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Dozor APC

The DOZOR-B [Dozor = watch or guardian] armored personnel carrier is a multi-purpose wheeled vehicle designed to transport goods and people and provide protection against small arms and weapon of mass destruction. The DOZOR-B armored personnel carrier is a 4x4 armored fighting vehicle intended to transport personnel and various loads. The vehicle can be fitted with various light weapons, communications devices, and special equipment.

The DOZOR-B armored personnel carrier can be efficiently used by special units of the armed forces (quick reaction forces and military police) to carry out reconnaissance, patrolling, and peace-keeping operations, as well as being used as the main transportation vehicle under combat conditions (including NBC envi-ronment). The DOZOR-B armored personnel carrier can fulfil its functions by day and night both on hard surface roads and in cross-country.

The layout of the armored personnel carrier is based on a motor car scheme, which makes it possible to ensure high cross-country capability while retaining ease of operation and safety of entering/leaving the vehicle. The bonnet-type layout provides the crew with an easy access to the power pack components, steering system, braking system, and air system for maintenance and repair.

The vehicle is divided into two main compartments: power pack compartment and crew compartment. The power pack compartment occupies the front and central parts of the hull and is separated from the crew compartment by an air-tight vibration/noise-insulating bulkhead. The compartment accommodates the engine with its operation support systems, transmission, main elements of the steering system, air system, braking system, and components of the air conditioning system and heating system.

The crew compartment occupies the central and rear parts of the hull and is used for accommodating the crew, installing the assemblies required for operation of the crew, and placing various equipment, ammunition, and SPTA. The crew compartment is divided into the driving compartment, fighting compartment, and troop compartment. The driving compartment is located in the front part of the crew compartment and comprises the drivers station fitted with armored personnel carrier controls, and the commanders station fitted with communications devices and navigation equipment.

The fighting compartment is located in the central part of the crew compartment and comprises the gunners station fitted with machine gun laying and control devices. The troop compartment is located in the rear part of the crew compartment and comprises seats for troops, periscopic vision blocks, and firing ports to enable the troops to carry out observation and to fire small arms. The crew compartment accommodates the filtering and ventilating unit and the main components of the ventilation, heating, and air conditioning systems.

The hull is made of armor and provides protection against 7.62 mm armor-piercing bullets. The bottom of the armored personnel carrier is made of armor steel in a cylindrical shape and provides protection against mines. The armored glass installed on the armored personnel carrier provides protection that is identical to the protection provided by the main armor of the vehicle. The design of the hull makes it possible to install additional protection array in the form of removable components that will provide protection against larger calibre bullets and more powerful mines. The level of additional protection is determined by the requirements of particular customers.

Ukraine will start mass production of Dozor armored personnel carriers for the National Guard, Verkhovna Rada-appointed acting President of Ukraine Turchynov said on 04 June 2014. Turchynov reviewed heavy armored and special vehicles at the Chuguyev firing range in the eastern Kharkov region, which will be used by the Ukrainian army, including during Kiev’s punitive operation in the country’s east, the acting president’s press office reported. The armor was also inspected by Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov and commanders of the battalions involved in Kiev’s so-called "anti-terrorist operation" in the country’s east.

"The small armored personnel carrier Dozor is three times cheaper than the BTR-4E APC and has proved its efficiency in field conditions. Today this vehicle is awaited in the National Guard," the press office quoted Turchynov as saying.

Military experts said it would take several months to put the Dozor APC into serial production. Poland earlier purchased a license from Ukraine to make these combat vehicles operational in the Polish army.

The Ukrainian Army was due to receive "Dozor-B" armored cars in March 2015, but only one trial model had been manufactured so far... and it broke down. Despite the promises of high-ranking officials, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are not likely to get the much-touted "Dozor-B" armored cars.

On 12 June 2015 the Lviv Armor Plant CEO was dismissed over the inobservance of manufacturing plans, including the production of "Dozors". In June 2014, Oleksandr Turchynov assured that the army would receive 200 "Dozors" soon. In February 2015, the Ukrainian Defense Industry chief promised that the deliveries would begin in March. Recently he has shifted them to the end of summer.

So far no "Dozor" has entered service in the army. "The trial model was allegedly completed in early 2015. The workers have dubbed it "shame" ["Shame" is "Pozor" in Russian, which sounds similar to "Dozor" the car's name]. They told us that border guards drove the "Dozor-B" on the automobile track. The car did not return under its own power,"

Dozor APC Dozor APC
Dozor APC Dozor APC Dozor APC

Combat weight
6300 kg
Crew (troops)
11 (3+8)
Wheel arrangement
Maximum speed
90-105 km/h (depending on the power pack)
turbocharged intercooled diesel
Number of cylinders
90 kW
122 hp
100 kW
136 hp
145 kW
197 hp
Special and additional equipment
Type of machine gun
Traverse and elevation
  • elevation
from -3° to+68°
  • traverse
NBC system
filtering and ventilating mount
Navigation system
satellite SN-3003 Bazalt
Air cooling system capacity
4.4 kW
Maximum vision range of infra-red night vision device
180 m
Radio ultra-short wave communication range
20 km
WARN XD 9000i winch towing force
41 000 N

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