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Shostka Plant Impuls

SE "ShZ" Impuls" was founded in 1848.The state enterprise "Shostka Plant "Impulse" ( Ukrainian State Enterprise "Shostka Plant "Impulse " ) is the only enterprise in Ukraine for the production of explosives (blasting caps, electric detonators, detonating cords, etc.). It is ncluded in the list of enterprises of strategic importance for the economy and security of Ukraine.

The main specialization of SP "ShZ "Impuls" is the production of means of initiation of explosions, pyrotechnic means and elements of ammunition, supply of means of initiation of explosions to enterprises of the mining and ore and coal industries for carrying out explosive works for the extraction of ore, coal, crushed stone, as well as the construction of bridges, subways and tunnels. Among consumer products, the plant produces fireworks, hunting cartridges and capsules. The enterprise provides metalworking and parts manufacturing services using the latest high-precision equipment.

The state-owned enterprise "Shostka Plant "Impuls"" begins its history in 1848, when the "Shostka Capsule Plant" was built. The strategic purpose of the creation of the plant in Shostka was to supply the arsenals of the southwestern army warehouses of the tsarist army with capsule products of domestic production, thanks to which the state switched to unitary equipment of small arms for the first time. The first means of initiation that were widely used were shock igniter capsules for igniting powder charges in hand-held firearms. Flintlock rifles were converted to percussion with capsule ignition.

Throughout its history, the plant has never stopped its work, never changed its specialization, and today it remains a manufacturer of capsule products and means of initiating an explosion.

In July 2018, KP "Shostkinsky state-owned plant "Impuls", which is a part of DK "Ukroboronprom" , together with PrJSC "Kuznia na Rybalskyi" , started serial production of ammunition for 40-mm automatic grenade launchers - PGOF-40 , which meet the standard NATO. PGOF-40 is a high-explosive fragmentation grenade with a standard size of 40x53 mm, which meets the NATO standard for ammunition for automatic grenade launchers. Compared to 30-mm grenades, which are currently used in most automatic grenade launchers in service with the Ukrainian army, the 40-mm grenade has greater power and fragmentation.

By 2021 the most successful defense enterprise of Shostka is the Impuls plant. At the end of 2019, a new workshop was put into operation there, 282 million hryvnias were invested in its construction and equipping it with the latest equipment. The enterprise provided a full cycle of production of means for activating artillery and rocket ammunition. The detonators manufactured in Shostka, Ukroboronprom assured, completely cover the need for such components. Oleksiy Danilov, the Secretary of the NSDC, said that the closed cycle of production of explosives for all types of ammunition was mastered in Ukraine for the first time, and the state can be proud of it. Few companies in the world have such a perfect conveyor.

According to the Mayor of Shostka, Mykola Noga, the volume of production of defense products at "Impulsa" will increase. The new general director of the enterprise energetically took up the matter, and he is supported in this by the management of "Ukroboronprom," M. Noga assured the correspondent of "Voice of Ukraine". According to him, recently there have been constant contacts with officials of the defense concern, and they often come to the city.

Just these days, it became known why such visits have become more frequent: cartridges for automatic grenade launchers manufactured on "Impuls" were successfully tested at the training ground. General Director of the Ukroboronprom concern, Yuriy Gusev, announced on the air of one of the central TV channels that in a few months these ammunitions will begin to arrive to the troops: their serial production has begun in Shostka.

"Impuls" continues to perform an important humanitarian function in Shostka: its boiler house heats a part of the city, and the company's balance sheet includes objects of social purpose. In order for the plant to fully focus on the production of ammunition, the city council, informed Mykola Noga, will take its entire "social enterprise" under its wing.

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