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Balakliya Repair Plant

Balakliya Repair Plant is one of the most powerful plants on the Post-Soviet space and among Countries of Eastern Europe, which specialized in the Army Missile-rocket artillery armament.

The plant was established in 1932.

Personnel - 1050.

Military assistance line:

Major overhaul:

  • AAA complex 933 "Osa"(Wasp) (933, 9V210, 9V242, 9F632, 9217, 9V914);
  • AAA complex 212 "Kub"(Cube) (1S91, 2P25, 2V7, 2V8, 27);
  • AAA complex 937 "Buk";
  • AAA complex 9330 "Tor";
  • AAA complex ZSU-23-4 "Shilka" (26, KRAS-1RSH, 2F53);
  • AAA complex 222 "Tunguska" (2S6, 1R10, 9210);
  • AAA system ZU-23 and ZPU-4;
  • Ground equipment units of the complexes 972 (9P117, 931, 23) and 979 (9218);
  • Servicing 2 with major overhaul of the base running gears: G-352, G-355, BTR-60PB, BAZ.5937, BAZ.5939, URAL-375, ZIL-131.


  • AA battery mobile control station PU-12 (PU-12);
  • "Skad"-type rocket launching system;
  • Rocket complex transporting and loading vehicles.

Civil output:

  • Hydro pumps and generators P-D, P-, G15-2-type ( 5-PD, 2,5-PD, 0,5-PD);
  • Hydraulic drives for PRV-13 (1RL130) radar height-indicators antenna;
  • Gauging and ditch tools;
  • Punches, welding electrodes, nails, millworks;
  • Press forms for rubber-technical goods.

Military technical facilities:

  • Missile-artillery armament maintenance;
  • Specialists training;
  • Experts assistance support;
  • Maintenance personnel assistance support.

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