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125 Cherkasy Transportation Vehicles Maintenance Plant

125 Cherkasy transportation Vehicles Maintenance Plant is a state-run Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Plant, specialized in KRAZ-class vehicles major overhaul (as well as engines, assemblies and units), produces vehicles spare parts and national economy goods.

The Plant was founded in 1977.

Military assistance line:


  • Extremely short capacity equipment for vermin at fields, gardens and forests elimination;
  • Transportation vehicles spare parts and accessories;
  • Parking equipment;
  • Demonstration training classrooms.


  • Z vehicles, equipped with YAZ-238 engines;
  • RZ vehicles equipped with passable axels.
  • Vehicles major overhaul:
  • RZ-250, -255, -256, -257, -258, -260 vehicles;
  • GZ-24; UZ-469 automobiles.


  • YAZ-238, -240; UZ-451̲; GZ-24 engines;
  • Accessories for RZ transportation vehicles


Civil output:


  • Mini-tractors;
  • RZ-255L-based timber carriers.


  • UZ-469 automobiles equipped with steel tops;
  • -150, -150 tractors equipped with YAZ-236 engines.

Vehicles major overhaul:

  • RZ-class vehicles engines and units.


  • RZ-class vehicles any modification.


Military technical facilities:

  • Specialists training;
  • RZ-class vehicles maintenance personnel support;
  • RZ-class vehicles training classrooms.

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