Production Complex

Integrated security systems and weapons systems; system for individual tactical and fire training.

Smart Defence, LLC

Security equipment (detectors, radio stations, perimeter security).

Sparing-Vist Center, Scientific-Production Enterprise, Private Enterprise

Production of radiation control systems and dosimeters under ECOTEST trademark.

Specoboronmash, SE

Field of activity: production of specialized aviation equipment, production of active and dynamic protection systems; production of ammunition, missiles, thermobaric grenades, commercial activities.

Spectechnomash, Scientific-Production Center, LLC

Production and sale of equipment for the manufacture of ammunition, knots, parts, components, tools and special technological equipment.

Spetstechnoexport, State self-supporting foreign trade enterprise

Conduction of export and import activities on the foreign armament markets.

Sprut Arsenal, LLC

Design and production of a new Ukrainian-made bulletproof wheel system.

State Research & Design Shipbuilding Centre, State Enterprise

Designing of the military surface ships and boats, support vessels and special floating structures for the Naval Forces of Ukraine, State Border Service and for export.

State Research Institute of Chemical Products

Design and development of ammunition of various classes and purposes and their components; development of formulations, technologies and equipment for the manufacture of industrial explosives, pyrotechnics; the development of technologies and the creation of industries for the disposal of ammunition and their components.


Production of sound moderators (suppressors), muzzle brake compensators, recoil buffers.

Stvol, LLC

An exclusive representative of the international manufacturers of weapons, optics, ammunition and accessories.

SV Altera Kyiv, LLC

Design, manufacture and modernization. Distributor of electrical and automation systems. The company's portfolio includes such solutions and products for safety: control and display devices for use in harsh environments; swivel tracking systems; systems and components of functional safety; servomotors and control systems, positioning; gear motors AC Transtecno; linear and angular measurement systems, etc.

Symmetron-Ukraine, LLC

Ukrainian dealer of leading international manufacturers and brands of electronic components, equipment and tools.

Tactical Systems, LLC

Supplier of military products and firearms, accessories for weapons, gear and equipment.

Talanlegprom, LLC

Manufacture of footwear. Wholesale and retail trade in footwear.

Tasko Corporation

Manufacture, repair, modernization and utilization of ammunition for military arms; repair of non-military firearms and production of ammunition for non-military firearms.

Techimpex Scientific-Production Company, LLC

Repair and modernization of military equipment.

Telecard-Prylad, LLC

Production of tactical communication systems for command and control.

TEMP-3000, Scientific-Production Enterprise, LLC

Manufacture of individual and collective armor protection using ownproduced materials. Tactical protective suits and equipment.

Texprotect, LLC

Official representative of Miilux Ltd, supplier of high-strength steel.

Thermal Vision Technologies, LLC

Designer and manufacturer of thermal imaging devices including sights, night vision devices, mono- and binoculars.

Thermo Projects Ukraine, LLC

Design, sale and installation of heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems for military vehicles.

Torgzakaz, Factory

Production of chevrons and PVC (rubber) stripes, tailoring.

Trident Defence, LLC

ArtOS - fire control artillery units complex. My Pol - a modern software complex of communication between the police and citizens.

Tritel, LLC

Specializes in the development and mass production of special communication tools, cryptographic protection of information, means of countering technical intelligence.

UA.RPA, Ukrainian Advanced Research Project Agency

Production of communications equipment, optical instruments, technical testing and research.

Ukrainian Armored Vehicles (Ukrainian Armor), LLC

Design, manufacture and modernization of armament and military vehicles.

Ukrradioprom, Scientific-Production Enterprise, LLC

Cable and wire products.


Manufacturing of camouflage nets for military application, military clothing and clothing for hunters.

Ukrinmash, State Self-Supporting Foreign Trade and Investment Firm

Trade supplies of arms, ammunition, military and special purpose equipment.

Ukroboronprom, State Concern

State association of multidisciplinary enterprises of the defense industry of Ukraine. Development, manufacturing, modernization, repair and utilization of military and special equipment and ammunition.

Ukroboronservice, State Enterprise

Implementation of Ukraine's interests in the sphere of export and import of products and services of military technical and special purpose.

Ukrspetsexport, State Company

Authorized by the state as a mediator in conduction of foreign economic activity in the sphere of export and import of goods and services of military and special purpose.

Ukrspetstechnika, Holding Company

Design, manufacture and modernization of armament and military machinery, namely: radar detection systems of air, ground above-water targets; automated management systems of army and intelligence.

Ukrtextilsnab, Commercial-Industrial Enterprise

Manufacture of woven ribbons and cords for special purposes.

VD MAIS, Scientific-Production Firm, Private Enterprise

Sale of electronic components, measuring devices, electromechanical products, manufacture of printed circuit boards, contract manufacturing of electronics.

Vector - Optical Lab

Repair of optical instruments.

Vertol, LLC

Production, supply and performance of repair of aircraft parts and components for helicopters MIL Mi, Ka, planes AN, Yak, IL, L-39, SU, MIG.

Vesna-Dilogia, Production-Commercial Firm, Private Enterprise

Garment factory producing uniforms and military apparel.

Vognyana Varta, LLC

Production of arms and ammunition.

Xado-Holding, LLC

Production of large-caliber rifles, SnipeX rifles, gun care products.

Yugo-Zapad, Agency of Information Security, LLC

Development and implementation of integrated security system. Manufacture of perimeter security sensors.

Yuzhnoye State Design Office, State Enterprise

Scientific and design organization engaged in the development of rocket and space technology.

Zbroyar, LLC

Production and sale of carbines.

Zhytomyr Armoured Fighting Vehicle Plant

Manufacturing, full overhaul and upgrading of lightly armored vehicles of various modifications.

Zorya-Mashproekt, Scientific and Production Complex of Gas Turbine Construction

Development, production and upgrading of gas and turbine engines for military, trade and passenger ships, and also gas compressor unit.

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