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Bogdan Bars-6 / Leopard-6

The 6-ton "Bogdan Bars-6" is a new development. It is made of army trucks on chassis KIA KM450 diesel engine and is equipped with 139 hp Hyundai Bronevik received the protection of Stanag 4569 Level 1 and is designed to carry 8 paratroopers. In addition, "Leopard-6" may be medical or police performance. Bars-6 was developed in 2014, the design office Cherkassy automobile factory. At the end of February 2015 the company introduced the layout of armored Leopard-6 (an improved version of the Leopard armored vehicles, with a fighting unit on the roof of the troop compartment) at the IDEX-2015 arms exhibition.

The armored car has a conventional layout with a front engine, the control office in the middle of the car, in the rear of the machine is located troop compartment. The crew consists of two persons (the driver and the commander of the machine), the troop compartment is provided for the carriage of cargo or 4 -. 6 foot soldiers in full uniform Corps armored welded, made of steel armor plates at an angle. It is reported that the book machine provides protection against 5.45-mm and 7.62-mm ammunition. It also reported that the front part of the car, including the engine compartment roof provides protection against ingress of 7.62 mm bullets when fired at close range.

The sides of the crew compartment there are two doors to the driver and the vehicle commander, the top of which is installed bulletproof glass block . Bulletproof windshield consists of two glass blocks. The aft body is the door for boarding and landing. There is also a roof hatch. At the top of the sides of the troop compartment located embrasures for firing of small arms (two on each side). On the windows in the sides of armored vehicles set lattice, which protect the glass blocks from mechanical damage (blows with sticks, thrown stones, etc.).

Bogdan Bars-8 / Leopard-8

Armored vehicles, "Leopard-8" is a further development of the developed design bureau owned by the corporation "Bogdan" Cherkassky car (the former bus) "Bars" armored car family. Bogdan's "Leopard-8" has characteristics that are similar to the Spartan KrAZ, but the car has received a new armored cabin and other changes in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Defense. Armored Car "Leopard-8" larger in size than its predecessor, "Leopard-6". The car has received a strong chassis, a more spacious body and increased capacity.

It is worth noting that the armored price much lower than the cost of armored vehicles with similar characteristics. In 2014, it amounted to about one million hryvnia. In 2015, for the National Guard of Ukraine ordered 90 armored vehicles such as "Bars", which are collected at the Cherkassy plant.

The Vehicle is equipped with the turbodiesel capacity of 160 liters. from. The car consumes 15 liters per 100 km and can travel at a gas station about 600 km. The machine is capable of climbing a slope of 60% and side slopes of 20-40%. Car passes easily fords a depth of 76 cm, and due to the large clearance of 280 mm can be moved by a deep rut. As the power unit mounted 6.7-liter turbodiesel Cummins V8 power of 385 hp Maximum torque - 1173 Nm at 1600 r / min. Available as a 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission. Load capacity - 2000 kg. Gross weight - 8000 kg. The maximum speed reaches 110 km / h.



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