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Berserk heavy IFV

Ukrainian defense companies can organize the production of a prospective heavy infantry fighting vehicle based on the Oplot tank chassis. This was first reported by the publication Defense Blog. At the moment it is known that the project of a prospective heavy fighting machine based on the Oplot tank is called "Berserk". It is worth noting that according to ancient German mythology Berserk is an invincible warrior, fighting with wild furious force and insensitive to injuries.

The heavy infantry fighting vehicle Berserk is designed on the basis of the platform of the main battle tank Oplot, which seems to be a very successful solution for unifying the fleet of combat vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the future. In addition, the combat vehicle has additional side armor and armor of the bow, the lower part of the heavy BMP has additional anti-mine protection.

BMP "Berserk" is equipped with completely new protection systems:

  • Multilayer combined stationary armor with elements of composite materials;
  • Dynamic armor;
  • Complexes of active protection.

The crew of the combat vehicle has a 360 degree awareness on the battlefield, thanks to a new surveillance and reconnaissance system.

Berserk heavy IFV

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